10 time Harry Potter Should have actually Realized 'Moody' was Barty Crouch Jr. The Goblet of Fire"s big reveal to be the truth that Barty Crouch Jr. To be pretending to be Mad-Eye Moody, however Harry Potter should have actually known sooner.

It"s tough to host Harry to a higher standard than the plenty of adults who surrounded the in his 4th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and also Wizardry, however hey, he"s the protagonist. Maybe Dumbledore should have actually noticed that the girlfriend he rental to teach Defense against the Dark arts was not really the girlfriend he asserted to be, however you know, Dumbledore was likewise a small distracted by an worldwide competition and visiting colleges from roughly the world.

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Anyway, Harry additionally spent what seemed to be a the majority of extra time through Professor "Mad-Eye Moody" than countless of his classmates and probably a lot of the faculty. Bother Potter suspects Malfoy the nefarious activity if the young sneezes, however he seems to have missed a couple of key ideas when it concerned the false Professor Moody.

Harry Potter and the Goblet that Fire graveyard
It"s too tiny and much too late. The just clue Harry also remotely hones in on is after he"s already been portkeyed away and also met up with a resurrected lord Voldemort. Only now, as soon as he realizes miscellaneous was very wrong all follow me does he even raise his head and also consider that maybe, simply maybe, there"s other a tiny off about his 4th year Defense versus the Dark art Professor. Still, he"s no able to put the pieces together, the Moody isn"t yes, really Moody, till that polyjuice medicine wears off. He have to have captured on a bit sooner.

9 He saw Crouch and also Moody In The Pensieve

when Harry visits Dumbledore"s office and also is left alone v Fawkes the accidentally stumbles onto Dumbledore"s Pensieve and also then by chance stumbles into Dumbledore"s memories. The memory we see in the film stars both foolish Eye Moody (the original) and Barty Crouch Jr, monster tongue flick and also all. Despite this development to the actual Alastor Moody, and also the genuine Barty Crouch Jr. Take care of doesn"t as soon as put any kind of pieces together or ask any kind of meaningful questions. Oh, Harry, if just Hermione had actually spent as lot time v Moody together Harry did.

In the book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Moody unexpectedly shows up after Barty Crouch Sr is discovered dead by the Forbidden Forest. Because that reference, this takes location in chapter 28 if you were wondering.

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No one sent out for Moody, just Dumbledore. Exactly how did he just take place to be in the right ar at the appropriate time? Did the overhear the information? It"s a little bit turn off if the was simply in the area because you understand who else would certainly still be in the area? everyone it to be who killed Barty Crouch Sr. Harry might be a decent wizard, yet he"s certainly no an excellent detective.

7 The Sneakoscope

Examples the Sneakoscopes in the harry Potter movies
Again, a small detail native the Goblet of Fire book rather than the movie (the movie couldn"t hold whatever after all) is that Moody had a sneakoscope in his office that he was required to disable since it maintained going off. Moody insurance claims that"s due to the fact that of the tricks and cheating of surrounding students but, really, it"s due to the fact that of Moody/Crouch himself. The last time a sneakoscope went crazy was as soon as Ron bought one for Harry in book three and Scabbers/Pettigrew was in the vicinity. Basically, Harry requirements to pay way more attention when a sneakoscope begins to act strangely.

Moody uses Harry an horrible lot of aid when it pertains to the different tasks in the Triwizard Tournament. This would certainly not it is in terribly suspiciously if Harry were the just Hogwarts champion (as both the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang champions are receiving aid from faculty in your schools) yet Harry is not the just Hogwarts champion. Cedric Diggory that Hufflepuff is likewise a hogwart champion and Moody in no way offers Cedric assistance (except as soon as it will aid Harry). Bother doesn"t ever question this and that"s a problem.

5 The Flask

The real Alastor Moody was well-known for drinking from a hip flask to avoid being poisoned by his enemies however the Moody the Harry interacts v is a bit obsessed v his drink and guzzles in between meals and in corridors. It"s a kind of psychic habit and also again, Harry just goes through it. The flask is something take care of notices at least, though he never ever puts it in addition to the other clues surrounding him come be concerned at all around what it might mean.

here is as soon as the flask really should have actually tipped harry off and also didn"t. After ~ the second task, wherein Harry uses gillyweed to breath underwater, Snape corners Harry and also accuses him of stealing indigenous his an individual potions stores. Even if he didn"t steal the gillyweed Snape is also missing boomslang skin and lacewing flies. Why space those important ingredients? Because, together Snape explains, they make polyjuice potion and he"s encouraged that Harry and also friends are imminent some. If harry had taken into consideration the flask actions perhaps that would have been maybe to inquiry Moody"s identification when the still would have actually done part good.

3 The Tongue Thing

It may be movie canon only but that tongue flick is specifically specific and apparent both once Harry sees Barty Crouch Jr. In Dumbledore"s pensieve and also when Moody speaks through Harry and Barty Crouch Sr. In the Forbidden Forest. Once again harry doesn"t put the pieces together.

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Perhaps we can"t have actually expected him to look at Auror Alastor Moody and ask that if, through chance, that was yes, really Barty Crouch Jr. Yet he can have at least been like, hey, what perform you think about that weird mite the Professor has with his tongue when speaking v Ron and also Hermione. But it never comes up.

The Marauder"s Map to be able to identify Peter Pettigrew also when he remained in his animagus form, the shouldn"t have been a problem to recognize someone who was under the disguise that polyjuice potion. In the Goblet of Fire publication Moody wisely "borrows" the map native Harry as soon as he realizes the powers, but Harry never asks for it back. He never considers that the map literally confirmed him someone called Barty Crouch in Snape"s potion stores. As the audience was educated in Prisoner the Azkaban, "The map never ever lies." bother should have remembered that.

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1 as soon as Moody take away Harry from Dumbledore

Harry remained in shock, no doubt about it as soon as he returned to school clutching the body of Cedric Diggory but, as Voldemort had actually literally just returned, he probably should have actually clutched in ~ the hem that Dumbledore"s robes and also never let go. Instead Moody is able to take it Harry and guide him far from Dumbledore, and also all other eyes, and also get him come his very own private office. This is, of course, the activity that finally ideas Dumbledore right into the false Moody in their midst, but it quiet wasn"t enough for Harry.