Studying v a highlighter is a an excellent way to make the most of your note-taking.

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Or rather, that is as soon as you perform it properly.

It’s amazing how many people fall into the trap of what we call “highlighter abuse.”

They’ll use those luminous pens day-in and also day-out, every the if devising increasingly intricate highlighting solution for notes. But, every that initiative is at some point wasted and never it s okay them the outcomes they’re hope for.

Why doesn’t highlighting job-related for this people? They don’t know how to use a highlighter effectively.

Highlighters deserve to transform her note-taking, yet there’s a right way to usage them. Making use of them the wrong way won’t assist you with note-taking, and sometimes it will certainly actually hinder the process.

But exactly how do you know what the right and also wrong viewpoints to highlighting are? Well, it is what this article is for. These are the 3 pitfalls to avoid as soon as studying through a highlighter. Take it these come heart and you’ll quickly be utilizing your luminous markers choose a pro.

1. Not analysis the text first

We’ve required to calling this one “panic highlighting” right here at Together you read on, it’ll quickly become obvious why.

Big wrong number 1 as soon as it involves highlighting is unleashing the highlighter on your very first pass that a text or a document. Till you’ve actually review that chapter or article, you can’t possibly understand what the essential points are. Together a result, you end up stabbing in the dark, trying come pre-empt what the take-home message of the text is. This method you either:

a) end up highlighting anything and everything that you think could be relevant, leading to a page that is much more highlighter 보다 print.b) finish up highlighting part that room of little relevance to your learning, confound yourself under the line once you go back to the document.

We scare highlight due to the fact that we’re worried to discover the an interpretation of a text, we want to make certain we’ve made a note of the important information as soon as possible, therefore that we don’t forget it. But, usually, the opposite ends up gift true.

So how do we avoid panic highlighting? Simple.

Read the text once, walk far from it, think about what the take house was and also then come ago to it with the highlighter because that a second pass. when you understand what you’re actually looking for, you will do it be much better at picking the end the vital stuff and won’t end up adrift in a sea that luminous yellow.



2. Replacing highlighting through your very own notes

We’ve actually covered this one right here on before in ours “6 typical Note-taking Mistakes and also What You deserve to Do To protect against Them” article. But, it’s such crucial point that it bear repeating here.

Students occasionally think that highlighting together an much easier option 보다 taking their own notes. But this is simply not the case!

Writing your very own notes is an important part that processing and also understanding information. By placing something right into your own words, you’re actively digesting and also making feeling of the concept, as well as committing it come memory. Highlighting is a more passive process, and also it doesn’t do the details stick in the same way.

As we view it, there space three main ways in which you deserve to use highlighting to enrich your own learning:

To choose out the necessary parts of a message on i m sorry to basic your own notes.To identify the an essential parts of your very own notes once they space written for your own reference.If you have actually a message that girlfriend will have to read and also re-read end a food of several years and want come remind you yourself of the crucial concepts efficiently.

Highlighting works great with note-taking, yet it is never ever a substitute because that note-taking. Confused the two to your very own detriment!

3. Only using one highlighter

When we highlight various sections of a document, we’re commonly highlighting lock for different reasons.

Sometimes us highlight a statement due to the fact that it’s helpful to our very own work; we must remember the so we deserve to quote the later. Occasionally we to mark a passage due to the fact that we desire to check out it further, or that sparks turn off a brand-new idea in ours head. Other times, us highlight something since we nothing agree v it, and want to inquiry it in the course of our own research.

If she highlighting price quotes for an extremely different reasons, but always in the same color pen, things begin to obtain confusing very quickly. as soon as you revisit those notes, it’s straightforward to forget why you highlighted points in the an initial place, and also your very own notes quickly come to be impossible to decipher.




What to perform instead? usage a system!

If you’re walk to usage highlighting, then color-coding is a must. The folks in ~ Think Artificial argued a valuable multi-highlighter device a while earlier that us at have actually adopted.

It provides three types of pen — a yellow highlighting marker, and orange highlighting marker and also a black, regular pen:

“The yellow highlighter I usage for highlighting what I find really interesting. The orange highlighter I use for points that I must examine an ext closely, think about, or what bothers me. Finally, the pen is for creating down questions, thoughts, and also ideas that i think of if reading.”

You don’t need to take this method as gospel. Every little thing system you decision on will count on the kind of study or revision the you’re doing. The key takehome here is that you have a system because spending hrs trying come decipher your very own notes is no a an excellent use of her time.

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Highlighters are an excellent tools, simply so long as girlfriend know exactly how to usage them. What’re her experiences v highlighters? execute they assist you v your revision and do friend have any type of strategies for using them. Permit us know in the comments.