Stewie Griffin can be young, however that doesn"t median that that doesn"t have secrets of his own. Below are some things just his family would know.

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So many times in shows, babies room pointless additions to the cast. Ns mean, see as exactly how they can"t speak or have a personality exterior of "likes come suck top top a pacifier and sleep," friend can"t yes, really blame screenwriters and television writers to not put much initiative into them. The Simpsons type of damaged this dominance by providing Maggie a bit of a devious personality and also having she be the one that hit Mr. Burns (jury is still the end on even if it is or no it"s an accident). Yet it was Family Guy which take it this idea come the following level v Stewart Gilligan Griffin.

native the very an initial episode of the show, Stewie was clearly the stand-out member that the family. While all the various species of human personalities of the Griffin household had to be before and Brian had actually the new of being a dog however aside from the was simply the voice the reason. Stewie, top top the other hand, to be a baby v a purpose: take over the world. For the first few seasons of the show, we saw Stewie create machines and plan schemes to end up his mission yet never fairly did it.

probably sensing the this would acquire old after ~ a while, Seth MacFarlane and also his gang arisen Stewie even further in later seasons by giving him a flamboyant and fun side. Also, how deserve to I forget about his friendship through Brian, which develops the bedrock of the series" best episodes? however Brian is just a sustaining character in this list. Right here are 20 crazy secrets about Stewie Griffin.


20 His Diabolical an initial Words

In the sixteen seasons of Family Guy, we"ve watched Stewie Griffin carry out some terrible things. Regardless of Family Guy being a comedy show, Stewie has to be one of the most overpowered and also evil human being in fiction. We"ve should have known together an audience, though, the this was going to be the case, because the first words we see Stewie mutter is the ingredient of comic publication villainy.

What would personalities like The Joker, Dr. Doom, and also Lex Luthor think that this infant?

In the very first episode the the series, the whole family is in ~ the kitchen table enjoying some grub however the freaking baby is fiddling v a gadget. Once he"s done screwing the last screw, he claims "Excellent, the psychic control device is nearing completion." Lois mistake this because that a just toy and also takes it far from him which prompts him to respond with "darn you, vile mrs! You"ve impeded mine work since the day i escaped her wretched womb!" In just two lines, audiences knew ideal away what type of character Stewie was and what we might expect native him because that years. Friend know, until they softened increase his character and also abandoned his goal of people domination. video OF THE DAY

19 Stewie"s Soaring Dream v Brian

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once you watch somebody girlfriend love around to accomplish their end in the hospital, you desire to call them everything you constantly wanted come tell them. At least, ns assume so, as I haven"t had the misfortune of that happening to me yet. For this reason it"s fairly telling what Stewie tells Brian after ~ Brian is breath his last breaths top top the table that a veterinarian"s surgical treatment room.

Kind of ironic exactly how Brian and also Stewie destroyed the Surfin Bird document in retrospect, eh?

if the remainder of the Griffin family members are all in shock and also crying over their dog losing the fight before your eyes, Stewie is the just one who tries to speak directly to him. Even with a hefty heart, together it to be Stewie"s idea to play hockey in the street that caused Brian gift hit, Stewie speak him the he can"t perish since they were going to it is in windsurfers together. The qualifies this through saying the he was going to it is in the better one of the two, but they would certainly both it is in great. And also those room his critical words to his best friend... Until 2 episodes later on when he time travel to conserve him.

If the collection doesn"t end with the 2 fulfilling Stewie"s dream of gift a windsurfing duo, ns don"t recognize what to say.


18 Disrespect because that His Parents

When growing up, you usually call your parents by their relation come you and also not by your actual names. "Dad," "Dada," and also "Daddy" room the usual suspects for your father, when your mommy goes by "Mom," "Mommy," and also "Mama." Hopefully, though, none of you reading this are named Stewie Griffin, due to the fact that if girlfriend are, you probably dubbed your parental by different names.

It"s a dead Stewie can"t do us a favor and end the fat man rather of Lois.

For every his hatred for the woman that birthed him right into the world, he respects her as a worthy adversary. So for that, the doesn"t provide her any kind of degrading nicknames and usually just calls she Lois. His father, on the various other hand, is someone that Stewie doesn"t respect one iota. I mean, why would he? Peter has shown himself multiple times to it is in a psychopathic and also idiotic jerk. So why must he respect him? No, instead Stewie call his father the "Fat Man." girlfriend could always argue the Stewie need to be more respectful of his parents and also call them Mom and Dad, and also in the case of Lois, I could agree. However Peter? Yeah, I"m good with every little thing Stewie phone call him.

There space very couple of things that Stewie important cares for in the human being of Family Guy. We understand this his ideal friend is the pet dog Brian yet aside native him, there room not many actual civilization who Stewie offers a suturing about. However, he does treatment greatly because that his teddy bear, who he calls Rupert. In fact, he might treatment for Rupert a bit too much...

It would certainly be exciting to see who Stewie would certainly pick between Rupert and also Brian.

There space times in the collection when Stewie has a dream that Rupert being a real human being man, save for a teddy be afflicted with head. In these visions, they can be viewed frolicking in the water ~ above a beach, going to a carnival, and also generally having actually a great time. Too lot of a an excellent time, in one case. In a DVD exclusive step from the Season 9 episode "Excellence In Broadcasting," Stewie discovers a brand-new concept. Thus, he imagines this buff Rupert and an same buff Brian hanging out while he is attached to a bed. Normally I would let children keep your stuffed animals, but in Stewie"s case, maybe we must keep them away from him till he"s older.


16 the Wasn"t constantly A Football

many of the actors members ~ above Family Guy have a distinctive visual high quality that separates them from various other cartoon characters. As soon as it comes to Seth MacFarlane"s best creation, girlfriend gotta think about Quagmire"s large chin, Peter"s chin etc... Clearly the most striking of these has got to be Stewie"s huge football-shaped head. If us go through the continuous of the show, though, this wasn"t always the case.

as soon as Stewie was born, he had actually a normal shaped head. However, there to be an accident entailing his parents" bed that brought about him to construct his signature pigskin head. In the season 3 illustration "Stuck Together, torn Apart," we get a flashback whereby Stewie is viewed jumping up and down top top the bed choose the monkeys jumping ~ above the bed nursery rhyme. Brian is an alleged to be watching him, so once he needs Stewie come stop, Stewie refuses. It prices him his head form as he hits his head ~ above the ceiling. Amazingly, though, he doesn"t suffer any mind damage yet instead, his skull is flattened into its existing mold. If that was what really occurred with head trauma in the actual world, life would be a lot of funnier and carefree. However unfortunately, concussions room a thing.

For countless people, Family Guy was truly finished for them once it was announced in 2013 the Brian Griffin was going come bite the dust for good. Many people saw the as simply drumming up interest for the episode and also expected Seth MacFarlane and his crew to not follow with with it. Yet sure enough, Brian is hit and also goes come the immortality while ~ above an operating table. A brand-new dog called Vinny is presented as the Griffin"s new pet, and fans to be angry. No one was much more angry, though, 보다 Brian"s finest friend, Stewie.

Find yourself a friend who will bend space and time to conserve you.

~ the illustration "Life that Brian," Stewie decides the there have to be a method to gain his friend back. Luckily because that the infant, he has a sweet time machine! After gift asked by Santa what he wants for Christmas, Stewie breaks down and cries for his girlfriend back. He supplies it to teleport himself earlier in time just before the minute that car hit Brian. In any other show, I would be questioning questions about time take trip paradoxes, but this is family Guy here; not specifically expecting part deep analysis. Too negative one of the very first episodes done through Brian"s return to be the much-maligned "Brian Is A bad Father." possibly Stewie should have stuck around with the Italian dog.


14 He as soon as Loved His Mom

Most world are mindful that Stewie"s biggest enemy in his life is his own mother, Lois Griffin. Over there was even a pair of episodes that explored a computer system simulation where Stewie ultimately does the deed of ending his mother... Till she"s rescued by a merman and also then destroys her son in return. However, there to be one allude in time whereby Stewie important did feel real love for his dear mom.

In the season 5 season premiere, appropriately titled "Stewie Loves Lois," Stewie"s teddy be afflicted with Rupert is ripped increase by an upset dog top top the playground. Stewie is extremely sad around it, however Lois surprises the by stitching ago his teddy. Stewie is overjoyed through this and also for the first time in his life is happy v his mother. This, however, backfires versus Lois together Stewie currently clings come her every the time and tires she out. Once she starts gaining visions of putting Stewie in the washing machine, she feels the it"s for the ideal if Stewie goes ago to the method he was before. She start to ignore him to the allude where her son"s fury returns and things room turned ago to the condition quo.

no every joke lands. We"ve every been the town hall a comedy movie in a theatre and also even despite you deserve to tell that the filmmakers to be hoping because that a large laugh, it falls flat on its face. Most of us, however, just go home and angrily write around it ~ above our society media. Stewie Griffin decides come go directly to the resource and let them know it.

And people say that kids nowadays have actually no motivation.

In among Family Guy"s rampant cut-away gags, Stewie is watching the 2005 movie remake of the standard television display Bewitched starring will certainly Ferrell and also Nicole Kidman. After will Ferrell stops working to do Stewie laugh, Stewie knows what he must do. He gets the end of the movie theatre, takes a taxi come the airport, flies out come California, takes a limo come a hardware store, buys a ladder, goes to will Ferrell"s house and rings the doorbell. As shortly as Ferrell opens the door, the infant socks him appropriate in the jaw laying him through one punch and also tells him that the joke wasn"t funny. Everybody has actually an entertainer the they would choose to punch in the face, but none of united state actually acquire to live our dreams. God bless Stewie Griffin.


12 His Favourite enjoy the meal Is Childish

Everybody has a favorite enjoy the meal or snack once they"re children. It might have been pop tarts, pizza, or Dunkaroos, however Stewie, ~ above the various other hand, is a bit more sophisticated 보다 that. He wouldn"t challenge eat the food the those tired, unwashed masses. He has a certain dish the he likes served just the right method and we find out exactly what it is in Season 5"s "Stewie Loves Lois."

after ~ Lois repairs Stewie"s teddy bear, Rupert, she decides to make Stewie his favorite enjoy the meal to cheer the up even more. The ensemble is together follows; reduced green beans, Atkins" friendly Potato Sticks arranged according to dimension from largest to smallest and also a Scooby Doo Yogurt... Oh, can"t forget that the yogurt container has actually Shaggy"s eye scratched out. This display of love indigenous his mother reasons Stewie to drop his previous periods of hatred and also tell her the "Lois, i was wrong about you. You"re mine everything." In every honesty, this is among the most heartfelt and touching moment in the show. Unfortunately for the family, by the finish of the episode, Stewie is back to hating her, yet it was nice while the lasted.

most of the slides top top this list need to do through the actual episodes of Family Guy, however for this one we need to go ago to our actual world. To most people, Stewie is among the many original personalities to concerned television displays in years and also absolutely the most distinct character top top Family Guy. But, he could just it is in a fake.

indigenous the years of 1995 to the year 2000, Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest boy On Earth was a weekly comic strip around a grown up sad guy who meets his father for the first time in ~ 36 years old. However, we likewise get flashbacks come his life as a boy where he creates loads of an innovation and experiments through science. Now, those are kind of pass out similarities, but if us look at the intuitive designs of the two, that"s whereby we gain into eyebrow raising coincidences. Castle both have actually football shaped heads and also only a couple of strands that hair that are slicked back. In an interview v IGN back in 2003, Seth MacFarlane even remarked that "I observed a copy the the strip, and it"s amazing. It to be so similar. He had like the very same shape head, he had like the exact same hairs on top. I had actually never checked out it before, but it was actually pretty shocking." Corrigan"s creator kris Ware was never amused through it.


10 Falling into Submission

so it"s safe to say that Family Guy goes places where no various other cartoon has ever before dared go. Not only have actually they made funny of and brutally satirized that every group of people on the planet, yet with the show entering its 17th season this fall, it"s gained viewers come casually expropriate a dog seeing human beings on the regular and the desires of an infant. And also not simply vague illusions, we typical we know exactly what type of man Stewie Griffin would certainly be once he came to be an adult.

We know method too much around this side of Stewie.

We recognize that without a doubt despite his plans for world domination and also his violent outbursts, Stewie is a really passive boy as soon as it involves relationships. In the season 6 episode "McStroke," Stewie and also Brian have a conversation around Stewie going on a date with an additional child come a place referred to as A. Point. Brian defines to Stewie that it"s choose a parking space that friend don"t think you"d be able to fit in. Stewie climate remarks that he"d quite be the parking space. If I have to define that to you, action away from her computer and go play some Fortnite.

newly there was an illustration of Family Guy referred to as "Send In Stewie, Please" which had actually Stewie finally speak come a kid psychologist who broke him down and also got him come spill some secrets. Among them is usually confirming the Stewie"s romantic choices are fluid and are in a state of flux. However, there was a time once years back that his hints at being gay were walk to it is in explored.

MacFarlane claims that Stewie grow to be gay, or a repressed right man. In an interview with the magazine made famed by Hugh Hefner year ago, Seth MacFarlane claimed that there initially was walk to be an episode wherein Stewie was going to ultimately come out of the closet and reveal himself as gay. We had actually an illustration that went all the means to the manuscript phase in i beg your pardon Stewie go come out," MacFarlane stated in the Sept. 2009 issue. "It had to carry out with the harassment he took from other youngsters at school. He end up going ago in time to stop a i in Leviticus from gift written: "Thou shalt not lie v mankind similar to womankind. That is an abomination." MacFarlane ultimately determined to leave it ambiguous as he felt that made much more sense for a one-year-old. Because when did Family Guy start using logic?


8 walk His family Understand Him?

conveniently one the the most usual questions around Family Guy involves Stewie himself and the blatantly apparent question that anybody watching the display for the an initial time would certainly have. Does anybody know him as soon as he talks? if we recognize for certain that Brian understands him, the rest of the family"s understanding of the has constantly been increase in the air. Well, Seth MacFarlane has given solution to this question, twice actually.

The an initial answer to the question was when MacFarlane stated that the entire family DOES understand what Stewie is saying, however they select to ignore what he claims as they simply chalk approximately what he claims as baby talk. Later on, the would appear in some episodes the Chris additionally understands what Stewie is speak so MacFarlane changed his answer by saying that he understands that too, however the writers strive come ensure Meg, Lois and Peter don"t know him. There"s also the unanswered question regarding why Brian has constantly taken Stewie seriously. Climate there"s the whole worry of people outside of the family understanding him and just... Man, trying to make logic the end of the series is a nigh impossible feat. Let"s simply chalk it up to MacFarlane law what that wants, eh?

Stewie has shown that in spite of being only a year old, the is by far the many intelligent human in the human being of Family Guy. He has designed time machines, mind control devices, doomsday weapons and also whatever else his mind desires. Exactly how is this even possible, given that his parents space Lois and also Peter Griffin, of all people? Well, maybe we have to look back further in his ancestry to discover that out. If Stewie might have stuck to art, the people would be safe from his terror.

In the illustration "Big Bang Theory," Stewie"s half-brother Bertram travels ago to the Renaissance Era that Italy to destroy Stewie"s life before it ever before began. Just how does he intend to perform that? By finishing the life the the many talented man in history, Leonardo Da Vinci, of course! Yes, it turns out the Stewie"s family lineage ~ above his mother"s side have the right to be traced ago to the original Renaissance man. The 2 half-siblings connect in an waiting duel utilizing Da Vinci"s initial flying machines but Stewie loses and just as soon as it seems favor the day is lost, Stewie has a punch of genius. He injects his DNA into the human body of Da Vinci"s girlfriend, which will ensure that he does indeed get born in the future.


6 He hates Broccoli most Of All

Everybody has actually a vegetable the they think blows and they never ever want to eat it. This is especially true as soon as we"re kids and also all we desire to eat is the food that will certainly undoubtedly give us health problems. Well, we can hate certain vegetables, however do we have actually the an ideas and willpower come wipe them turn off the challenge of the Earth? We might not, but Stewie Griffin sure as hell does.

In the series" 2nd episode ever, Stewie is compelled to eat broccoli by his mother Lois. Refusing to expropriate his fate the a healthy body loaded v vitamins and also minerals, Stewie concerns the logical conclusion that he must damage the world"s whole broccoli supply. To achieve this goal, he creates a weather control an equipment that will destroy all plants of the leafy eco-friendly vegetable. It nearly looks prefer he"s going to succeed, however, once a lightning bolt destroys the an equipment his plans are foiled.

The episode ends v Stewie gift fed some an ext broccoli yet he tries to dump lock onto Brian"s plate however this fails too. Maybe Stewie to be trying to end Brian"s life together broccoli is danger to dog in high amounts. We wouldn"t put it past early Family Guy Stewie.

think it or not, there space actually two versions that the initial Family Guy pilot. The one that visited air, and also the unaired version that Seth MacFarlane made totally himself in six months and for 50,000$. That version is nice widely available online, and also in that you deserve to see exactly how a most the characters look a bit different than their last designs. Stewie looks mainly the same though, other than for the colour of his clothes, and also you deserve to see what MacFarlane was going for.

The Joker and also Stewie have much more in common than we thought.

as you have the right to see above, Stewie has environment-friendly overalls and a violet shirt. If this may innocuous come most, a tiny lesson on colours through fictional personalities will shed some light on this. In a video by the Youtube channel NerdSync, organize Scott Niswander defines that superhero comics often tend to give heroes major colors blue, red, and also yellow and villains receive second ones favor green and also purple. This have the right to been seen v Superman and Lex Luthor or Spider-Man and The green Goblin for example. Seeing as just how Stewie is the sort of boy who would make Lex Luthor proud, it just makes feeling that his apparel are colored this way. This is one thing about the initial designs that ns wished was kept.


4 the Is A Parent

Scientists have actually to constantly consider just exactly how much they must tamper v nature. As tempting as it might be because that them to use their understanding for nefarious purposes, many of castle thankfully pick not to. Stewie Griffin, however, is not among those scientists and has cook up some truly evil schemes. None, however, space as bizarre and also stomach turning as his scheme in the season 13 episode "Stewie Is Enceinte."

In this episode, Stewie feels that his friendship v Brian is waning. Now, this seems prefer an it s okay setup to have them walk on among their standard adventure episodes. Yet oh no, Stewie instead decides come implant himself using Brian"s DNA and have human/dog hybrid children. While maybe one or 2 of them look a tiny cute, many of them are abominations and also now my eye hurt indigenous looking at them. This is considered by most to be among the dumbest and worst illustration in Family Guy"s whole catalog. It"s episodes favor this that make fans great Fox ended the collection years ago. However nope, we necessary to check out human/dog hybrids.

ns guess someone must have thought this was a an excellent idea, right?

Stewie"s time travel an equipment is responsible for obtaining him in trouble simply as frequently as it helps him out. In the 200th illustration of the present called "Valentine"s day In Quahog," Stewie decides to get into the spirit of love by traveling earlier to the Summer of Love the 1967. That may have actually turned out to it is in the greatest mistake the his life, however, together he does something that must make anyone hurl.

This is why you gain a girl"s surname first.

when he come in the time, Stewie spots an additional kid on the playground that simply knocks his socks off. After giving her back her ball that she dropped, Stewie simply can"t permit her gain away and chases after ~ her. Before her dad takes her away, Stewie plants a big ole wet kiss ~ above her. However once the father takes turn off her hat to expose her signature hair and also says the surname Lois, Stewie has the most herbal reaction, disgust.

Fed up through the Summer of Love, that goes back to his own time wherein he never wants come speak of the again. Discovering Stewie, ns wouldn"t it is in surprised if he designed a maker that might wipe the storage of this incident from his mind. If not, ns don"t know how he watch at she again.


2 If That"s What the Likes

You would think that not also Family Guy would shot to do an illustration revolve about injury but hey, here we are. Not only did they walk there, but they additionally decide to litter in some various other stuff into that equation together well. Just another day in ~ the office because that Seth MacFarlane and also the gang, right?

Too bad this wasn"t lugged in the episode wherein Stewie goes come a boy psychologist.

In the Season 5 episode "Peter"s two Dads," Lois gets angry at Stewie for damaging her pearl necklace and also spanks him the end of rage. Return Stewie is hurt by this, that doesn"t necessarily dislike it... In fact, he got a thrill out of it. The remainder of the episode"s subplot concentrates on Stewie trying come provoke his mother into hitting him again. This includes spilling his juice and also drawing top top the wall surfaces of the kitchen. Once Lois refuses to give in Stewie states "Come on self-control me! do me stay panties! rub dirt in my eye!" the was just upon uttering these words wherein Stewie realized the he may have actually some problems. I mean that his ahead crimes never struck the as things that most civilization just don"t do.

because that the many part, Family Guy has gone into into Simpsons are nowadays. Despite still being on the air and also pulling in some decent ratings, it has fallen greatly from the general public consciousness and really just makes headlines when they do some publicity stunt. Think that the crossover between The Simpsons and Family Guy and Brian acquiring hit by a car. One of the recent attention-grabbing headline illustration actually seemed to have actually a lot of promise; the episode "Send In Stewie, Please".

This episode was the an initial Family guy episode to have actually no commercials.

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In this episode, Stewie finally sees a kid psychologist voiced by Ian McKellen. There we ultimately see Stewie"s character literally get dissected and also we find out much around him. While everybody supposed Stewie come come out together gay in this illustration or at the very least bi, us only get a hint that he might be liquid in preferences. The enlarge revelation is the his British interval is actually fake. He puts on the voice due to the fact that he desires to was standing out and also feel special amongst everyone rather he knows. When it seems that this and also the various other revelations in the episode could shake up the series, that then allows his psychologist perish indigenous a heart attack so no one will ever before learn his secret. So close to personality development. For this reason close.

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