How perform you acquire friends ~ above DragonVale without Facebook?

Adding Friends using Game facility (Available on iOS tools only)

Tap the settings symbol on her device.Scroll under to video game Center, climate tap on it.Tap “Add Friends”Enter the phone variety of the human that you want to add as a friend, or madness the eco-friendly plus icon to invite who from her contacts list.

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How do I log into my DragonVale account on another device?

If you’ve connected your park to her Google account, you can transfer it to any type of iOS or Android maker using the steps below:

Install DragonVale ~ above the new an equipment and open it.Tap the “Options” icon at the bottom that the screen.Tap the “Switch Park” button.

Can you give your girlfriend a dragon in DragonVale?

You can trade dragons, gems, and also coins v gamecenter friends! There will certainly be a symbol near your gamecenter friend which would say “trade”.

How perform I regain my development in DragonVale?

There are several means to back up DragonVale development and/or deliver that progress to a brand-new device. ~ above iOS (Apple) gadgets you deserve to use video game Center, Facebook, or Google to conserve your progress. On Android devices, Facebook and Google room both options. Because that Kindle users, Facebook can be supplied to save or carry progress.

How perform I recoup my old DragonVale account?

How carry out I move my DragonVale account to an additional device?

How do you breed a gift dragon in Dragonvale?

The Gift Dragon deserve to be bred using any two dragons, in one of two people order, containing the Plant, Fire and Cold elements, at any Breeding Cave.

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How perform you trade with friends on Dragon City?

-Go to the Dragon City section and click on “Ignore all”. -Enter Dragon City. -Send a gift to a friend and ask the to expropriate it. -Then questioning a girlfriend to send you a gift.

Is over there a means to uninstall Dragonvale top top Facebook?

If you are playing on a regional park, meaning it is not associated to a on facebook account, carry out NOT UNINSTALL DragonVale together your park will be deleted. Instead, please send us an e-mail at dragonvale

Where execute I discover Dragonvale on my Kindle?

Locate DragonVale in the Play store (Android) or Amazon sector (Kindle) and reinstall. *Please note that the first time you launch DragonVale after reinstallation will take longer than usual. If you execute not see your park best away, you might need to log back into on facebook in the alternatives menu the DragonVale.

What deserve to you perform in Dragonvale because that free?

From cute and cuddly, to massive, time- bending creatures. DragonVale has actually it all. Build and decorate beautiful floating islands in the skies to produce your ultimate park. Her park, her Dragons, her DragonVale! beat DragonVale today! the free.

Why is Dragonvale not loading on my Kindle Fire?

If you room unable to open DragonVale to examine for the park ID and also you’re not certain if your park is regional or not, please email us prior to going any further. We can provide you further instructions because that troubleshooting the problem and making sure your park will certainly be safe.

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