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hello members the this forum,I"m in search of the translate in of "talking cats". Yet my latin is a while back and I"ve never interpreted things to Latin, so ns was wondering if I analyzed it correctly.talking cats = felis vocalis ? (or feles :?? )I"m additionally looking for choices like the translation because that "cats with voices" or "chatting cats" or "noisy cats".I"ve review the rules, therefore I presented myself. I also read that i should post the context of the translation. I desire to usage it as a catteryname. For this reason it will certainly be something choose "cattery felis vocalis" That would certainly make "cattery for/of talk cats" or simply "cattery talking cats"? What would you advice? many thanks
Thanks Iynx for her swift reply. Ns couldn"t believe you had actually an argument about the native cat. :lol: I"m happy with Felis Vocalis. It"s exactly latin and also it sounds good, it"s even understandable for other people. I additionally like the fact that it is one alliteration (maybe no exactly)Thanks the you also gave part alternitives. Ns can likewise use them, because I require to offer some alternatives, because sometimes cattery names are too lot alike.As alternatives I likewise like feles vocalis 8) and also feles clamosae. Believe me occasionally my cats are really noisy. I really miss out on my old latin books on times prefer this. :roll: but they to be rentals, so ns don"t have them anymore.Thanks again for her help. If my name is welcomed I will short article it here, yet that can take a while...
I really REALLY preferred the names you come up with. however they"ve been rejected... since apparently they were too similar to other names, (that i am not mindful of).So I need some alternatives. Ns was reasoning of "talking kittens
" in latin, i think it will still be too similar, but it"s precious a try. Maybe words feles deserve to be left out. There is a latin translation for "the talkative" or "the chatting" right? And also "traditional siamese" (plural) yet I"m sure there won"t be a correct standard alternative, yet some alternate will do. In netherlands that will be called "potjeslatijn" :wondering: (pot prefer in cooking-pot)I will likewise ask why why my name have been rejected, ns think it"s since someone has already used the word "feles" in your name. Yet I think that"s a stupid factor to refuse my names. Since there are also many cattery"s with words "kat" (dutch for cat) in your name, and also those names have been accepted.I really like a latin name for my cattery, however they"re no making it easy for me.

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"Talkative", "chatting" would analyze as garrulus in Latin (from garrire, to chat, or "babbelen" in Dutch). Feles garrulae would interpret as "cats the chat".