Want come know how to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Armenian? you’re in the ideal place. 

It’s constantly nice to wish someone a happy birthday on their one-of-a-kind day however why not do it in a language that way something to them.As well as wishing your loved one a happy date of birth in Armenian, why not additionally sing the Armenian version of the happy birthday song! check out on come learn an ext about this.

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How come Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In ArmenianHappy birthday in east ArmenianHappy birthday in west ArmenianHow To sing Happy date of birth In Armenian

How come Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Armenian

Please note that there space actually 2 dialect of Armenian – eastern Armenian and Western Armenian. I have consisted of translations for both dialects. 

To great someone a happy date of birth in Armenian, you have the right to say one of the complying with phrases. 

Happy date of birth in eastern Armenian

In eastern Armenian, i m sorry is the most widely talked dialect the the 2 and also is talked by Armenians in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and also Iran, you have the right to say:EnglishArmenianPronunciationHappy BirthdayԾնունդդ շնորհավորTsnundt shnorhavor
To hear the together of this phrase, check out this video (YouTube).

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Happy date of birth in west Armenian

In western Armenian, i beg your pardon is mostly talked in countries such together Turkey, Syria etc, you have the right to say: EnglishArmenianPronunciationHappy BirthdayԲարի տարեդարձPari daretartsHappy BirthdayՇնորհաւոր տարեդարձShnorhavor daretarts
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Alternatively, you can additionally use some of these unit volume which room all in eastern Armenian:

EnglishArmenianPronunciationAll the bestԼավագո՜ւյն ցանկություններովLavaguyn cankutyunnerovCongratulationsՇնորհավորանքներսShnorhavor-ank-nersHave a nice dayՄաղտընեն լավ օրMaghtynen lav or

If you’re speak to someone special then you’ll want to know exactly how to speak I love girlfriend in Armenian.

How To song Happy birthday In Armenian

If you want to walk the extra mile for your loved one or friend, try singing the happy birthday tune in Armenian. You’ll be happy to recognize it’s the exact same tune as the English version, they just sing the in Armenian.Check the end the videos below to hear the Armenian birthday song. I’ve provided the lyrics listed below so you can sing along.
Here’s the text so you can sing along:“Տարեդարձ է այսօր! Տարեդարձ է այսօր! Տարեդարձ է այսօր!Տարեդարձ է այսօր!”

The transliteration of this is:“Taredardz e aysor!Taredardz e aysor!Taredardz e aysor! Taredardz e aysor!”This roughly translates to:“Happy birthday to you!Happy birthday to you!Happy date of birth to you!Happy birthday to you!”

Thanks for analysis this article on just how to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Armenian. It’s a an excellent idea to do the initiative to learn exactly how to say this in someone’s native language or a language that method something come them.Your loved one or friend will be therefore impressed!Related posts:

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