Hello all, My surname is Jeffrey or Jeff because that short. Ns have countless friends that speak restricted English and they discover Jeff or Jeffrey difficult to pronounce since of the "J" sound. A few years earlier a Mexican-American man named Jeff said me that Spanish because that Jeffrey is Ceferino (or Xefe because that short). I might never check that he to be right but I preferred the name and have available it as a nick name for those who discover my extremely English name (a French version of a german name brought to England by the Normans) an overwhelming to pronounce. I absolutely prefer Ceferino or Xefe over "Yeff." ns looked top top behindthename.com and the nearest translate into I"ve to be able to find is Godoberto i beg your pardon actually equates to Godfrey which is a source of the very same name together Geoffrey which came to be Jeffrey throughout Medieval times. As far as I have the right to from tell the name Ceferino exists and also Xefe is the shortened version but neither has actually an English translation follow a Spanish infant names site called guiainfantil.com. Does anyone no any more about the translate into of Jeffrey? A variety of people have actually now required to calling me by mine self-appointed Spanish nickname Ceferino or Xefe. I really don"t treatment for the name Godoberto. Since it"s a nickname anyway and also not my actual name, have to I proceed to sell Seferino together an option, must I usage Godoberto instead, or should I usage the possibility to teach world how to pronounce the English "J" sound for this reason they can pronounce my real name correctly. Any suggestions? Thanks,Jeff

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Wow! Well, i think that name has not an identical in spanish...But anyway, because you seem to know much an ext about your name 보다 me

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It"s amazing to keep in mind that numerous Spanish name room of germanic origen due to the fact that the Iberian peninsula was ruled for plenty of centuries by a german tribe dubbed the Visigoth. My name Luis comes from Ludvic and names prefer Rodrigo = Roderic, Guillermo=Wilhelm,etc..What I uncover even an ext interesting that your Spanish-speaking friends have trouble pronounce Jeff. Over there are countless words in Spanish through a comparable sound. I"ve never heard the word chef
mispronounced in Spanish and that have to sound much much more like Jeff than Yeff. Perhaps they space trying to review your name prior to listening come it.

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I think i"ve heard an antiquated translation together "Godofredo" i m sorry may have actually been "Godfried" in Old English/German??Tatz.
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Your friends don"t have an obstacle pronouncing her name as "Yeff", therefore I indicate let it it is in as lengthy as you know they space addressing you. Ns was wonder if girlfriend pronounce your names, say, that have actually have a "trilled r" correctly-- as in Carlos, Roberto, Reyes-- as done in Spanish. Would certainly you express "Carlos" v the "r" in the an initial syllable "Car-" sounding prefer "car" (the vehicle) in English to finish up saying "Car-lose" v the "o" sounded out lengthy like in "most" which would be no be correct. If you have great Spanish pronunciation, 보다 my suggest is pointless, however if not, ns doubt any kind of Carlos or Roberto is walking to urge that you pronounce the "r" correctly. All they will certainly care about is the you deal with them respectfully.