Saying ‘I love you’ can be both scary and also exciting and also even an ext so in a brand-new language!If you desire to know exactly how to say ‘I love you’ and other romantic phrases in Swahili, then read on.

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How to Say ‘I Love You’ In Swahili

To call someone that you love castle in Swahili, say:I love youNakupendaI love youNinakupenda
The over words both typical ‘I love you’ in Swahili. ‘Nakupenda’ is simply simply a shortened version of ‘ninakupenda’. Both space correct yet it’s more common come hear native speakers speak ‘nakupenda’. This is similar to exactly how in English we frequently say ‘bye’ instead of ‘goodbye’. 

You deserve to use these words v romantic partners, family and also friends. Check the end the below video to listen the pronunciation:

Romantic phrases in Swahili

Try these other romantic phrases and also terms the endearment including how to to speak ‘I miss out on you’ in Swahili.I love girlfriend so muchNakupenda sanaI love girlfriend tooNakupenda piaI give you my heartNakupa moyo wanguYou are my soulmateWewe ni mpenzi wangu wa mileleWe were supposed to be togetherTunakusudiwa tuwepamojaI miss out on you NinakukosaI miss out on you a lotNinakukosa sanaMy love/my darlingMpenzi wanguMy heartMoyo wanguLoveMahabaYou are so beautifulWewe ni mrembo sanaYou are so handsomeWewe ni mtanashatiSweetheartTamu ya moyo
Check out the below video to hear the together of several of these phrases. It additionally includes lots of additional Swahili love phrases:

These phrases need to come in handy whether you’ve got a love interest that speaks Swahili or whether you’re just visiting one of the plenty of African countries that speak Swahili and also want to be prepared. Why not also learn just how to to speak ‘how are you?’ in Swahili? You’ll require this necessary phrase in too many of different situations.Related posts:
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