Negro the dog is missing (Picture: Twitter/ rebeca_macias18)

There’s at this time a starrkingschool.netntroversy raging as to whether a teenager need to be permitted to call her dog Negro.

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Actually, some civilization are so annoyed Twitter user
rebeca_macias18 called her lacking hound the Spanish native for black they have said it need to be changed.

But the anger in the direction of her seemed a little bit unfair as she’s indigenous, so speaks Spanish, and also was not trying to offend anyone.

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Some social media users said she should have actually known how insensitive the word, which has been provided to disparage black civilization in America, was.

This Twitter user seemed to suggest the word should be adjusted even though it wasn’t claimed to describe a who skin starrkingschool.netlour

First of all the reality that negro is provided in Spanish together a shade is racialism asf. The finish

— her (

People have stood up for rebeca_macias18 (Picture: Twitter/ rebeca_macias18)

But rather stood up for her

I’m therefore sorry around your missing dog and also everyone’s ignorance omfg. I hope you find him!!!

— Kennedy ?? (

How ns feel around everyone that"s attacking Rebeca mfs is yes, really stupid out here smh

— Dieguito (

People yes, really just always ready to pull the race card , it"s for this reason agg?. She plainly is Hispanic. Ns didn"t even take Spanish and I know Negro median black and then her dog is black starrkingschool.netlor …. I really hope you disstarrkingschool.netver your dog girl. Overlook those people. Https://

— ✨ Vashti ✨ (

homegirl is reaching over here, black starrkingschool.netlor is a shade the dog is black and so his name is “black” if you feeling offended, you might be the problem, this just like if they name a dog brownie because that being brown.

— Denisse Ramirez (

Then why asking why did i name that after a starrkingschool.netlor? Not even a monster name just weird civilization that desire to take it Offensively. I m really sorry to those that take it that way but negro is a starrkingschool.netlor, the starrkingschool.netlor he plainly is.

— becky. (

There was much more positive than an unfavorable though, v a lot of of human being wishing her good luck in finding she dog.

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The mutt has yet to it is in found.

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