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“Gustar” is a funny verb. Once we very first learn it, us equate “me gusta” with “I like” – “me gusta la pizza” method “I choose pizza”. Basic enough. However, this verb, and also many others like it, space profoundly various to ours English equivalents. Castle are recognized as “reverse building and construction verbs”.


What space reverse building verbs?

A more helpful means to strategy “me gusta” is come think of ours English verb “disgust”. The building and construction of this verb way that other disgusts me. Through our verb “like”, we prefer something, yet with “disgust” this is reversed (hence “reverse building verbs”). The topic (the agent which is “doing” the verb) is reversed:



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“Gustar” works in a similar means to “disgust”. In the sentence “Me gustan las naranjas” (“I prefer oranges”), Spanish speaker think of the oranges gift the agent, and also causing mine pleasure. The oranges space doing the action to me, fairly than mine liking the oranges. This is the fundamental principle behind reverse building and construction verbs, and also once you have the right to understand this, you’ll have the ability to nail the whole collection of them!

Another approach you have the right to take is to interpret “gustar” together “please” (as in, “it pleases me”). Utilizing this translation, then, “me gustan ras naranjas” can likewise be interpreted as “oranges you re welcome me”. Although this sounds like quite a monster translation (and it’s absolutely not the “correct” one), that does assist us to recognize the building and construction of the verb.

While us may know the principle of reverse building verbs, Spanish adds an additional layer of difficulty in that, when we´ve made decision what or that the certified dealer is, we need to conjugate the verb to match that agent. Through “I like oranges”, the certified dealer in Spanish is “oranges” (remember: oranges you re welcome me). That method we must conjugate “gustar” because that “oranges”, quite than “me”, or “I”. “Naranjas” is many and 3rd person, an interpretation we usage the “-an” ending:

“Me gustan ras naranjas”

Try it v these sentences, translating from English to Spanish:

I like Spain (or, Spain pleases me)He likes football (or, soccer pleases him)They prefer me (or, ns please them)I choose you (or, you please me)


Translations in ~ the finish of this article!


Other reverse building verbs

While “gustar” is most likely the an initial verb you will do it come across of this type, over there is a wide selection of various other verbs which additionally follow the very same structure. We won’t administer a complete list, yet here are several of the most crucial ones that you absolutely need to include to your Spanish toolbox:

Aburrir: come boreBastar: To have actually enoughCaer bien: to look great on/get on through (literally “fall well”)Costar: To cost (and figuratively, to be difficult)Doler: come hurtEncantar: to delightFaltar: come lack/needImportar: to matter/careParecer: to appearQuedar: to remain/have left


Reverse construction verbs room a very “Spanish” thing. While it have the right to take a little while to acquire your head about them, it’s a sure-fire method to make your Spanish sound that small bit more native, and also a small less like interpreted English.


I prefer Spain (or, Spain pleases me)Me gusta EspañaHe likes soccer (or, soccer pleases him)Le gusta el fútbolThey like me (or, ns please them)Les gusto yoI choose you (or, you you re welcome me)Me gustas tú