take care of Potter: 10 Things about Mad-Eye Moody The movies Leave the end Mad-Eye Moody is one of the strangest characters in bother Potter canon, and there space a few things the movies leaving out around him.

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Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody is an Auror, brief Hogwarts professor, and also member the the bespeak of the Phoenix. His demeanor is intimidating and rough, but many witches and also wizards host him in esteem indigenous his year battling death Eaters and also sending them to Azkaban.

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Audiences fulfill Moody in Harry Potter and also the Goblet that Fire once he becomes the Defense versus the Dark arts teacher. This is moody pivotal to mark in the entire series, despite he becomes a mainstay in the bother Potter character lineup. And also while his fighting skills and wonder eye are his most rememberable attributes, there is more to this character than meets the eye. Right here are ten things about Mad-Eye Moody that the movies leaving out.

~ the an initial Wizarding War, Alastor Moody came to be the most famed Auror of every time due to his fighting efforts. Moody came from a long line of pureblood wizards, many of who were all Aurors. Moody stepped up his efforts to loss the Dark art by becoming a member the the initial Order the the Phoenix alongside Lily and James Potter.

Moody shed an arm, one eye, and also a portion of his nose throughout the battle against Voldemort’s minions. His eye was changed by a magical glass eye that had actually a propensity to move around on that own. This earned the the name Mad-Eye Moody.

together an Auror, it to be Alastor Moody’s task to hunting down and also capture wizards who practiced the Dark Arts. At the time of the very first war, these wizards were primarily fatality Eaters, though there to be casual citizen who also celebrated Voldemort’s efforts.

Most the the wizards in Azkaban (who would at some point escape in Harry Potter and also the bespeak of the Phoenix) were sent out there through Moody himself. early out to these initiatives for the set of Magic, Moody developed an extreme sense that paranoia. He hardly ever trusted anyone and meticulously monitored everyone he considered untrustworthy.

Audiences first meet Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter and the bespeak of the Phoenix. Tonks, the eccentric and also friendly purple-haired witch, travels with Moody and the rest of the breakthrough Guard to lug Harry native the Dursleys to Number 12 Grimmauld Place.

Tonks had previously acted as Moody’s protege as soon as she an initial began working for the set of Magic. ~ graduating from hogwart in 1991, Tonks went on to train as an Auror whereby she was placed under the watchful eye the Alasttor Moody.

7 attack of Barty Crouch Jr.

because that anyone who has actually seen Harry Potter and the Goblet that Fire, they understand that Mad-Eye to be impersonated through Barty Crouch Jr. While to teach Defense against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. What the movies leave out, however, is how Crouch was able to take ~ above the greatest Auror of every time. Crouch had actually used Polyjuice Potion with his dying mom in order to exchange places. She walk on to live out the remainder of her life in Azkaban so she son might be free.

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Right ~ his escape, Crouch went instantly to Voldemort that devised the arrangement for the end of the Triwizard Tournament. This plan all began with Mad-Eye. So v the aid of Peter Pettigrew, the two were able to force Moody right into his own magical trunk and kept him under the Imperious Curse so that he would not escape.

Dumbledore had reassembled the order of the Phoenix in irradiate of Voldemort’s return in 1995. Mad-Eye Moody acted together a bastion for the Order and frequently took fee whenever crucial (i.e. Exhilaration as allude for the advancement Guard). Moody was frequently on the prior line throughout battles with death Eaters together well.

He was among the first members that the order to come to Harry and also his friend’s rescue when they infiltrated the room of Mysteries at the to adjust of Magic. It seems only organic that due to the fact that of these qualifying tactics, that Mad-Eye Moody was called the leader that the stimulate of the Phoenix after Dumbledore’s death.

5 He had Two Invisibility Cloaks

take care of is offered his very own invisibility cloak in his an initial year in ~ Hogwarts. This cloak was an inheritance indigenous his father that the Potter’s had actually passed down for generations. Ron provides a comment once Harry very first opens the gift that Invisibility Cloaks room really rare. For this reason it’s exciting to note that Moody actually had actually two of these cloaks at one time.

He lent one cloak come Sturgis Podmore, a member of the bespeak of the Phoenix, who never returned it to him. Audience never obtain to see either of these cloaks, though some believe that the bulky tan trenchcoat the wears repeatedly is actually an altered Invisibility Cloak.

Mad-Eye Moody was eliminated while helping deliver Harry to The Burrows, which was acting as the new headquarters because that the stimulate of the Phoenix. In spite of his carefully crafted plan, Voldemort and his fatality Eaters were fast on the scene. Voldemort thought that Harry would certainly be traveling v the many experienced wizard, i beg your pardon is why the went ~ Moody. Mundungus Fletcher was disguised as Harry, however he became so frightened the he Dissapparated.

Voldemort sent out the killing Curse right at Mad-Eye leading to him to autumn off of his broomstick. He dropped over a thousand feet, leave no question regarding whether he made it through the fall. The Order checked out look for his human body in stimulate to hold a funeral, however it was never found.

3 Umbridge’s Eye

The only component of Moody the was recovered was his miracle eye. Unfortunately, it was picked up by fatality Eaters who retained it as a trophy from the battle. They eventually take it over to the to adjust of Magic whereby Moody’s glass wonder eye was offered to none other than Dolores Umbridge.

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Umbridge offers the eye come spy on she subordinates who work-related right exterior her door. The films actually present Moody’s magical eye, yet it is never ever properly explained how or why it got there.

when Harry recognizes moody eye on Umbridge’s door, that sets out a plan. While infiltrating the Ministry v the assist of Polyjuice Potion, Harry provides sure to stop by Umbridge’s office and steals the eye.

The next day, bother wakes up before Ron and also Hermione and buries the eye in the forest in Dartmoor. He locations it beside the most disheveled tree in the area and marks the tree because that Moody’s final resting spot.

1 mad Eye’s Mad-Eye

The movies give some clue as to the power of moody’s magical eye, yet its range of capability is fairly surprising. Moody’s eye have the right to see through any kind of object, consisting of Invisibility Cloaks. However, as Harry’s cloak is just one of the Deathly Hallows, moody eye is assumed to hold some form of rarely and strong magic.

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In the books, moody’s eye is electric blue and also isn’t hosted in ar with a head strap choose it is in the movie. It’s also on his best eye in the books, when the movie places the magical eye on moody left eye.