It’s important to understand what your rifle is capable of so we’re going come talk about distance and accuracy because that an AR-15 shoot the .223 round.

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So, how much can an AR-15 shooting accurately? one AR-15 has actually an effective range of 400-600 yards once chambered because that .223 caliber rounds, this changes when firing various caliber ammunition.


What determines The Effective selection Of A Rifle?

The effective range of a rifle and caliber is identified in a couple of various ways.

The U.S. Army defines it together the maximum variety at i m sorry a usual soldier can hit a torso sized target at 50% accuracy.

A civilian and also general meaning says that effective selection is the street at which a firearm have the right to hit a target with reasonable consistency.

Three main things impact the effective variety of a rifle: the barrel length, the ammunition, and also the area. For our purposes, we’ll assume the the area isn’t a problem and focus on the length and also ammo.

A longer barrel contains more energy and results in greater muzzle velocity. This pushes the cartridge farther and increases the street a round travels before it begins to drop.

A caliber and also ammo grade can likewise extend or limit the efficient range. Larger calibers typically have an ext gunpowder, which method more energy.

The greater the class or amount of gunpowder the farther the round deserve to travel. The larger the caliber, the more punch the bullet has actually as well.

How much Can an AR-15 Shoot accurately With various Calibers?

Depending ~ above the caliber that the round your firing v your AR-15, your effective variety will change. In general, the more powerful the round, the farther your effective variety is.

Check the end this table because that a rapid reference top top the reliable ranges for usual AR-15 calibers:

CaliberEffective selection (in meters)
.223 (5.56 NATO)400-600 meters
.308800 meters
.338 Laputa1500 meters
.50 BMG1600 meters (1 mile)
9mm100 meters
.450 Bushmaster250 meters

Take keep in mind that effective selection doesn’t refer to the strength that the bullet contends that range, yet how much it can hit a target through some degree of accuracy.

For example, though the 9mm and also .450 Bushmaster have stopping power, their bullets drop faster than traditional rifle rounds.

On the flipside, the .223 (the standard) can travel farther, however it might not be sufficient to take down a get an impressive buck in ~ 600 meters uneven it’s put in the specific right spot.

Then yes sir the .50 BMG which could take the end a car if you hit the engine block with variety and power.

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How much Can A .223 ring Travel?

To prize this concern is tricky due to the fact that it relies on several various factors. Room you firing level through the ground or angled increase in the air?

In general, the best effective variety also indicates typically how far the round travels before it starts come drop back this can be prolonged with a much longer barrel and faster twist ratio. So for this answer, you’re looking at 400-600 meters.

If you angle the rifle up at every (even simply slightly above parallel), the number go up significantly although over there is no sensible accuracy.

Power wise, the .223 shot from an AR-15 has actually the potential to travel up come 3 miles, but you won’t have the ability to aim in ~ anything.

Safety Tip: This potential for long (yet inaccurate) travel is why friend should constantly know those behind her target as soon as you shoot and also make sure that there’s something there to record the cartridge in instance you miss.

Are AR-15s Accurate?

Short answer: Yes. The AR-15 is an exact rifle within its range.

Long answer: In part ways, this is favor asking if a pencil have the right to spell indigenous correctly. It depends on the human using it.

Different AR models indigenous the cheap come expensive present have different accuracy potential.

They usually selection from 1-3 MOA (minute that angle) with typical being closer to 1.5. The lower the MOA, the more accurate the rifle is.

It likewise depends top top the shooting her doing.

If you carry out a most rapid fire also with semi-auto, your accuracy is going to drop. You won’t be as centered on the target if girlfriend fire quickly.

In general, the rifle is going come outshoot you. It have the right to be more accurate than you’re more than likely going to be, so don’t blame the gun; walk out and also practice.

If the recoil and muzzle rise is throw off her aim, you may want to think about a muzzle brake.

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Quick tips To improve Accuracy

Want to do the best of her rifle? right here are some fast tips for boosting accuracy with the AR-15:

Get good gear (scopes, scope rings, mounts, stocks, etc.)Keep her rifle clean inside and outHold the AR-15 correctlyZero your rifleDon’t choose your head increase after you shootKnow your create pullPractice, practice, practice

Following these advice may aid with AR-15 accuracy on her part.

As the section over shows, it most likely won’t it is in the pistol that allows you down however your ability.


We expect you enjoyed learning around how far an AR-15 have the right to shoot accurately. Understanding the capability of your rifle deserve to make girlfriend an expert.

The answer: 400-600 meters v the .223 (5.56 NATO).

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It’s a complicated answer, however each component can make you a more responsible and effective total owner. Currently if you uncover yourself in ~ the range or the end hunting, you understand what you weapon can handle.