"Don't you check out that the whole aim of Newstop is to narrowhead the variety of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, bereason tright here will certainly be no words in which to expush it. Eincredibly concept that can ever before be essential will be expressed by specifically one word, with its interpretation rigidly defined and also all its subsidiary interpretations rubbed out and foracquired...The Revolution will certainly be finish when the language is perfect."

Syme from George Orwell's timeless novel, 1984

The Importance of Reading

One of the greatest problems of the brand-new year is SOPA and PIPA. Of course, for us authors we are specifically came to, because of the debate by adversaries that these bills would certainly thrconsumed complimentary speech if passed.

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The word "censorship" raises red flags for many anyone because of this strong desire to maintain free speech. If we cannot article what we desire, express ourselves without restrictions, or even stop our minds sufficiently, then we cannot be totally free.

In 1984, Winston speaks to among the authors of the Newspeak dictionary, Syme. Winston talks via Syme about just how he and also others are ruining words when the writer responds with the quote above. Newstop is the language being produced by the government in the novel that is an abbreviated and much even more restricted variation of the English language. For example, "thoughtcrime" and also "ungood" are both Newsoptimal words. A "thoughtcrime" basically occurs once a perchild does not think in the Rdevelopment or the Party, while "ungood" ssuggest replaces the word "negative."

The smaller dictionary restricts thoughts and also the ability to protest versus injustices committed by the government. Censorship likewise does this but it in a slightly various means. When one does not understand the facts, they cannot protest bereason they are never displayed factor to. If a story is never leaked that would upcollection the public, tright here won't ever before be any kind of outcry. If the word "freedom" was scratched out of the dictionary, exactly how would you recognize what it is and also that you are in any method doing not have it?

I am in no way likening SOPA and also PIPA and its proposed ideals to those of Big Brother. However, the bill and also this dictionary within the novel share similarities in that they thrconsumed individual liberty and speech in the name of protecting citizens from violating legislation. In 1984, it is a lot simpler for the citizens to refrain from committing a thoughtcrime if their words are restricted sufficient to be easily understood and strictly identified enough so that violations can be puniburned without a doubt.

When something is done in the name of the well-being of culture overall yet threatens the liberty of the individual, does that make it just or unfair?




Alprepared words supplied in the technological age limit the constant Joe on the street via expression. When you have the right to specify "LOL" and also "OMG" and refusage to use words longer than two syllables because it ssuggest takes too long to message, you limit your very own complimentary speech. Many my age and those who surround me perform not understand also me at times and also so I need to act as dictionary and use these simpler, restricted terms in order for them to....not completely grasp but lightly touch what I expected to say.

The method I see it, straightforward words through basic definitions make simple thoughts and also easy human being.

This is why the Party in Orwell's inwell known novel boundaries speech to the allude of taking each word and respecifying them, mixing them, or simply erasing them. Limited language borders the thoughts of the world. Without the suggests to expush thoughts much deeper than "I feel good" or "I feel ungood," there is no implies to sucesscompletely commit a thoughtcrime and also even if it was committed, there is no way many type of civilization would understand also sufficient to follow and take action.

Taking celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and also Brad Pitt and fmaking use of them together right into "Brangelina" is another instance of words being included to the dictionary that limit speech. No longer are they 2 individuals yet instead they are one item and also a rigidly characterized plaything for audiences to review and also gossip about. Of course, they aren't the just Hollylumber couple to acquire bundled together like this. Why not read one word rather of three? "Brangelina" rather of "Brad and also Angelina?"

60 million Americans cannot read or have the right to just review a bare minimum to make it through on a day-to-day basis.

America sits at a snug number 49 on a list of 158 nations that are members of the United Nations and are thought about illiterate.

It isn't surpincreasing, then, to additionally realize that the biggest literacy routine in the USA reaches a mere 100 world ybeforehand.

What's my point?

The focus for discussions lately has been all around censorship. People have gone so far regarding are afraid that hubs will certainly be taken down, sites will become unobtainable, and that the government might also censor those points they simply don't desire us to review. It's definitely something to be feared when your capability to check out or write becomes threatened so there is nothing wrong with this.

However before, in a society not concentrated so much on literacy, does it really matter what we're permitted to read? In some means the UNITED STATE all at once already has been censored. The focus on maintaining things from being concealed behind a babsence display screen rather than offering the public via a proper suggests to educate themselves takes away their cost-free speech.

In 1984, complimentary speech is restricted as the dictionary slims down with each new edition and words proceed to be limited or taken out. Tbelow is not a lot difference between this action and also slimming dvery own the population that can actually review the word "dictionary" if the book was placed in front of them.

Without the ability to check out or compose, the illiterate cannot efficiently recognize how to protect themselves from the loss of this liberty that they might not realize they even have actually. The hazard of censorship have to be a reminder of what those within the illiteprice area confront everyday. As we aim to protect our very own civil liberties, I think more have to also work-related at providing those who cannot read the right to execute the exact same.

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Lisa (author) from WA on February 03, 2012:

Thanks for your comments, Larry Fields and Green Lotus. I agree through both of you. I really hope literacy doesn't become the lowest of priorities however it doesn't seem prefer the prestige of analysis is provided much credit these days.

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on February 03, 2012:

Ditto to Larry. This really rings true. It's sad to think that the day will certainly come once literacy will no much longer be a measure of knowledge.

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Larry Fields from Northern The golden state on February 02, 2012:

I think that 1984 is the most crucial novel ever written. And I appreciate your mirroring its current relevance. Voted up, awesome, and 'double plus good'.