Taking a vacation and wondering exactly how long can goldfish walk without food? Well, guess what? girlfriend have come to the best place!

Not only will I provide you the ideal answer, yet I will additionally be revealing some services on just how you deserve to feed your goldfish when on vacation.

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Even better, this guide consists of nuggets of details that will make fishkeeping a breeze and also painless on your end.

How Long deserve to Goldfish walk Without Food?

Goldfish, contrary to popular belief, deserve to survive for a long time without being fed. In 2011, 2 goldfish in Christchurch, brand-new Zealand, named Daphne and Shaggy, endured for 134 work (4 months and a half) without gift fed.

In general, goldfish can survive because that as lengthy as 2 weeks there is no consuming food. But, just due to the fact that they have the right to survive for long periods, the does not mean you must not feeding them because that over a week.

After 2 weeks without being fed, her goldfish will end up being extremely hungry and also malnourished.

Yes, the is it s okay to leave her finned pet without gift fed because that 3 or 4 days. But, you need to look for choices and make some other arrangements if you will certainly be away because that days.

So, how did Shaggy and Daphne endure without their usual fish food because that months? As specialists suggest, this goldfish survive by eat the algae that grew on the walls and rocks of their 26-gallon aquarium.

Furthermore, the tank’s growing bacteria could have assisted keep the aquarium water clean to sustain fish life.

How regularly Should ns Feed mine Goldfish?

Goldfish space insatiable and also big-time eaters. Unlike other pets, this fish carry out not protect against eating, as lengthy as they deserve to spot food.

As a issue of fact, some goldfish acquire sick or also die due to the fact that they eat voraciously and also endlessly.

That’s why we imply that you give them a couple of small meals per day, fairly than just one huge meal.

In a perfect world, you need to be feeding her goldfish roughly 3 come 4 times per day. Most goldfish owners, however, have actually family and work commitments, definition it is pretty typical to feed a goldfish twice per day.

Like many pet owners, I also have a rather busy schedule, so ns feed mine goldfish once at night and of course once in the morning.

To stop overfeeding, you should feed them no an ext than what her pets might consume in a pair of minutes.

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What do Goldfish Eat?

Goldfish will literally eat nothing. But, not whatever they consume deserve to be beneficial to them.

So, as a goldfish owner, it is vital for you to uncover the finest goldfish food for your pet. Also, the closer you mimic their herbal diet in the wild, the healthy your fish will certainly be.

Carps are, in essence, the goldfish’s ancestors in the wild. And, you deserve to learn rather a an excellent deal around your pet’s right nutritional requirements by determining the carp’s natural diet.

In the wild, a goldfish will most likely eat these ingredient the totality day in a pond or river:

Little fishWormsInsectsDecaying plant mattersPlantsAlgae

Vegetable matter, as you can have noticed, renders up a vast portion of the goldfish’s diet. But, they additionally consume some protein that have the right to be found in marine-based animals and also insects.

And, thankfully, there space a number of terrific options obtainable for every goldfish owner.

Generally, the choices for goldfish food can be summarized into 3 categories.

The staple diet: Flakes, gelatin food, and Pellets are complete choices that carry out your goldfish through all the nutrition castle need. Plus, it has actually the perfect ratios that minerals, vitamins, carbs, fat, and protein.Foraging material: irpari greens and other varieties of vegetable are great foraging food that can make her fish healthier and also happier.Treats: selection is, as they say, is the spice of life. And, it is best to spice points up by offering them a nutritious treat around 2 to 3 times per week. Treats prefer dried or live food room not simply tasty for fish, yet they also have color-enhancing properties and also are loaded with vitamins.

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When You can Skip Feeding her Pet?

People mostly cannot feed their fish as soon as they room out of town for a business trip, away visiting relatives, or on vacation.

But, there are a few other legit reasons why you could need to withhold their food temporarily.

If her fish tank is having worries with that water quality, I suggest that girlfriend withhold her pet’s food because that 2 days to minimization the amount of rubbish in your aquarium.

Obviously, withholding goldfish food is not a irreversible solution. The is why you must figure out the root reason of the problem, and find the appropriate remedy come it (like smaller meals or a better filtration system).

Even so, it can conveniently clear increase the aquarium water temporarily, which stays clear of your goldfish from getting sick.

It is way to temporarily withhold food if her goldfish has actually a swimming bladder difficulty caused through a digestive tract blockage.

If your fish is dealing with this issue, fasting castle for approximately 3 days will carry out the trick since it it s okay rid of the buoyancy problems related to the issue.

How come Feed your Goldfish once You are on Vacation

If you space going away for 3 work or ~ above a weekend, climate there is no should make any kind of arrangements to feed your pet.

But, if you will certainly be away for over a pair of weeks, friend should take into consideration heeding this tips and suggestions.

Ask a neighbor or girlfriend to Feed your Pet

The simplest and easiest way to feed your fish, when you room away, is come ask her friend or neighbor to perform it.

Just make certain that the human who will certainly be dealing with this assignment to know the ideal amount of fish food to feed to your goldfish.

Buy an automatic Fish Feeder

If friend cannot uncover anyone reliable who have the right to feed her pet, climate you must invest in an automatically fish feeder.

With an automatically fish feeder, you will certainly just need to put your pet’s food on the feeder and collection its timer. Afterward, the feeder will certainly dispense the fish food to your aquarium automatically.

There space automatic feeders choose Eheim that deserve to feed your goldfish roughly 4 times per day. Additionally, part automatic fish food feeders have the right to hold and dispense fish food for 6 weeks, making them a perfect equipment for those who are going on an extended vacation.

Here are the automatic fish feeders that i recommend.

Hydor fish feeder automaticBettaMatic from Zoo MedSera A to add feedLifegard Intelli-Feed aquaticsF14 Fish MateEheim Fish Feeder Everyday

Slow-Releasing Food for Fish

Using slow-release food for her fish is not just a cheap option, but is rather reliable as well.

Slow-release food for fish is obtainable in a pair of categories:

Vacation fish food feeder blocks: This alternative will feed her goldfish for approximately 2 weeks. If you are planning to take a 14-day break, girlfriend should take into consideration the holidays fish food feeders.Weekend fish food feeder blocks: If you space going for simply a weekend break, you could want come buy these feeder blocks. This terrific food for fish will store your goldfish fed for up to 3 days.

Here is a simple and quick table of some of the height slow-release fish food products available on the market today.

Fish food feeder brandSuitable for Lasts for
API Fish automatically feederGoldfish and also all kinds of fish3 days
Zoo Med Banquet BlocksBetta7 days
Zoo Med Plankton MiniSmall fry and gourami7 days
Zoo Med giant block feederBottom feeder14 days
Tetra slow release fish food feederGoldfish and also tropical fish14 days
TetraPond holidays feeder blockGoldfish and pond fish14 days

More Goldfish Feeding tips

Test her automatic fish food feeder at least 3 days before leaving. That way, you have the right to make adjustments or seek aid from the manufacturer if there is something wrong v the feeder.Set increase a neat terminal for the fish caretaker, so the they can quickly spot the vital items.Track the eating and feeding behavior of her pets. Anyone is feeding her pet have to record how much and when they are feeding her fish. If you check out a problem and also think it has something to perform with their food, the document will practically help you diagnose and also find the best solution.

Other Goldfish maintenance Tips

Want to end up being a far better goldfish owner? Make certain to heed these handy and an useful tips.


Create a Healthy and Thriving environment

Before friend buy a goldfish, you must spend a good deal that time and effort in setting up that aquatic environment. Also, put it in a ar where her fish can acquire some exposure to organic light.

The tank should have actually the appropriate parameters and levels for pH and temperature. And, perform not forget to remove or neutralize the ammonia, nitrites, and also nitrates in your aquarium.

Keep the Aquarium Spotless and Clean

Goldfish are rather messy and also playful. That is why you have to clean her aquarium regularly and also perform partial water transforms every week.

Furthermore, invest in a premium quality filtration system to preserve a healthy and also clean aquatic environment for her goldfish.

Keep her Goldfish for sure

Do not spray any insect repellent in the location or room whereby your aquarium is located, together it might poison your pet. And, carry out not use metal decorations in her fish tank.

Take note that steels dissolve and may poison her beloved pets.

Objects native ponds and beaches bring bacteria the may have a selection of diseases, so be extra careful of these things.

You could want to avoid sudden loud sounds and tapping top top the aquarium glass due to the fact that it might stress out your goldfish.

Know the indications When her Fish is ill

Pay a small attention to your goldfish. Likewise, come to be familiar v your goldfish’s regular behavior because it will make it much easier to notification if over there is something wrong.

Some of the usual signs the your goldfish might be ill incorporate swimming abnormally, gasping at the water surface, continually scratching versus the tank decorations, and also a shaky body.

Understand The typical Fish Ailments

The most usual goldfish ailments are lice, popeye, anchor worm, fin rot, fungus, and also constipation. Fortunately, girlfriend can conveniently treat that with medicines from a regional pet store.

For significant problems, call a vet or a goldfish expert.


What can my goldfish eat as well as fish food?

There space plenty of various other nutritious and superb food resources that goldfish have the right to eat. As a matter of fact, they can even eat human being food.

They eat vegetables, together as:


As because that fruits, these room the perfect options:


Also, goldfish may consume cooking rice.

Can ns feed bread to my fish?

A lot of of world think bread is a perfect food resource for fish. But, in reality, it have the right to be harmful to your fish.

Even if you run out of fish food, girlfriend should, by no means, feeding them v bread. Unlike continuous fish food, bread swells up inside the intestines of her fish, which deserve to lead come constipation or, worse, death.

Flakes or pellets? which is far better for my pet fish?

Goldfish, in their organic habitat, eat your food from middle or reduced levels the water. As you feeding goldfish food pellets to her pet, it will gradually sink right into the aquarium, permitting your goldfish to eat them choose they execute in the wild.

On the short side, pellets have tendency to rot quickly. And, this can ultimately increase her aquarium’s ammonia levels.

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Flakes, on the other hand, deserve to reduce ammonia problems due to the fact that they float, and also you can easily remove them indigenous the water surface.

How perform I recognize if my goldfish is hungry?

Some signs will allow you know if your goldfish is hungry, including:

Sudden behavioral changes, such together aggressionSwimming come the water surface and waiting to be fedDigging roughly the aquarium substrateSluggish and also slow behavior

Is there something that you would desire to share through us? desire to include something? Feel totally free to share your thoughts utilizing the comment section!