Woodcutting is one of OSRS’s AFKable moneymaking skills, as with fishing and cooking. In this OSRS Woodcutting Guide, we will be spanning the faster training approaches for both P2P and F2P woodcutting and also some AFK money make methods.You have the right to sell her logs for profit or use them to advancement your firemaking or fletching. Woodcutting is also necessary for a pair of vital quests, such as animal Magnetism, shed city, Legends, Lunar Diplomacy, and more.

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Best axes for woodcutting in OSRS

To maximize logs/exp every hour you want to make certain you’re always using the best possible axe you have the right to for your existing woodcutting level.Similarly to fishing with the dragon harpoon, the Dragon axe has actually a one-of-a-kind attack, when used you get a 3+ Woodcutting level boost, meaning you deserve to use the special assault to cut trees you normally wouldn’t have the ability to yet.Every axe approximately the Infernal axe has actually no extra requirements. The Infernal Axe requires 61 Woodcutting and 85 Firemaking come use. With this axe, you have actually a 1/3 opportunity of a reduced log come burn, providing you half the Firemaking exp the log would certainly have given you had actually you supplied a tinderbox. It can burn 5000 logs prior to needing a smouldering stone to recharge. The infernal axe has actually the exact same special attack and effect together the Dragon Axe.The decision Axe is the ideal axe in the game, it calls for 71 Woodcutting and the song of the Elves search to use. The crystal axe has the very same special strike as the dragon axe.

Woodcutting EXP boosts

Just choose every other skill in old institution Runescape, woodcutting has some exp an increasing equipment that deserve to be be helpful on your search to 99 woodcutting.

Lumberjack outfit OSRS

Wearing the full lumberjack outfit sponsor you a 2.5% experience boost so if you’re analysis this wc overview to acquire 99 as quick as feasible I 100% recommend you acquire this as soon as girlfriend can.You have the right to start wearing the outfit in ~ level 44 woodcutting. The lumberjack outfit deserve to be derived through the holy place Trekking minigame, the full collection should take it you no much longer than 1 hour the gameplay. Exp Boost: 2.5%

Woodcutting Guild in OSRS

The woodcutting guild is the place to be when you with level 60 woodcutting. You will have actually to achieve 75% hosidius favour to acquire entry come the wc guild (doesn’t take lengthy at all). To gain access to the wc guild, you will need to attain 75% hosidius favour. Don’t issue though, hosidius favour is among the fastest favours friend can acquire in old institution runescape.Not only is the woodcutting guild the ideal location because that chopping yew trees, magic trees, redwood trees, and also so on, it likewise comes with a pretty invisible level rise of 7 i m sorry you should take full benefit of top top your way to 99 woodcutting. Trees available in the OSRS Woodcutting Guild:11 consistent trees4 Oak Trees7 pasture Trees13 Maple Trees17 Yew Trees8 Magic Trees2 Redwood TreesWoodcutting EXP Boost: +7 woodcutting levels because that as long as you’re inside the guild (levels space invisible) Woodcutting Guild LocationThe osrs wc guild is situated in the south-western corner of Hosidius. You have the right to teleport there making use of the skills necklace. 

Fastest 1-99 OSRS Woodcutting Guide 

You’ll be flying with your first levels the woodcutting therefore it’s recommended you buy every single axe up till at least rune to acquire started. 

Woodcutting Levels 1 – 15 (Regular Trees) 

For woodcutting Oak Trees, ns stay placed in Lumbridge and just proceed to operation to and also from the basic store. Again you deserve to use other places such together the cool exchange or draynor village but in ~ this point, it really doesn’t matter where you space as the an initial levels of woodcutting don’t take long at all.From woodcutting level 15-30, 293 Oak Logs are cut. This have to take you less than 30 minutes. (value 9,083gp)

Woodcutting Levels 30 – 45 (Willow Trees) 

The ideal location for cutting pasture trees, in mine opinion, is still Draynor Village. Be sure to begin using her adamant axe as soon as you hit level 31 woodcutting and also your rune axe as soon as friend hit 41. In ~ level 44 wc you desire to begin the holy place Trekking minigame and also aim for the full lumberjack outfit for the 2.5% exp boost! For woodcutting levels 30 – 45, 714 willow Logs space cut. This have to take you roughly 2,5 hours.(value 9,282gp)

Woodcutting levels 45 – 90 (Teak Trees) – Shift-Drop (Method 1) 

Teak trees room available starting at level 35 for this reason you have the right to start in ~ an previously level however you should understand they will be really slow come cut. You need to use the shift-drop role to it is in efficient. Over there is no nearby bank, if you perform wish to financial institution your Teak tree you’ll need to teleport out and also this will cut into her hourly exp rate. You deserve to use this method all the method to 99 or switch end to redwood tree at level 90 and also make some extra cash.Teek trees EXP Rates:50 – 65K/hr / 200 hrs to 99 / 80 hours to 90Teak tree LocationApe Atoll (GreeGree from Monkey insanity is compelled to not acquire attacked) For levels 45 – 99, 152,623 Teak Logs space cut. It will take you about 200 hours to with 99. For level 45 – 90, 62,175 Teak Logs are cut. It will certainly take you around 80 hrs to reach 90. 

Woodcutting Levels 90 – 99 (Redwood Trees) – AFK

If you’re using the shift-drop teak an approach to 99 it can be worth switching end to Redwood trees as soon as you hit 90. You’ll watch a comparable experience per hour but due to the fact that the bank is close come the Woodcutting Guild, you’ll make part money together well. OSRS Redwood EXP per hour: 65K/hrIt will certainly take friend 117 hours to 99 woodcutting in ~ redwood trees. Location: Red hardwood trees room only found in the Woodcutting GuildFor level 90 – 99, 20,232 Redwood Logs room cut. It will take you about 117 hrs to reach 99. (value 6M gp)

Woodcutting levels 45 – 99 (Teak Trees) – mite manipulation (method 2)

The best woodcutting suffer in old college Runescape contains cutting teak trees with game-tick manipulation. If you considering this maintain method, friend should understand that tick manipulation is not easy and takes a if to get it right.

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It’s likewise super click-intensive. Be certain to examine out the video clip below if she interested in making use of this video game mechanic to with 99 woodcutting. Teak trees EXP Rates: 3-tick woodcutting: 110k/hr / 118 hours to 99 woodcutting2-tick woodcutting: 170K/hr / 76 hrs to 99 woodcuttingCheck the end this video, a no-bullshit 3-tick defined in under 1 minute: