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Update released April 12, 2014

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What is the battery life that the iphone 4S in "real-world" tests? Is the battery draft to be replaced?

Officially, Apple approximates that the iphone phone 4S gives 8 hours of speak time top top 3G, 14 hrs of speak time on 2G, 6 hours of net use over 3G, 9 hrs of web use end Wi-Fi, 40 hours of music playback, 10 hours of video clip playback, and also 200 hours of standby time.

Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. (iPhone 4S)

Those v sharp eyes or good memories will automatically note the these numbers room both much better and worse 보다 those apple formally price quotes for the previously iPhone 4 (GSM) and also iPhone 4 (CDMA) models:

iPhone 4
iPhone 4S talk Time (3G): speak Time (2G): Battery Life (Web - 3G): Battery Life (Web - Wi-Fi): Battery Life (Music): Battery Life (Video): Standby Time:
7 hrs 8 hrs
14 hours (GSM Only) 14 Hours
6 Hours6 Hours
10 Hours9 hrs
40 hours 40 hours
10 hrs 10 hrs
300 hours 200 hours

Specifically, the iphone phone 4S offers officially estimated longer talk time ~ above 3G, yet reduced internet surfing end Wi-Fi and also standby time.

Third-Party Battery Life Test outcomes

Although the official numbers may be a enough estimate for some, target third-party tests provide a better estimate of battery life in the "real-world" under actual intake conditions. ~ all, most world tend to usage their mobile gadgets for multiple jobs over the course of the day rather than for a single task non-stop.

Interestingly, the the dozen or so publication "blessed" to testimonial the iphone phone 4S prior to its main release, none extended its battery life.

However, two longer reviews native the always excellent iLounge and AnandTech -- both the which absolutely are worth analysis in their whole -- walk cover battery life in actual use.

After acknowledging that "Apple underpromised with the iphone 4"s battery estimates, it comes closer to overpromising through the iphone phone 4S," iLounge found:

While it"s basic to case that you"ll more than likely still get around a day"s precious of usage out of a fully charged iphone 4S if you were used to obtaining that kind of life the end of the iphone phone 4, the reality"s not rather that simple. If you spend much of your day near a Wi-Fi network and also only rely upon the iphone 4S for net browsing and phone calling, friend won"t notification a significant difference—unless you"re thinking of convert to Sprint, in which situation we"d it is in a small concerned. Similarly, if you usage 3G data, plan to record or pat videos, or desire to hear to hours of audio during the day, you have the right to expect higher battery drainpipe from the iphone phone 4S. Our advice for hefty iPhone users would it is in to keep a charger or preventive battery load handy during the day, and on trips.

After performing extensive testing of the iphone 4S pitted against the iphone phone 4 and other smartphones, AnandTech concluded:

I"d to speak Apple"s claim of 8 hrs of battery life is fairly realistic under some kind of continuous use/load. If you"re continuous pulling data don"t expect to see much more than 5 hours, but if you"re greatly reading/watching/consuming content you will get closer to 10 hours on the iphone phone 4S. Call time drops at the longer end of the spectrum, however be warned: run a demanding 3D title and you"ll check out barely end 3 hours of usage out of the iphone phone 4S. The looks like any kind of serious 3D gaming is walking to have to be tethered or at the very least near a strength outlet.

Battery Self-Replacement Possible

As the architecture of the iphone 4S is quite comparable to the iphone phone 4, it shouldn"t be a surprised that the battery an in similar way is relatively easy to change although it still is no "swappable" or intended come be changed by the finish user.

AnandTech additionally discovered:

An extremely little jump in battery capacity, native 1420 mAh in the 4 to 1430 mAh in the 4S. This is a very little change that increases the volume in watt-hours from 5.25 to 5.3. In addition the 4S put on a little bit of weight, indigenous 137 to 140 grams, yet again nothing major.

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Apple supplies to change the iphone 4S battery because that US$79 to add US$6.95 for shipping in 3 to five service days. However, to access the battery in the iphone phone 4S, it"s just a matter of unscrewing the 2 screws on the bottom that the device with a compatible screwdriver. This releases the back panel and the battery is readily accessible. The is not soldered either, so self-replacement because that the technically skilled and also steady of hand as well as professional third-party replacement both are rather possible.

Battery Life & Replacement review

Ultimately, the iphone 4S provides respectable battery life the can carry out "all day" use for many. Hardcore gamers, ~ above the other hand, likely will want to load an exterior battery pack. Return some may wish that the battery to be "swappable" together well, at the very least it is reasonably easy to replace, just like the iphone 4.

In enhancement to Apple"s official option, expert third-party services additionally are accessible to replace the battery in the iphone phone models, frequently much an ext quickly and for much less money, together well. Be certain to purchase your repair business or parts from a trusted firm with substantial experience repairing iphone devices.