It is commonly made v cheddar, goat milk, or Colby and also colored v annatto. That is a semi-soft cheese and has a creamy and a slight salty flavor to it.

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American cheese is popularly used in sandwiches and burgers. You can easily discover in neighborhood stores or any deli counters.


Seasoned American cheese can include a ton of flavors to your meals if you are craving miscellaneous sweet or savory.

Since the cheese is processed, girlfriend may have some doubts about its shelf life and also storage method.

Hence, this write-up is to help you recognize everything- from storage to shelf life and preservation of American Cheese.

If you want to know exactly how long walk American cheese last, how to keep it, and also the signs that show its spoiled, keep reading.

How long Does American Cheese Last? walk American Cheese go Bad?

The shelf life the American cheese depends mainly on how well you store them. Due to the fact that it is processed and also pasteurized cheese, most people may think the American cheese will last a lifetime.

And yes, American cheese walk last because that a lengthy time. But at some suggest in time, it can lose the optimal quality and also turn rancid.

To keep a examine on the shelf life that American cheese, make certain to check out the manufacturer’s brand at the time of purchase.

American cheeses come with best before/ ideal by dates. These days do not median that her American cheese will certainly expire past the date.

However, the only shows the period up to which your American cheese will certainly retain its ideal quality. You deserve to still make use of your American cheese previous the best prior to dates. Yet their top quality will begin declining.


Unopened packets of American cheese have the right to be save in their initial packaging.

However, whether you save unopened or opened American cheeses, make certain to save them in the frozen fridge at every times.

Opened or unopened American cheeses have actually a shelf life of about two to 3 weeks past their best before dates. If friend want further to prolong your American cheese shelf life, you also have the choice to frozen it.

For freeze American cheese, make sure to pave the cheese slices in plastic freezer wraps or aluminum foil before putting lock in the freezer bags.

Frozen American cheese will certainly last approximately eight months previous its best before date. If you save your cheese frozen in ~ 0 level Fahrenheit at every times, the cheese will become safe for intake indefinitely.

Once girlfriend thaw the frozen American cheese, it will last for an additional three to 4 days in the fridge.

Thawed American cheese tastes ideal when cooked v soups, casseroles, sauces, or any other sweet or savory dishes.

How come Tell if American Cheese is Bad? American Cheese Shelf life!

You don’t must be a cheesemonger come tell if your American cheese has gone bad. Friend can quickly figure the out with the help of her senses.

All you need to do is inspect some indicators of spoilage, smell it, or taste it a little to call if the is time to toss the end your American cheese.

Also, nearly all cheese such as goat cheese, blue cheese, mozzarella, or parmesan, all present the same indications of spoilage.


Since American cheeses space usually yellow or white in color, you may not notification any alters in color. But look the end for any advance of mold on the surface.

Molds can show up in various colors – white, orange, red, or blue. If you find any, discard the entire cheese.

Along through colored molds, friend may also see some indications of slimy molds or feet on the cheese. These space clear indications that her cheese has turned bad.

The next thing you can do to inspect if her American cheese has turned poor is by absorbing a good whiff. If the cheese has an off smell or smells type of sour, then your cheese has actually probably gone rancid.

Another thing you have the right to do to inspect the top quality of her American cheese if by tasting it. However, make certain to keep this together your critical resort and also only taste a tiny little of it.

If the cheese has gone bad, that will have actually an unusual, off-taste. If it does, simply toss the entire cheese out.


Unlike soft cheeses favor cream cheese and brie cheese, American cheese lasts for a long time.

So it do not do it be an issue when it pertains to storing it for a long time if you save it correctly. Simply make sure to save the cheese in the frozen fridge at every times, and you’re good to go.

You deserve to use the very delicious cheese and also come up through your own recipes.

Whether you want to eat the cheese alone or include it to your pasta, salads, pizzas, or bacon, American cheese will definitely add a flavor of its very own to boost your dishes.

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Also, you can easily melt it and also use it as toppings or dips. Below are part scrumptious American cheese recipes to acquire you started.