When one NBA video game reaches halftime, fans in the arena scramble come the concession stands and restrooms. Viewers at residence may do their laundry, take out the trash, or prepare a fast meal. Lock all desire to be ago in your seats prior to play resumes. Through that in mind…

How lengthy is halftime in the NBA?

Halftime in the NBA is 15 minute long. Coaches use this time to evaluation their video game plans and communicate adjustments to the team, while players rest up because that the 2nd half. Players generally take the last couple of minutes that halftime to warm up prior to the second fifty percent begins.

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Halftime is different for each level of basketball. The higher-profile games have halftime entertainment, while lower levels may revolve roughly Capri Sun and also orange slices. If you’d favor to learn an ext about why halftime in the NBA large 15 minutes and also the differences in size at every level, we encourage you to keep reading.

How lengthy Is NBA Halftime?

In the NBA, halftime is 15 minutes long. This break permits players to regroup and also refocus if they had a bad an initial half. Coaches may emphasis on make strategy adjustments there is no the multitasking that comes v calling dram or pleading with referees.

When a team is struggling, halftime can’t come shortly enough. Just ask the Los Angeles Clippers, who entered halftime that a Dec. 2020 game on the losing end of a 77-27 score. The Dallas Mavericks’ 50-point command is the largest halftime lead in NBA history.

Steph Curry also welcomes halftime as soon as he’s having a bad game. Curry take away the 15-minute break to scroll with his social media and also see what fans are saying around him. He picks the end unkind language to motivate self in the 2nd half.

While this might seem crazy, it’s hard to inquiry this ritual because it seems to work. After all, Curry is a previous scoring champion and also one of the biggest three-point shooters of all time.

How long Is the Break in between Periods in the NBA?


NBA gamings are separated into 4 quarters with much shorter breaks between the an initial and second quarter and also between the third and fourth quarter. These quarter breaks space 130 seconds long. Because that fans, this is hardly sufficient time because that a toilet break.

For players, this short break is just sufficient to record their breath. On the service side, this time is an important for television advertising.

For 37 years, George Gervin organized the NBA document for many points in a quarter (33 points). That document was eventually damaged by gold State’s Klay Thompson, that scored 37 point out in the third quarter throughout a 2015 game versus Sacramento. Thompson made every 13 ar goal attempts, consisting of nine three-pointers.

Less than 2 years later, Cleveland’s Kevin Love virtually matched Thompson’s record, scoring 34 point out in the very first quarter versus Portland.

How lengthy Is FIBA Halftime?

Like the NBA, FIBA games have 15-minute halftimes. Yes a slight distinction in the breaks between quarters. FIBA’s first-second and third-fourth period breaks are two minutes long, simply 10 seconds shorter than in the NBA. This little difference might comprise for FIBA having shorter quarters 보다 the NBA (10 minute vs. 12 minutes).

In the 1992 Summer Olympics, most of Team USA’s games were all but decided through halftime. In eight games, the “Dream Team” average 117 point out per game with an median win margin exceeding 40 points every game! In its an initial game, a victory over Angola, Team USA had actually 30 steals.

How long Is WNBA Halftime?

WNBA rules have become a mix of FIBA and also NBA rules. WNBA halftime is 15 minute long. Various other time-related rules in the WNBA readjusted in 2006. The league went native 20-minute halves come 10-minute quarters. The shot clock dropped native 30 secs to 24 seconds and there are no longer jump balls to start each period.

These rule alters made WNBA games faster-paced and permitted players come showcase their skills more often. Eight of the ten highest single-game rebounding performances have actually come due to the fact that 2006. The WNBA single-game scoring record has been broken five times in the period. The higher tempo also made the 15-minute halftime an ext valuable for resting up and also rehydrating.

How long Is university Basketball Halftime?

In college Basketball, the length of halftime is dictated by the type of game. For regular-season games, halftime is 15 minutes long. For NCAA tournament games, halftime is 20 minute long. Men’s gamings are separated into 20-minute halves while women’s gamings are split into 10-minute quarters.

Sometimes, the common 15-minute halftime break no enough. In Jan. 2021, the second half the a Villanova-Providence men’s college video game was delayed… as result of sun glare. Several of the older college basketball arenas have huge windows to enable natural sunlight in the building. On this January day, the sunlight confirmed to be as well strong.

Concerns around visibility worries on the basketball court were solved after Villanova’s facility maintain team covered the windows during halftime

This no the only concern that has arisen over the years. In march 2020, a big East competition game in between St. John’s and Creighton to be canceled in ~ halftime. The big East was among several conferences whose tournaments were currently underway when concerns related come COVID-19 close up door the sports civilization down.

How long Is High college Basketball Halftime?


Halftime in high school basketball is 10 minutes long – notably shorter than halftime at greater levels. V that in mind, high school gamings are much shorter than much more advanced leagues. High school gamings are separated into 4 eight-minute quarters.

While entering halftime means there are still 16 minute of gameplay left, it doesn’t always represent the halfway note of the game. In numerous states, high institution sports leagues usage a “mercy rule” to speed up the video game if the score gets too lopsided.

In Nebraska, because that example, the second-half video game clock will proceed running through dead ball instances once a team’s lead has reached 40 points. The clock will only pause for time-outs, the third-fourth 4 minutes 1 break, and injuries.

In other high institution sports, gamings may end beforehand if they’re no competitive. In brand-new Jersey, baseball games end beforehand if a team is winning by 10 or much more runs after ~ 5 innings. Most states have some sort of mercy rule in place.

In rarely events, a to run clock won’t stop a blowout. A Montana girls basketball game switched come a to run clock ~ one team entered halftime v a 59-0 lead. The losing team didn’t fare any better in the second half, together Froid-Medicine Lake beat Brockton, 102-0.

How long Is Youth Basketball Halftime?

Youth basketball halftime is five minutes long. As well as halftime, youth basketball rules differ by age group and location. The hoop height, because that example, could be eight feet because that younger players yet 10 feet for those close come middle-school age. Youth leagues typically use a to run clock from the begin of every game.

Basketball Halftime Shows?

At only 15 minute long, professional and also college halftimes don’t administer much time because that entertainment, yet fans still gain the opportunity to clock talented performers in various types of acts.

The NBA All-Star game traditionally features well-known musical acts. In 2002, teacher Elton john performed “Philadelphia Freedom” among several other renowned tracks. In 2006, man Legend and also Carrie Underwood collaborated for the All-Star video game halftime show.

For the 2020 All-Star Game, chance The Rapper joined Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, and also Quavo to do a one-of-a-kind tribute to Kobe Bryant, who passed away earlier that year.

Not every halftime show shares the same heritage as NBA All-Star weekend. NBA franchises come up with creative, lighthearted means to entertain fans during halftime. A 2013 game between the Orlando Magic and also San Antonio spur featured a team the rescue dogs wowing the crowd through special tricks. Numerous teams usage mascots to carry out silly top or carry fans onto the court because that a totally free throw or layup contest.

One of the most famed halftime acts is Red Panda – the phase name for the versatile acrobat, Krystal Niu. Red Panda supplies a variety of props to admire patrons in ~ high-profile NBA games. She has elite coordination, strength, and also focus. In one performance, she’ll balance bowls on she head, arms, while riding a unicycle. Also crazier, the unicycle is eight feet tall!

While she’s on the unicycle, she likewise flips and juggles bowls in the air, before catching them and also rebalancing castle on she body. It sounds also crazy come believe, yet that’s why Red Panda is together an attraction for NBA halftime shows.

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For those viewing a televised basketball game, part stations sell halftime mirrors featuring sports anchors and analysts. “Inside The NBA” is one of the most well-known halftime programs. A Grammy Award-winning present on TNT, Inside The NBA functions basketball legends Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith.

They administer unique perspectives on the games they’re covering by incorporating their sense of humor into their analysis. And balance that analysis with a feeling of humor. Inside The NBA no limit your coverage come halftime; they’re in the studio throughout the night’s complete schedule the NBA games.

While a 15-minute halftime doesn’t sound like much, it’s key to letting players rest prior to the second half. Happily for fans, there’s many of entertainment to keep them busy together players acquire ready because that the 2nd half.