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Hi guys, i am Eagle54 and also I am new to the site. Native what I have read so far I have to tell you i am impressed. An excellent site. BUT, i do have actually a concern that has me bugged,,,Does everyone know exactly how much or what yardage is in an 80 lb bag of quikrete.?? :wallbash:
The ascendancy of ignorance we use is .6" cubic, or 2/3 cubic feet. Through 27 cubic feet to the cubic yard, you"re looking in ~ 40.5 - 45 bags come the yard, depending on if you usage .6 or .667.
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I guess i dont obtain it so ns will explain what i am DoingI need to lay the end a slab for a 45 gal wait compressor. The measurements for what I have actually framed are;34"in size x 33.5" in width x 5" deep,,,How plenty of 80 lb bags that Quikcrete will certainly I should use???I recognize it will certainly take .097512 yards + 5% = .102388 yards. For this reason how numerous 80 lb bags will I should mix for this slab??:hang:
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A 94# bag is 1 cubic foot.Using the 3 halfs dominance you would need 3 94# or 3.525 80# bags to gain 2 cubic feet.You"ll need 4.87238895 bags but I"d acquire 5 simply to be safe.
i dislike to recognize this yet i simply poured a hadicap ramp and used quik crete.the ramp to be 48"x60"x4".we offered 22 bags to pour this ramp.

Well it"s on the frickin" bag, yet here shot this link and see if you deserve to cypher that out!:blink:
Well Guys, ns have about 6 various answers and also best I can cume up v is about 6 80lb bags to be safe. Thanks alot and have a good evening. I had a good time through this and also the site, You have the right to bet I will certainly be ago for more construction and building needs and a good time . An excellent Night Eagle54
Oh, by The Way; ns looked anywhere the bag and also did not find any type of information around what i needed, but thanks for the net site, the was a big help. Eagle54
The critical 80lb bag I experienced was telling me to gain the hell off her grass.:w00t:However she was an extremely pleased when I left.Bob
Reactions:MAULEMALL it is in a bag short.:whistling
Cubic foot = 12"x12"x12"=1728" cubic34"x33.5"x5"=5695" cubic5695" cubic/1728"cubic (one cubic foot)=3.2957" cubic3.2957" cubic/0.6" cubic (volume that concrete in 80lb. Bag) = 5.49 bags. Far better get 6 bags.
"My clients’ wishes room the facility of my attention." -- David Guido, a contractor in Woodstock, N.Y.New York Times, July 20, 2006
As far as i know, tkle is exact that 94# is one cubic foot (actually i kinda assumed it to be 96#).Anyway, presuming the to be exactly 33.5" X 34" X 5" = 5695 cu. In. Which equates to 3.295 cu. Ft.3.295 cu. Ft. X 94# = 309.73#309.73# separated by 80# = 3.87 bagsAgain, - - 5 bags is PLENTY.Won"t ache ya" to obtain 6 though, - - you"ll just be eatin" one bag, - - (remember come chase with water :laughing The reasonable of a bag being .6 cu. Yd. Might be based on a 60# bag.80# bag based on 94# per cu.ft. = .85 cu.ft.60# bag based on 94# per cu.ft. = .63 cu.ft.Maybe the calculator has actually "motivation", - - over-allowing for your waste (and feasible over-dig?) and their profits.
Seems come me the this is to compare apples and oranges. That 94 lb bag is a bag that portland cement--no aggregate. That one cubic foot have to be the volumn of dry powder in the bag. The 40, 60. 80 lb bags the calculator is working v are fast crete--aggregate and also portland mixed in just add water proportions. Many concrete the comes in a van is 4, or 5. And sometimes even 6 sack mix- in other words that plenty of 94lb bags per cubic garden (27 cubic feet) of mix.JVC
Don"t return "em to me; us don"t take them back. One 80# bag of continuous concrete mix is .66 cubic foot. That is the size of the bag, and also has nothing to carry out with the weight. A pallet that 80# Concrete mix (42 bags) is a CuYd (27.72) of concrete for functions of guesstimating.A cubic foot of kind I portland weighs 94#An almost right (a tad less) cubic foot of stonework Cement weighs 70# (N) or 75# (S).A five gallon bucket filled to the optimal ring is 1 CuFt.

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