Like every delicious thing out there, indigenous red wine come gin come tequila, vodka has actually calories. If you"re watching her weight and engaging in a healthy setup of mindful eating, cut calories can be one of your an initial steps down your weight loss journey. Or maybe you simply don"t want to consume thousands of calories v each Bloody Mary or vodka soda friend consume. Every little thing the case is, brands are putting out low-carb and also low-calorie alcoholic drink to appease us all. Ketel One Vodka, in particular, chose to shot something new this summer.

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The vodka brand is launching their an initial "diet vodka" in ~ 73 calories every 1.5 ounce. Ketel One Botanical has actually 25 percent less calories than a shoot of the brand"s consistent vodka, and also it even has 40 percent less calories 보다 a glass of white wine. The Botanical line comes in three flavors: Peach & Orange Blossom, Cucumber & Mint, and Grapefruit & Rose. The flavored vodkas contain no sugar, added sugars, man-made sweeteners, or man-made flavors.

Ketel One Botanicals

There is a catch. Ketel One botanical isn"t have to vodka. Technically, the doesn"t classify as actual vodka because the US requires distilled spirits to have actually 40 percent alcohol come qualify together vodka, and also 37.5 percent if it"s flavored vodka. Ketel One Botanical, follow to Forbes, has actually only 30 percent that alcoholic toughness by volume in addition to its fewer calories. It"s do by distilling Ketel One Vodka, adding in fruit and also herbal essential oils in ~ the end of the 2nd distillation. Together Jim Ruane said Forbes, "There in reality doesn"t exist a classification for this product. It"s no a flavored vodka since of our two-tier manufacturing process, through the second distillation and also the odor infusion at the end."

Whether it"s officially vodka or not, it"s good enough to us to pair with tonic water, diet soda, or noþeles else your heart desires this summer.

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A good fit for a low-carb diet, this brand-new "vodka" isn"t so terrible for her body. Head on over to to discover out whereby you can buy this new vodka style.