While CPR is most associated with chest compressions and also mouth-to-mouth procedures, human being often forget that there is another major step in helping a victim that cardiac arrest: defibrillation. 

In many forms of media, defibrillators are often inaccurately provided to recreation someone that is clinically dead. These gadgets are design to restore the heart’s herbal rhythm when it is thrown off.

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Defibrillators have the right to mean the difference in between life and death. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is sometimes taken into consideration ineffective, and also chest compressions alone space not sufficient to aid a compromised heartbeat top top its own

To maximize a patient’s chance of survival, you require something that deserve to shock the heart and also reset it ago to a appropriate rhythm. This is wherein automated external defibrillators (AEDs) come in, and also it is important to understand exactly how these gadgets work before using castle in one emergency.

If you have ever found yourself wondering just how AEDs work, how plenty of volts are in a defibrillator or what these devices do to the body, this an extensive guide is below to price all her questions.

What Is a Defibrillator?

Mouth-to-mouth is offered less commonly anymore, as isn’t fairly as effective as specialists once thought; the idea behind these rescue breaths is to fill the patient’s lungs with your very own oxygen, forcing the human being to breathe and also re-oxygenate the blood. 

However, many of the wait you exhale is carbon dioxide, i beg your pardon does not enrich the patient’s blood in ~ all. In fact, lot of the air in rescue breaths passes v the esophagus and into the stomach, regularly causing the patience to bloat and also even expel vomit or other waste.

Since the problem is electrical, manually pumping the heart and trying come breathe for the patient can aid prolong your life yet not save it.

 By adding controlled shock to hands-only CPR, you deserve to keep a patience alive v chest compressions and also use electric shock till the heart regains a beat and also can pump top top its own. It may take number of alterations that compressions and also defibrillation, yet these techniques together considerably increase a patient’s chance of survival.

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What should You Remember as soon as Using one AED?


Defibrillation demands to it is in performed v CPR, for the best feasible outcome, until assist arrives. If the opportunity is available, consider ending up being CPR certified or take an AED certification course to learn just how to answers to common medical emergencies.