The route in between Orlando, FL and Daytona Beach, FL boasts thrills, history, beaches, spectacular views, wildlife, nature, cuisine, culture, golf, auto racing and much more than you deserve to imagine. Every city has much come offer. There are no straight flights accessible between the Orlando global Airport (MCO) and also the Daytona Beach worldwide Airport. With only 55 mile separating the two cities and also plenty that ground transport options, flying isn’t necessary. How much is Orlando from Daytona Beach? around 67 miles. Hours/availability may have changed.

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Amtrak provides two daily services indigenous Orlando to Daytona beach on the silver Meteor and also the silver- Star trains. Both call for a link in Deland, FL and a move to the Thruway Bus. Both trips take just around 2.5 hours. Both trains function reserved coach seats (starting in ~ $57) and a Viewliner Roomette (starting in ~ $152). The roomette accommodates 2 adults through seats that convert to a bed and a traction down height bunk, and features an en suite toilet and sink. Through the sleeper compartments, meals are contained on the silver- Meteor and also not had on the silver- Star. Other amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi, checked baggage, may be to inspect bicycles, and also a café automobile serving up irradiate meals. The silver- Meteor likewise has a dining car which is a full-service restaurant. Seating is available in both the dining car and the café car. Amtrak likewise offers travel packages that include hotels and activities.

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over there are several bus choices from which come choose. Greyhound offers two daily routes. Each path takes roughly 1 hour. Prices start as low together $13 one way. For business travelers, you could capture the beforehand bus and also be come Daytona Beach gradually to command business and then catch the night bus ago to Orlando.Amenities ~ above board encompass checked baggage, reclining seats and also ample leg room, waiting conditioning, cost-free Wi-Fi, and bathroom. Greyhound is one economical means to travel. It likewise takes away the problem of control and permits you to reap the scenery.Another choice is the execute Shuttle i beg your pardon operates between the Orlando global Airport and Daytona Beach. The shuttles carry out air conditioning, Wi-Fi, high ceilings and also general comfort. The shuttle has 10 everyday departures. Prices are $34 per adult and also $17 per son 0-12 year of age. By exclusive Transfer ServicesPrivate shuttle organization is offered by elite Transportation. Prices space determined based upon the kind of automobile used and the final suggest of destination. Convenience come at a price, however depending on your time and situation, a private company may right your needs quite nicely.

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Orlando is around 58 miles southern of Daytona Beach. The fastest path by vehicle is to take it I-4 the end of Orlando which will take you phibìc to Daytona Beach. This drive must take roughly 1.5 hours. Another option is to take Florida State course 417 and also 415 native Orlando to Daytona Beach. This may not be the finest route for the organization traveler, however the vacationer would certainly enjoy much more scenery. Prior to leaving Orlando visit few of the exceptional attractions. Orlando is the theme park destination of Florida and also possibly the world. Big names incorporate Disney World; SeaWorld Orlando; and Universal Orlando. But there are a variety of attractions that might interest girlfriend if friend are looking for something different and also off the beaten track. Because that a day trip from Orlando it would certainly be thrilling to visit the Kennedy an are Center. Take it Hwy. 528 straight east out of Orlando come the coast. Hwy. 528 will connect with Hwy. A1A; follow the indications to Kennedy room Center. Tasks at the facility include visiting every the exhibits native Apollo to room Shuttle; meeting up v an really astronaut; and experience a space Shuttle launch. To get to Daytona beach from this small side trip either take it Hwy. A1A increase the coastline to Daytona beach or go back to I-95 because that a more express route.

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back on I-4 walking north towards I-95 girlfriend will uncover the main Florida Zoo near Lake Monroe. V over 500 pets to see, this would certainly make a great stop for a family outing.If you take it Florida State course 417 and also 415, you will drive along the leg that crosses Lake Jesup. The lake is residence to a huge number the wildlife types and is assumed to contain a thick alligator population. Together you drive, look for bald eagles and also osprey perching ~ above the miscellaneous light posts. They space waiting to fish. Additional along Hwy 415, your following stop must be the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse in between Port Orange and brand-new Smyrna Beach. Connect to I-95 native Hwy 417 and take a guided tourism of this historical lighthouse. Suffer the dazzling views from the peak of the lighthouse after climbing the 203 steps compelled to acquire there. Imagine a tall ship of days unable to do by sailing toward the shore. Learn around the lenses and the background of this fabulous lighthouse.Just previous the intersection that I-4 and also I-95, situated between I-95 and the Scenic & Historic coastal Byway is Daytona global Speedway. If the timing is right, you can take in a race or simply tour the substantial speedway. To suffer the thrill of speed go on a ride together with a skilled driver or obtain behind the wheel and take a auto for a spin yourself. Excited thrives in ~ the Speedway.If you space driving I-4, one more stop follow me the means should be the reduced Wekiva river State keep Park. Part of central Florida’s many pristine nature is on display at the park. A network of blackwater streams and also wetlands are residence for alligators, storks, black color bears and otters. Nature trails and hikes abound. One more diversion turn off of I-4 is the Ocala nationwide Forest. Indigenous the I-4, take it the leave for Hwy 17 and follow it with Deland, FL. Carry on the 17 till the junction with Hwy 40. This will take friend straight into the love of the national Forest. The Ocala National woodland is the 2nd largest nationally protected forest covering 607 square miles. The National woodland provides ample avenues for the the end enthusiast consisting of camping, canoeing, kayaking and hiking. With more than 600 lakes, springs and rivers, the forest doesn’t disappoint. Tourists to the park have the right to dive, snorkel and also swim in the clear, crystalline waters every month that the year. Daytona beach is a beautiful city positioned on the St. John’s River. Daytona coast is only 16 miles from the coast and the coast offers 22 mile of white sand beaches. The city’s website details every little thing wonderful about the city: places to stay; cuisine come try; adventures come take; explorations come make and beaches to enjoy.

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Google Maps highlights three various bike routes in between Orlando and Daytona Beach. All the paths are inland. One route adheres to the Seminole Wekiva Trail for a portion. The Seminole Wekiva trace is a paved recreational trail recognized for the beauty. Google walk a really nice job of giving turn by revolve directions.The website Florida Hikes also shows a map that hiking and also biking trails all about Florida. Nobody of the trails though go from Orlando come Daytona Beach.Daytona Beach has so much to sell in one concentrated corner that the world. Learn about some of the earliest historical facts the America. Participate in a number of outdoor sports – swimming, kayaking, hiking, biking and also camping. Taste several of the finest food and also wine over there is to have. Enjoy a variety of cultural influences. Or, just relax at the beach and soak up the sun.

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Orlando come Daytona coast Distance: Driving, by Plane, Train or Bus

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