Definition: A joule (symbol: J) is a acquired unit of power in the global System of units (SI). That is defined as the power transferred to an item when a one newton force is used to the object in the direction the its motion through a distance of one meter. The is likewise defined as the power dissipated as warmth when a 1 ampere electric existing passes with a resistance that one ohm in the course of one second. It has a number of representations both in SI basic units as well as other SI units such that:

J = kg·m2/s2 = N·m = Pa·m3 = W·s = C·V

History/origin: The unit, joule, is named after James Prescott Joule, one English physicist and mathematician who helped construct the Kelvin scale. He likewise discovered the relationship in between heat and also mechanical work, bring about the legislation of conservation of energy, and subsequently, the very first law that thermodynamics.

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Current use: as an SI derived unit, the joule is offered within a variety of scientific contexts. Practical instances of energy measurement making use of joules encompass the power required come lift objects, the energy released once objects fall, the heat compelled to advanced temperature, and also the kinetic energy of moving objects.

One of the dimensional depictions of a joule is the N·m (Newton-meter), which is identical to the SI unit for torque. These devices however, space different, and also should be thought about as such. Even though the joule is algebraically same to the N·m, the N·m should not be provided to stand for the joule whenever possible, to prevent confusion through torque.


Definition: The newton-meter (N·m) is periodically used as a unit of job-related or energy and also in this context is equal to the joule, the SI unit the energy. In this use, that is identified as the energy transferred to an object by a one newton pressure acting on that object in the direction the its movement over a distance of one meter.

History/origin: The usage of the newton-meter together a unit of job-related or energy is acquired from the truth that the joule, the SI (International mechanism of Units) unit the energy, is dimensionally identical to the newton-meter.

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Current use: The newton-meter is more commonly provided as a unit of torque quite than together a unit of work or energy. As such, the use of the newton-meter as a unit of occupational or energy is discouraged to stop confusion regarding whether energy or talk is being expressed.

Joule come Newton Meter switch Table

Joule Newton Meter
0.01 J0.01 N*m
0.1 J0.1 N*m
1 J1 N*m
2 J2 N*m
3 J3 N*m
5 J5 N*m
10 J10 N*m
20 J20 N*m
50 J50 N*m
100 J100 N*m
1000 J1000 N*m

How to convert Joule come Newton Meter

1 J = 1 N*m1 N*m = 1 J