Shop smarter by discovering the weight and also volume differences between egg sizes—small, medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo—plus exactly how to substitute for them in recipes.

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My husband and I were grocery shopping this week and stopped to pick up a dozen egg for some omelets. I was overwhelmed by every one of the egg alternatives at my store—brown, white, organic, free-range, vegetarian-fed, and more—not to mention, there were four egg size to choose from!

It acquired me thinking: just how much go the size of eggs matter when cooking? for example, if you swap in medium eggs for huge in a recipe, will certainly your baked goods come the end all wrong? will your muffins obtain too fluffy if friend opt for jumbo eggs over large? and also should friend splurge top top the biggest size, or is it just much better to to buy the cheapest size? So ns did part digging. Here’s what ns found.


First off, some background: The "size" of a dozen egg isn’t based on how huge any certain egg is. It’s actually based on their minimum weight per dozen. Follow to the USDA, “While some eggs in the carton may look slightly bigger or smaller than the rest, it is the full weight of the dozen eggs that puts lock in one of the adhering to classes.” Those class are:

Jumbo: 30 oz. (2.5 oz. Per egg on average)Extra-large: 27 oz. (2.25 oz. Every egg on average)Large: 24 oz. (2 oz. Per egg ~ above average)Medium: 21 oz. (1.75 oz. Per egg top top average)Small: 18 oz. (1.5 oz. Per egg top top average)Peewee: 15 oz. (1.25 oz. Every egg on average)

When utilizing eggs because that breading or binding, or for straightforward egg recipes favor scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, or fried rice, it likely won't affect the taste if you use a medium egg instead of a huge one (or vice versa). But if you’re paying really close attention to her diet, it should be obvious that the larger the egg, the an ext calories, fat, protein, and cholesterol you're eat (you deserve to see the complete nutritional failure here).

However, if you’re baking and also need a an exact amount that egg—for example, in a soufflé or crème anglaise—you’ll desire to stick to the precise size egg your recipe requires.

Though egg can show up to it is in the same size to the nude eye, they have the right to vary rather a bit in weight and volume (TheKitchn did a test that confirmed volume disparities within the exact same size egg.) when baking vulnerable dishes, having the specific amount that egg is an important for texture and also flavor, and you will probably want to weigh out your ingredients, rather of walking by volume.

Sauder’s Eggs has actually a comfortable conversion graph on your website to assist home cooks navigate egg counter in recipes. Here’s what that says around swapping one dimension out for another:

One large egg: To complement the dimensions when substituting an additional size for one large egg, it’s constantly OK come use just one egg of any kind of other size. Whether you have actually small, medium, extra-large or jumbo egg in her carton, if the recipe claims one egg, any type of one will certainly work.Two big eggs: If her recipe calls for two big eggs, you have the right to substitute two eggs of either medium, extra-large or jumbo size. The only amount adjustment necessary is if friend have little eggs instead, in i beg your pardon case, you should use three.Three large eggs: To match the lot of three big eggs, use 2 jumbo eggs, 3 extra-large or medium eggs or four small eggs.Four huge eggs: When the recipe calls because that four huge eggs and you don’t have actually the appropriate size in ~ hand, use various other egg dimension equivalents through confidence. You can substitute 3 jumbo eggs, 4 extra-large eggs, 5 medium eggs or five smalls.Five big eggs: To match the lot in five large eggs, substitute four jumbo or extra-large eggs, six tool eggs or seven small eggs.Six large eggs: Matching the measure of six big eggs will require five jumbo or extra-large eggs, seven tool eggs or eight tiny eggs.

It’s also worth noting the one liquid cup is same to six tiny eggs, five medium eggs, five huge eggs, four extra-large eggs, or four jumbo eggs.

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Ultimately, only you deserve to decide what size egg is best. Yet unless you’re working on a very fancy little of pastry, it probably doesn’t issue that much. If girlfriend only have actually jumbo eggs and your recipe calls for big eggs, don’t panic. Simply consult the conversion chart above and acquire crackin’.