Here is a concern for girlfriend guys. Does anyone recognize how countless lbs a 55 gallon north of corn will hold or how countless 50lb bags? ns just obtained a 55 gallon plastic north filled with the yellow candy and also I to be wondering just how much money i am currently saving. Ns was spending $9.75 for a 50lb bag but now i just had a drum filled for $52. Many thanks alot!


yeah a 55 gallon drum will organize a little over 300 pounds that corn so girlfriend are conserving a few bucks by buying the in bulk like that.

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I just acquired accused that it two weeks ago. Several of the "accusers" need to pull your heads the end of there "you recognize where" and worry about something else. I like to put corn out in different locations that ns hunt and put increase cameras to see what type of task that I have actually in a details area and then recognize what kind of patterns they have and also the times the they move. Ns dont put up stands, just cameras come moditor.

A 55 gal north will hold right in ~ 400lbs that corn.I acquire it in 100lb feeding sag and also it will organize 4 of them all the way to the top.


And you space not counting the value of the drum. It has plenty of uses and also can it is in recycled because that $$$$Those document corn bags are kinda useless after you acquire the corn out.
I"m acquiring it for $35 a 55 gal barrel. I"m the only one that can get it for the price. I pretty sure theres 350lbs in a barrel 7 bags so thats $5 a bag.
We"re giving $25 a north here. I don"t buy it however a girlfriend of mine buys a pair of north a year. $52 seems high but I guess the is continuing to be in competition v all the others.
If you men are gaining corn the cheap straight off the farm, ns hope you are conscious of aflatoxins. Not great for ruminants.
If you males are acquiring corn that cheap straight off the farm, i hope you are aware of aflatoxins. Not great for ruminants.
He"s been gaining it for years, appropriate out of the silo. He hasn"t noticed any change in his deer heard, yet who knows, right? That"s the way a lot of guys get their corn here.
that is still high. Ns do recognize that critical year anyone was obtaining $25 because that a 55 gal. Drum and also now that is $50 this year. $6/bushell ia the going price ~ above the market( or was a couple of days ago)
In south Carolina we room paying $45.00 for a 55 gallon north which stop 300-350 # and it is legal come hunt over.

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I to be paying just over $50 a barrel and also a full barrel is best at 400#. I was actually obtaining my protein feed because that $50 every barrel during the summer, the was in reality a little cheaper than corn.

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