When planning a enjoy the meal or party, you must know how much meat come buy and cook per person. It’s not always obvious and depends ~ above the kind of meat, even if it is a key ingredient or side and how much weight is lost during cooking. That’s whereby this guide will assist you.

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In this post telling you just how much meat come buy and cook every person, I start with the almost right meat portion for everyone. Ns then present you just how to change those portions as soon as you’ve figured out the menu.

This way, you will have sufficient for everyone, save money and also not have actually too lot leftover.

Because have you ever before been come a party where the food ran out?

Everyone is circling the last rib, chicken foot or slice of beef like a pack of wolves. You pleasantly sell up the last morsel as a goodwill gesture, hoping everyone will decline so you deserve to devour it.

It’s one awkward situation for everyone, but one that can be avoided if friend know how much meat per human being you need to arrangement for from the start.

Unless you space a seasoned chef or skilled caterer, it’s tough to know just how much meat, poultry or fish to buy.

When planning for the party, you normally think that the key course first, the meat. The other determinants to think about include whether her guests space adults, youngsters or teenagers, and how numerous side dishes you will do it serve.

Let’s acquire into it.

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Average portion Sizes for Meat

There space standard part sizes for meat and other proteins favor fish and poultry. We’ll use them to start our calculations because that the best amount of meat to buy when shopping.

For this discussion, stop assume you room feeding adult only. For kids, reduced it ago and for teenagers, bump it up.

A good portion dimension for any kind of protein is half a pound or 8 ounces (227 gm) of raw meat.Use ¾ pound or 12 ounces (340 gm) once serving meat with only two or three side dishes.Reserve a pound each for huge eaters (athletes, teenagers, and also others)

The distinction in load from life to cooking is referred to as the yield. That a calculate of the percentage of loss native shrinkage, trimmings, and also bones. Productivity is those left to serve.

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Now, before your eyes glaze over thinking you require to know a many math, that going to be easy.