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It"s every a matter of preference.... Ns just built a 35,000 gallon pool... And had the same question... Most people here called me 2 skimmers, 2 returns... Then I went to a friend of mine that had the specific pool ns have... They have maintained it for 8 years... They had actually one skimmer and one return, no complaints and loved it... I decided to have one skimmer and also 3 returns. I prefer the position on my return they push whatever to the skimmer...

Common sense is a good guideline. One skimmer and one return in a 35k swimming pool doesn"t make good sense to me, regardless of the satisfaction of the owner.3 return in a 35k pool through 2 skimmers makes great sense. I would personally place 2 returns and also two skimmers in her 22k pool.

My rule of thumb is there must be at the very least two returns for every skimmer. Plus, for a 22k pool, 2 skimmers is no unreasonable back not entirely necessary. My swimming pool has four returns and two skimmers back I could probably gain away with simply one skimmer. Also, if you want to store steps and benches clean, plan for returns over there too.
Common feeling is a an excellent guideline. One skimmer and one return in a 35k pool doesn"t make great sense come me, nevertheless of the satisfaction the the owner.3 returns in a 35k pool through 2 skimmers makes an excellent sense. I would certainly personally ar 2 returns and also two skimmers in your 22k pool.
I agree... But it is what that is....
... It simply goes to show you that all the theory in the people don"t outweigh actual facts... I looked at their single return... Which was right beside the skimmer.... And could see that the didn"t look favor enough... Yet then again... Castle had youngsters in it daily in the summer and also were happy with it... When I asked them about it... They just said that"s just how the pb installed it and also they yes, really didn"t understand anything about it... No to mention... They had actually no drain and about 4 oak trees very close... So when I hear every this around needing 2 skimmers and a million returns on a 20K swimming pool or you will not be happy.... I understand it"s feasible to perform it with much less and also still it is in fine... That"s the only reason I cite it...

So once I hear all this about needing 2 skimmers and a million return on a 20K swimming pool or you will certainly not be happy.... I understand it"s feasible to perform it with lot less and also still be fine... That"s the just reason I point out it...
Nobody said anything around "a million returns". Ok. The factor that world come to this forum is due to the fact that they are seeking advice on just how to build, plan, operate, and also troubleshoot their pools. They perform so due to the fact that we have the deepest repertoire of resources out there once it pertains to industry experts and also people who have actually done this because that years. Duraleigh and also mas985 are fairly qualified to advise in this area due to the fact that between them, there are years of build, management, and troubleshooting experience in between them the they have to share. If friend aren"t sure about this, try looking in ~ their write-up counts and also their write-up histories and you will see what i mean. Bottom line is the they have been at it much longer than 4 months and also there are time tested and also true factors why they suggest what lock do.Back to her statement around millions that returns and such, permit me suggest this. What would certainly the problem be if one were to go ahead and add a skimmer and a return or two extra during the build phase? possibly some do regulate to eke by v one skimmer and also one return. No saying that you can"t sometimes. However I would fairly have more than I need than not enough. It awful troublesome to go ago later and cut into the wall surface of a pool in stimulate to add these things since you thought you can get by v 1 skimmer and 1 return in a 22K gallon pool since some guy on TFP had 1 girlfriend who obtained by v that setup. Lets put it this way...PVC is cheap and easy to run throughout a develop phase. No so much later on on.By the way...I came below to TFP understanding very tiny about pools. I discovered that i learned a lot once I inquiry questions and even much more when i sat back and listened to those through experience.

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WhoDat?Well-known member
Dec 16, 2011127
I agree.... And also I have actually no experience... The only experience I have actually is doing points as cheap as possible...I didn"t have the money several of you have... Ns did mine because that 10K but did every aspect of the myself... Probably they want to include a bunch of unnecessary expense to the pool construct to add the extra skimmers and returns... I dont know... If it"s the much much better why is it also a question? It need to be automatic.... Ns was only offering my opinion... Similar to you are.... Probably they don"t desire the extra cost... Perhaps they are saving every cent possible like ns did.... Ns dont know... I know I"m the end numbered on here around this... And also that"s totally fine... I"m certain it is much better with 2 skimmers and also a bunch the returns.. Yet absolutely necessary? No... Ns was only giving advice on what i learned if researching mine build... If one person deserve to maintain a 35K pool with one each v no problems... Ns can and so deserve to you...