Hi everyone, This question was declared in Bootcamp, however I do not really understand the ide of it. "If 2n=46, how countless tetrads are current during metaphase 1? The answer to be 23..Can friend guys describe the ide behind this?
Tetrad = 2 homologous chromosomes (aka 4 chromatids) space paired and appear together one framework in Metaphase the Meiosis I. Humans have 46 chromosomes, yet if friend pair the homologs together you will have actually 23 tetrads.

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The 2n to represent diploid. A tetrad is a combination of 2 chromosomes, so that would divide the diploid number in half (still diploid however that"s not what it"s asking for).
You have to think of the this way, throughout Meiosis I, especially Prophase I. The chromosomes type tetrads that nonsister chromatids. Tetrads are just two chromosomes paired up together. So the is asking throughout Metaphase I, which is once independent assortment will at some point happens, however not yet. For this reason the tetrads space lined in the middle during metaphase I. Think the it like this. How plenty of pairs can you make through 46 chromosomes? only 23.
I think everyone described it yes, really well. Tetra (numerical prefix for 4) describes the lot of chromatids every tetrad. and also a diploid cabinet ( 2n=46 ) has 92 chromatids, for this reason 92 split by 4 is 23 tetrads.

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thanks everyone! perform you males know exactly how to settle the troubles where it asks how many chromosomes space in anaphase? in Meiosis II Anaphase? etc..Those form of questions? i am type of battle with that as well..
The easiest way is to count the variety of centromeres in every phase that it asks about. Every centromere counts as a chromosome. an ext detailed explanation: In mitosis, a 2n=46 cell would have actually 46 chromosomes and 92 chromatids. as soon as the chromosome separates, notification that the variety of centromeres has actually doubled due to the fact that each chromatid now has actually a centromere. In anaphase, each chromosome separates into two chromatids. When a chromatid is by itself, it is now dubbed a chromosome through definition. The 92 chromatids room all be separate in anaphase and are all labeled together chromosomes. (Total the 92 chromosomes in anaphase) In meiosis Anaphase II, the is analogous come the Anaphase in mitosis, except that the chromosome number had actually been lessened from Telophase I. (46 to 23 chromosomes) Therefore, 23 chromosomes space separated right into 46 individual chromatids. Remember the each chromatid now has actually a centromere and is labeled as a chromosome. (46 chromosomes in Anaphase II of meiosis) let me know if you need aid with anything else :D