A valence electron is an outer shell electron and also may take part in the development of a chemical bond. Ok but how plenty of valence electrons does one atom of Bismuth have?In the situation of Bismuththe valence electron is3,5.

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Now let"s check the facts around Bismuth...

Bismuth Overview

Bismuth Valence Electrons


Atomic Number

83Learn more about theatomic number.

Atomic Mass

208,98037Learn more about theatomic mass.

Atomic Symbol


State in ~ 20 °C



Hard, brittle, steel-gray steel with a pink tint.


Main usage is in pharmaceuticals and low melting allude alloys used as fuses.

Name Origin

German: bisemutum, (white mass), now spelled wismut.


It have the right to be found totally free in nature and also in minerals favor bismuthine (Bi2O3) and in bismuth ochre (Bi2O3)


Discovered By: known to the ancients.Year: UnknownLocation: UnknownWant to learn much more details and data about Bismuth (Bi)? inspect my Elements substantial List.


Are you having actually trouble expertise the basics of atom elements? This video clip will walk you through:What is an elementWhat is a substanceWhat aspects look likeHow a small number of atoms can be joined and form completely various substances

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