A neutral fluorine atom has actually seven valence electrons. You can determine the variety of valence electrons for any type of element that the main team of elements by utilizing their group numbers. The main group consists of all of the elements EXCEPT the transition and inner shift elements. The number of valence electrons for the key group elements can be established by their team numbers as follows:

Group 1/IA: 1 valence electron

Group 2/IIA: 2 valence electrons

Group 13/IIIA: 3 valence electrons

Group 14/IVA: 4 valence electrons

Group 15/VA: 5 valence electrons

Group 16/VIA: 6 valence electrons

Group 17/VIIA: 7 valence electrons (of which fluorine is a member)

Group 18/VIIIA: 8 valence electron (except helium, which has actually 2 valence electrons)

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Shivangi Mangotra · Christopher P.
Oct 28, 2014

Fluorine has 7 Valence electrons.

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Valence electrons room those electrons which are current in the outermost covering of an atom.

Fluorine has atomic number 9. Atomic number is the variety of protons existing in the cell core of one atom.

In every stable (Neutral) atom the variety of electrons space equal come the number of protons.

Therefore, the number of electrons in an atom of fluorine are 9.

The digital configuration of fluorine is:

E.C:- k - 2 , L-7

The last shell of fluorine has 7 electrons. As such there space 7 valence electrons in an atom that fluorine.

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Stefan V.
Sep 9, 2015

Fluorine has #7# valence electrons.


Fluorine is situated in team 17, duration 2 the the regular table, and also has an atom number equal to 9.

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This method that a neutral fluorine atom has actually a total of 9 electrons surrounding its nucleus.


Bu how many of those 9 electrons room valence electrons?

You recognize that valence electron are situated in the outermost shell of one atom. You have the right to use fluorine"s electron construction to aid you recognize how plenty of electrons are situated in the outermost shell

#"F": 1s^2 2s^2 2p^5#

The very first energy level has 2 electrons located in the 1s-orbital and the 2nd energy level, which in fluorine"s situation is the outermost energy level, has 7 electrons, 2 in the 2s-orbital and also 5 in the 2p-orbitals.

This means that fluorine has a total of 7 valence electrons.

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