Locating 1956 penny value on the chart entails two early steps. First: identify the mint that struck the coin, confirming date and mint note variety.

Secondly: condition becomes a crucial factor in deciding on an accurate value. Little differences essential to judging grade space highlighted come compare her coin. Pictures in the grading section with descriptions guide the process.

A step by step an approach is followed to determine how much these old wheat pennies room worth.


Steps bring about Value:

Step 1: Date and also Mintmark selection – determine each date and its mintmark variety.

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Step 2: Grading problem – Judge condition to determine grade.Step 3: Special features – specific elements either improve or detract indigenous value.
1956 Lincoln penny ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1956 Lincoln Penny worth Up-Dated2021
1956$0.02 $0.02 $0.04 $0.23
1956 D$0.02 $0.02 $0.04 $0.23

Step one is come confirm specific Date and also Mint mark variety. Images used to locate mint marks find its specific place top top the chart.

Second step, is a an excellent appraisal of condition. Equivalent your coin come grading images provides a great indication the its condition, helping visualize grade. It is important to judge your coin against both the images and descriptions. Steel alloy the 1956 cents has a few considerations effecting its industry acceptance.

Identity of Date and Mint Mark.

Step 1: | Date and Mintmark Combination

1956 Date and Mintmark Varieties

Two ranges of 1956 pennies were produced. Linked coinage total for both ranges is the 2nd highest that the wheat series. 1,518,946,100 produced. Standout features are boldness the design and also state that preservation.

1956 Lincoln Penny

No Mintmark Under Date: Philadelphia Mint to win the Coin


Philadelphia mint to win ample quantities of the 1956 penny. These coins are plentiful on the rarity scale. 420,745,000 coined placing 8th in the height ten most developed in a year.

With many 1956 cents accessible to collectors, a standout coin is one in Mint State condition. Never ever circulated, a "like new" coin is bright with the reddish color of newly produced copper. Circulated coins are in donate if just slightly worn, these space in the minority of those surviving. Also color, slight traces the wear, identifies a coin an ideal to ar in an affordable circulated set.

1956-D Lincoln Penny

"D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint win the Coin


The Denver mint collection a record in 1956, striking 1,098,210,100 cents, greatest of the wheat cent series. A far-ranging production achievement providing ample quantities of boy coinage. A 1956-D penny is numerous on the rarity scale.

Appeal to collectors forms the base worth of a 1956-D penny. Circulated examples are accessible in quantities providing many for young and also beginning collectors to examine and also choose for their collections. An appealing coin display screens bold features of Lincoln and solid lettering and wheat ear on the reverse.

Step 2: | Judge problem to identify Grade

Grading problem Confirms value of 1956 Lincoln Penny

Grade is a an interpretation used by collectors when describing the problem of a coin. Grades noted on the chart range from great (heavily worn penny) to Uncirculated (no wear). Particular areas space inspected to judge condition.

Eye very nice is crucial to a copper coin and also value together a collectible. Light coloration is desired over dark that often tends to hide finer detail.


Uncirculated Grade: Mint state - uncirculated wheat cents room the upstream grade v collectors. A coin preserved in the problem they left the mint. No wear has removed any kind of detail and all facets remain sharp.

One area helpful in detecting stay is Lincoln"s temple area. His temple and just in prior of the ear is high in relief through low areas between. Check high points for any kind of smoothing and dulling of the metal. Wear removes original texture of luster leaving a distinct readjust from the lower areas of the temple.

The example 1956 coin is bright with initial luster. Texture of the copper remains constant over the whole surface. Tilt in ~ an angle to irradiate helping see any type of changes in structure to confirm the mint state grade.


Evaluate Toning of 1956 Penny: crucial part to value is shade - toning that old pennies. The cent top top the left continues to be bright with luster, a premium condition. Exposure to air is bring about the coin in the center to construct a moderate amount of toning. Eye appeal starts to identify value together a coin tones, satisfaction colors are frequently sought through collectors. Deep toning is presented as brown spanning the surface on the far-right penny.

as you great wheat pennies, toning is not offered as an indication the wear. The 1956 coin toned brown is tho an uncirculated piece due to the fact that no wear is present. Toning has actually covered the whole surface; however, the structure of luster continues to be underneath.

Collector preference starts v coins displaying shining luster. Preferences and also values favor moderate toning next. Brown toning follows closely after.

Extremely fine Condition: A little amount of wear remove high points of the architecture identifies the exceptionally Fine grade.

Lincoln"s temple now screens a minor yet distinct smoothing on the peak rounded profile. His forehead over and cheek listed below is beginning to present a smooth structure with tiny areas the flattening.

Areas the the hair are additionally beginning to show evidence of minor flattening. Importantly, all of these architecture elements room separated and also retain rounded profiles. Very minor is the amount of wear.

Average Circulated Condition: Large amounts of wheat pennies moderately to greatly worn are accessible today. Those minted in the 1950"s are the mass of these obtainable coins. Together a team they are considered average circulated.

An mean circulated coin display screens wear flattening plenty of once bold attributes of Lincoln. His forehead, holy place area, and also cheek space noticeably flattened. Once bold minor features are combined and no much longer separated.

Moderate to hefty wear coins are the base value examples. In ~ this phase of condition, eye very nice one becomes very important. Any type of noticeable distractions; dark colors, hefty marks, and also excessive undertake eliminates the coin indigenous collector acceptance.

Video | Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies

Grading any type of coin involves plenty of points come judge. As soon as either; worth is high or condition is in ~ the higher end a closer inspection of the coin is needed. Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies broadens on the grading procedure with video, photos of the grades and also in-depth descriptions.

Step 3: | Special qualities Enhancing Value

1956 Clipped Planchet coin Value

An error occurred during punching the piece of steel in the an initial stages the the minting production. Steel passes with a set of punches stamping the initial empty coin. If a misalignment occurs this "planchets" are punched in one area also close come a previous punched hole. A resulting void the varying dimension is lacking on the planchet. When struck one elliptical void is part of the final coin and its design.

Determining value involves judging aesthetics the the remaining coin, all at once condition and also a feeling of popularity amongst collectors. The instance 1956 penny retains the date, a positive. Location of the clip is rather close to Lincoln"s head, a slight drawback. Judging problem finds light wear. Mint state instance clipped planchets room known, circulated instances place lower in value. Irradiate brown toning is pleasing through no big distracting marks come the surface.

Interest shown by collectors is the deciding element to value. Classic collecting assembles date and mint mark sets that wheat pennies. Error collecting is a specialty gone after by fewer collectors. 1956 is an available coin in circulated condition. One interesting, pleasing clipped planchet example is precious a couple of dollars. Overall, worth recognizing.


US Mint. 1957 united state Mint annual Report https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/publisherdetail/51

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