The humble apple is among the many widely eaten fruits and offers various health and wellness benefits. Numerous of us reach because that an apple together a sweet fix when we’re dieting or make the efforts to it is in healthy.

For this post, i have weighed two of the most renowned yet average sized apologize varieties; Braeburn and Pink Lady to acquire an median result.

In short, a totality averaged size eating apple through the skin on weighs an median of 110-120g or 3.88-4.23oz in total.

Read on to discover out how much one apple weighs once it’s cored through the skin remaining and cored there is no skin.

The load of one average-sized totality apple

Below is a counter table which reflects the weight of one average-sized eat apple in grams, ounces, kilograms and pounds:

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Whole apple weightin grams110-120g
Whole appleweightin ounces3.88 – 4.23oz
Whole appleweightin kilograms0.11-0.12kg
whole appleweightin pounds0.24-0.26


How much does a cored apologize weigh?

I cored an average-sized apple (Pink Lady) and also retained the apologize skin and also as much apple as possible while removing the hard parts the the core and seeds.

The weight of a cored average-sized apple including the skin is about 100g or 3.5oz. This is same to 0.10kg or 0.22lb.


How much does a cored apple without skin weigh?

I cored and peeled an average-sized to apologize (Pink Lady) and kept as much apple as possible while remove the hard parts of the core and also the seeds.

The load of a cored average-sized apple there is no the skin is approximately 85g or 3.0oz. This is equal to 0.085kg or 0.19lb.


Equipment and also Information used for This Article

I offered precision scales that weigh to 0.01 of a gram i beg your pardon is frequently calibrated with a 100g weight. For much more information view my recommended weighing scales here.

To make sure the information in this write-up is accurate, i researched and also cross-referenced assorted sources (as well as initial research) to acquire the exactly weights and calories.

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