The tomato is an edible berry that the tomato plant which originated from western south America and main America. The is the most popular fruit (or vegetable, whatever) in America and also is consumed by countless people about the globe. According to Tomato News (2020), tomato is gaining even an ext popularity as usage from 2018 come 2019 has currently been marked at about 38.3 million metric tons. That’s just as hefty as about 38.3 million tiny cars! 

Do you recognize that in spite of its reputation today, tomato was as soon as feared by many and was even called the “poison apple”? check out this post to understand the fascinating increase of the tomato from notoriety to fame and its popular uses.

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History the Tomato

The earliest record of tomato cultivation can be traced ago to the Aztecs in 700 AD, who referred to as the fruit tomatl. The Aztecs are Nahuatl-speaking indigenous human being in southern America well-known for your agriculture. Tomato was introduced to the world after the Spaniards conquered the Aztec realm in 1521. The Spanish conquistadores return from their explorations in Mexico promulgated tomato seeds in southern Europe whereby the fruit was dubbed tomate.

When tomato got to Britain, the fruit started to it is in demonized ~ above accounts the it caused fatality by poisoning amongst rich brother people. It was even named the “poison apple”. The rich British used fancy pewter plates during that time which contained high lot of lead. When provided to contain tomato, the fruit leeches the end lead and causes lead-poisoning. Eventually, the tomato redeemed the reputation as a healthy food together tomato enthusiasm learned the true nature the the lead-poisoning the shocked affluent Europeans.

After that travel around the world, the tomato was once again re-introduced come the Americans when Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president the the unified States, took hefty interest in the plant. Today, american are one of the best consumers that tomatoes. 

Where Tomatoes space Grown

Tomato ranges are finest grown in nations with pleasant climates. Cultivation to a height of about 1-3 meters, they are grew throughout all seasons in a wide range of soils. In 2017, the significant producers that tomatoes space China, India, Turkey, and also United States. China contributes 31% the the full tomato manufacturing worldwide.


There has been a debate over even if it is tomato is a fruit or vegetable. Technically, it is a fruit, however generally, the is prepared and also eaten together a vegetable. Nevertheless of just how one sees them, tomatoes are sources of countless nutrients such together vitamin A (good because that the eyes), beta-carotene (good for cognition), vitamin C (good because that skin), and also lycopene (good because that the heart and also bones). Tomatoes also contain potassium, folate, and vitamin K.

According to FoodData Central, a little raw potato of about 100 grams deserve to contain:

Calories 18Water 95%Protein 0.09 gramsCarbs 3.9 gramsSugar 2.6 gramsFiber 1.2 gramsFat 0.2 grams

Also be certain to check the Food brand with any type of canned tomatoes.

Types of Tomatoes


Tomatoes have at the very least 10,000 varieties and a wide variety of flavor profiles. Here are the five most common varieties of tomatoes:

Beefsteak Tomato. Beefsteak tomatoes space large, juicy tomatoes through meaty skin. Their typical colors room red, pink, and yellow. They are ideal used for sandwiches and hamburgers. Plum Tomato. Plum tomato cylindrical in shape and also with couple of seeds. Lock are frequently used because that sauces, tomato pastes, and Italian recipes.Grape Tomato. Grape tomatoes are comparable to plum tomatoes however smaller in size. They have a thick skin which make them perfect seeks to main dishes. Lock can additionally be consumed as snacks.Cherry Tomato. Cherry tomatoes are round and sweet tomatoes smaller than grape tomatoes. They are an extremely versatile that deserve to be offered to add sweet and also tangy taste come a dish. Cherokee Tomato. Cherokee tomatoes room juicy and also purple in color. They deserve to be eaten raw and fresh, making lock perfect enhancement to salad. 

Popular uses

You could think that the tomato is just as a good as a food, yet the tomato – the most renowned fruit in the civilization – actually has actually a the majority of uses, including medicinal and also cosmetic. Listed below are the well-known uses that tomato:

Food. Transparent its history, the tomato has been popular for its use in the kitchen, gift a resource of umami, one of the five simple tastes. Because the tomato is a functional food, it can be consumed raw, turned into tomato paste, juice, tomato soup, and salsa, or it have the right to be included in slices as taste boosters for salads, sandwiches, burgers, and many more. Medicine. Tomato are great source that lycopene, a nutrient that has actually been well-known to provide many wellness benefits such as lessened risk of cardiovascular disease, solid bones, healthy and balanced vision, skin protection, and also immune device booster.Cosmetic. The nutrients discovered in tomatoes are additionally taken benefit of in the ar of cosmetics. The vitamin C and also antioxidant contents assist in remedying assorted skin comes to such as sun burn, skin cancer, skin inflammation, wounds, and also collagen deficiency.

While tomatoes may have had actually a dark history, it can not be denied that their visibility in the kitchen is a must, no to mention that they possess nutrients that assist humans preserve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Tomatoes source from the Andes, in what is now called Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.They were grew by the Aztecs and Incas, and were infect Europe by the Spanish.While many take into consideration tomatoes to be a vegetable, they room actually a fruit.Tomatoes are rich in lycopene (an antioxidant that is an excellent for the heart and effective against certain cancers), vitamin A and C, calcium, and also potassium.

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How much does a tomato weigh?

Tomato, Red Ripe, RawTomato, Cherry, RawTomato, Italian or Plum
Large, whole(3″dia)182g6.4oz
Medium, whole(2-3/5″ dia)123g4.3oz
Small, Whole(2-2/5″ dia)91g3.2oz
Slice, Thick(1/2″ thick from tool tomato)27g0.9oz
Wedge(1/4 medium tomato)31g1.1oz
Slice, Medium(1/4″ special from tool tomato)20g0.7oz
Slice, Thin(from tool tomato)15g0.5oz
Cup, chopped180g6.3oz
Cup, sliced180g6.3oz
Cup, ChoppedFrom typical Size149g5.3oz

Conversion indigenous grams to ounce: 28.3495231g(rounded come 28.35)= 1 ozOunces shown are rounded increase or under to the nearest tenth of one ounce.