Table of ContentsTypes of van ToppersTruck cap MaterialsPricing ConsiderationsSecond Hand OptionsBest truck Topper BrandsHow lot Does a van Topper CostAre truck Toppers basic to RemoveFinal ThoughtsMany van owners want or must make the many out of their vehicle. Among the many effective and also popular methods of doing the is using a truck lid or topper. This common enhancements also walk by the name of camper shells, truck caps, truck canopies, topper shells or crate shells.

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Finding the ideal toppers, caps and camper shells have the right to be a real an obstacle if you don’t understand what you’re looking for. Among the key reasons human being use a topper is to create a large, weatherproof storage an are in the back.


Before you pick the ideal truck cap for you

Let’s begin by talking around what a truck topper isn’t. Through a liftgate home window located at the rear and also a straightforward lock ~ above the back, don’t expect a high level of security to safeguard your products from a determined thief. You likewise aren’t walk to have the ability to accommodate oversized cargo any type of longer. In enhancement to that, gaining accessibility to the items you require in the earlier is walk to need a little much more effort together you must unload an ext of your gear in the cab.


Types of truck Toppers

The walk In Truck cap / High increase Topper

If you require room to crouch or was standing in the truck bed or you need room for taller cargo, then a “high rise” truck topper is what she looking for. The high increase toppers offer additional headroom (cab height) to add a taller design.

If you want a topper that allows for easier accessibility to the entire bed, then look for a van topper that features side windows. Plenty of of the advertising toppers currently offer side windows, which it seems to be ~ to be a popular option.

Also, few of the commercial alternatives use a sliding bed cargo tray come make access from the behind door much more convenient.

Stronger, Commercial truck Caps

If your demands are an ext security based, to protect cargo the is pricey, then a basic topper no going to fit your requirements Commercial systems tend to come v a heavier-duty aluminum or steel lock. You can additionally purchase locks for the toolboxes and drawers you save in the bed.

Truck Topper Rack Systems

Many people want the choice to mount items on the roof the a van topper, because that this girlfriend will need a truck topper roof rack. This is best for kayaks, hill bikes, camping needs, ladders and also more. For this, you need a rack device or a truck topper with roof rails attached.

The lined Camper Shell

For those that you the dream that camping in her truck, look for a lined truck camper shell or topper. There are various variations based on your bed size that will administer a warmer, quieter atmosphere inside the bed.

Any that the over extras space going to rise the overall price of your truck topper. Store that in mind when you space determining what is necessary.



Best Truck cap Materials compared to Costs

Now that you recognize what pickup truck topper you need in bespeak to have it carry out the way you need, you need to start considering the materials.Most truck caps are accessible in three material options:


Aluminum van Caps

With one aluminum van topper, you will certainly spend less than the others. New truck caps made from aluminum often tends to run under $1,000.

There room some downsides come this option:The topper will ‘probably’ be white, for this reason it may not look aesthetically pleasing.After some time, aluminum caps tend to come to be dented or dingy looking. In other words, they no as resilient as several of the other options.The advantages to using an aluminum topper include:They are lightweight.Great means to save money if having a less durable, white topper doesn’t concern you.Commercial options are available with attributes like locking toolboxes, shelving and double doors.

Fiberglass van Toppers

Fiberglass caps space aesthetically pleasing due to the fact that you deserve to paint them to match your paint.

With this in mind, there room a few downsides:Fiberglass truck shells often tend to be much more expensive 보다 an aluminum and can operation up to around $2,000 installed.A fiberglass truck shell is heavier than aluminum and also can weigh approximately 200 pounds escape what alternatives you include.If you require a fiberglass topper for commercial use, it have the right to be difficult to uncover a fiberglass lid to fit her needs.There are, however, several pros to owning a fiberglass topper:You can enhance the manufacturing facility paint task of her truck perfectly.They tend to be an ext durable and handle wear better than an aluminum toppers.

Plastic/Composite truck Topper

These are more recent to the market than your common aluminum or fiberglass options. The color selection is currently limited, however they sell a nice blend of pros and also cons.

Here are few of the downsides associated in choosing plastic or composite van caps:There is a lack of color to pick fromYou will spend slightly much more than one aluminum topper (generally roughly $1,500 installed depending upon the added features)But, there are some advantages to this choice as well:They offer a compromise in quality between the fiberglass and also aluminum.The expense is reduced than fiberglass shells.



Pricing Considerations & Brands

To find the best, you need to look across the trustworthy brands that right now sell them. Store in mind the the prices us quote are based on averages.

Your brand and also truck model might also impact cost - because that example, a Honda Ridgeline topper can cost much more than the usual F-150 topper only since the Ford is much more popular 보다 the Honda.

Smaller size trucks (with much shorter bed length) are additionally going to price slightly much less than a full-size topper would. Remember, different locations of the country influence the expense of cap installation.


Second Hand Options

If girlfriend really want to save money, you deserve to pick up supplied toppers for pennies ~ above the disagreement - don"t issue if it"s the dorn color, that"s where Durabak’s durable, easy-to-apply truck paint have the right to come in handy:

1) Get any type of pickup truck cap that fits, you can worry around the shade later!

2) Clean up the topper, prep and scuff, tape off the windows and also badges and also then repaint with Durabak.


3) You"ve got a beautiful equivalent cap for a portion of the price!

Thanks Durabak!Try browsing Facebook Marketplace for 2nd hand opportunities!


What is the finest Truck lid Brand?

Here are several of the most famous topper brands:



As we’ve debated earlier, it have the right to be daunting to identify the exact pricing that the ideal truck toppers without having actually every brand / version listed.

A simple no-frills truck topper make from aluminum should easily price you less than $1,000. Adding features to that setup will boost the price accordingly. Also, transforming the product to a composite or fiberglass can conveniently raise your price to double or more the amount when installed.

To get the many accurate pricing, you’ll want to testimonial the websites noted above.



Although caps and also toppers aren"t frequently that heavy, your bulkiness can make them difficult to remove. Us wouldn"t to speak it"s difficult to remove alone, but we would certainly recommend obtaining some aid in order to safely maintain your cap or topper (especially if it has actually windows).

If you need your truck temporarily an ext open or obtainable or you want to sell your cap, then the process of removed it need to not prove too difficult. However, it more than likely isn"t something girlfriend will want to execute frequently.



Truck toppers offer countless conveniences as much as security from the elements and also capable storage for all your gear.

Take her time picking the brand and style that is going to finest suit her needs and also enjoy that brand-new addition.

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The great news is the you can paint either Aluminum, Fiberglass or Plastic shells with one of 18 color of Durabak-18 and paint the remainder of the exterior of her truck v the same very same bed liner paint to get a uniform paint job and also a really hard wearing and also unique finish.