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Twenty year ago, the player that would go on to end up being the best quarterback of all time do his room of Fame-caliber future obvious with one NFL integrate performance because that the ages.

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This is what every NFL team not called the Patriots wishes it might say around its glimpse the Tom Brady a pair months prior to the 2000 NFL Draft.

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We all know by now the opposite occurred. Many thanks in part to Brady"s incorporate showing being got as median at best, nobody witnessed a record six Super bowl rings in his future. Brady famously slipped to the Patriots in the sixth round that the draft, at No. 199 overall. Only among the six QBs picked ahead of the Michigan product (Marc Bulger, No. 168 through Saints) showed up in a pro Bowl.

Brady"s story currently serves together an annual reminder to NFL breeze prospects who don"t test turn off the charts the their potential is not characterized by a 40-yard dash, a upright leap, a Wonderlic test score or anything rather from the Combine.

And yes, provided the paper definition of the 42-year-old"s unprecedented success in the NFL, his integrate performance twenty years ago can be perceived as a comedic masterpiece.

Below space the highlights (if one can contact them that) and also stats from Brady"s notoriously ho-hum workout in Indianapolis.

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Tom Brady Combine: The picture

The photo makes the rounds on society media every so late February and early March when NFL fans rotate their cumulative attention to the Combine.

Brady, shirtless, feather ... Not like a future room of reputation football player.

With the NFL Combine beginning today, we assumed it"d it is in a great time to remember Tom Brady in ~ the event in 2000. Pic.twitter.com/uTBMyLhYcM

— sports Photos (
sportsphotos) February 26, 2019

Brady has encountered the famous nature of the photo for years, however he currently cherishes the picture with good reason.

"It’s actually a an excellent thing because that me come see because it reminds me of whereby I started,” Brady said throughout the NFL 100 All-Time Team finale critical year, via NESN. “We all have actually our story, and also I began at a ar where I always felt favor I to be looking up at everybody. Ns was feather up in ~ everybody in high school and also then college and also certainly when I started in the pros.

"Through a lot of aid and a most support, I simply learned and also I retained trying to gain a small bit better and a little bit better and store growing and keep evolving. I still feel favor I’m make the efforts to carry out that today."

Tom Brady"s 40-yard dash time

Brady ran a 5.28-second 40-yard dash, the second slowest time amongst QBs in ~ the 2000 NFL Combine. Just Louisville"s kris Redman (5.37) was slower.

The reality that Brady"s straight-line speed was and is irrelevant doesn"t take far from the delight one experience watching him sprint awkwardly in his floppy white tee.

It"s precious noting the Brady evidently was much faster in 2019 보다 he remained in 2000. In July, he was timed running a 40-yard dash in 5.17 seconds.

Must be the TB12 stuff.

Tom Brady"s bench press & other stats

With the exemption of the 20-yard shuttle, a drill in which Brady randomly post a decent time, the QB"s Combine results made him seem together unathletic together the video did.

One measure that operated in Brady"s favor was his height; in ~ 6-4, he and also Michigan State"s invoice Burke were the tallest QBs in Indianapolis that week.

Below are every one of Brady"s stats indigenous the 2000 NFL Combine, including the results of his workout and his dimensions (via NFLCombineResults.com).

Workout results
DrillTime/measurementPercentile among QBs
40-yard dash5.28 seconds0.7
Bench pressN/AN/A
Vertical24.5 inches2.9
Broad jumpN/AN/A
20-yard shuttle4.38 seconds45.3
60-yard shuttleN/AN/A

DimensionBrady"s measurement
Height76.4 inches
Weight211 pounds
Arm length32.75 inches
Hand size9.38 inches

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As for the throw drills, Brady performed as well as a QB have the right to when throwing come random broad receivers against no coverage or pressure.

Below space the NFL"s complete highlights indigenous Brady"s combine performance, consisting of some that those throw drills.

Tom Brady"s Wonderlic score

Brady scored a 33 out of a feasible 50 ~ above the Wonderlic check at the 2000 NFL Combine, a heavy number considering the typical score for the Wonderlic is 20.

Only one player, punter beat McInally in 1975, has scored a perfect 50 top top the Wonderlic check at the Combine. The high mark for quarterbacks, who mean a 25.9 based upon data from wonderlictestsample.com, is held by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who scored a 48.

Of course, as Sporting News wrote in 2016, the Wonderlic test is a an excellent cognitive measure for anything yet football.

"I can basically tell you, from what we see, it’s a substantial waste of time and money," university of Louisville organization school professor frank Kuzmits called SN.

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Tom Brady scouting reports

Brady self is a recent resource of some of the language offered in the scouting reports that knocked his abilities ahead that the 2000 NFL Draft.

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In one Instagam write-up a few years back, the QB recollected the negatives and used them come encourage those that were participating in the 2017 NFL Combine.

"Poor construct ... Skinny ... Lacks good physical stature and strength ... Lacks mobility and capability to protect against the rush ... Lacks a really solid arm ... Can’t journey the round downfield ... Does no throw a really tight spiral ... System-type player who can obtain exposed if required to advertisement lib ... Gets knocked under easily."