I am certain if you are an alcohol enthusiast, you must be well mindful of what cognac is. However what around the world who have never heard about it, or just picked increase the name somewhere and wish to try it for the first time. They require to understand a bit much more what cognac is and also around the most expensive Hennessy. Hennessy is a cognac, and also cognac is a form of brandy. That is exclusively made in the wine-growing areas of Charente.

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The cognac is a home of France and its main point ingredients, and the procedure of making the belongs to them. The reason behind why Hennessy Cognac belongs come France is because this liquor needs to be aged because that at the very least two years in barrels make of oak native Limousin or Troncais, ~ distillation.

Both these locations are in France. The Hennessy very Special Cognac has made the reach as much as 40% the the complete sales in cognac in the market and has come to be a command producer. Let’s dive into Hennessy price of miscellaneous flavors in the below section.

Hennessy Prices

As this short article has already suggested, we room going come tell girlfriend all about the Hennessy Cognac Price, Hennessy party sizes and also prices, and so lot more. So, just how much walk Hennessy cost? The cost for its distinct cognac is around $19 for its 375 mL, whereas, because that a 750 mL bottle, that price is around $36.

The Hennessy 1.75 liter price will certainly be around $75, and also any Hennessy 750 ml price at Walmart will be an extremely cheap, i beg your pardon is $28.97. Other than that, the V.S.O.P. Bottle of Hennessy price will certainly fall in between $43 come $129. A fifty percent Pint that Hennessy price will be approximately $14 to $15.

Hennessy prices at Stores

Hennessy really Special Cognac750ml$30.99
Hennessy really Special Cognac750ml$28.97
Walgreens Hennessy Prices
Hennessy very Special Cognac750ml$38.99
Hennessy an extremely Special Cognac750ml$36.99
Hennessy really Special Cognac375ml$19.99

Hennessy Brand Price range of every Flavors

Type / Hennessy FlavorsSizeHennessy Liquor Price
Hennessy pure white750ml$94.99 – $139.99
Hennessy Paradis Imperial750ml$2399.99 – $2799.99
Hennessy VS375ml$17.99 – $19.99
Hennessy Black750ml$39.99 – $46.99
Hennessy VS1L$49.99 – $52.99
Master Blender’s selection No 2750ml$94.99 – $99.99
Hennessy VS750ml$33.99 – $38.99
Hennessy VS restricted Edition750ml$39.99 – $49.99
Hennessy Paradis750ml$799.99 – $999.99
Hennessy Richard750ml$3799.99 – $5499.99
Hennessy 1.75 Liter Price VS1.75L$74.99 – $82.99
Hennessy VSOP Privilege750ml$51.99 – $58.99
Hennessy XO750ml$199.99 – $229.99
Price comparison with various other Brands
BrandOrigin DateStylePrice
Remy Martin17271738 Accord Royal$50

Hope, you gained the information on half Pint Hennessy price and also prices of all other sizes at different stores from the above info. Now, let’s see the nutritional facts, recipes and some facts around this Hennessy.

Hennessy nutrient Facts

There space not plenty of nutrients present in Hennessy. If you observe the label behind the bottle, you will be able to get a look at the nutrient components of Hennessy. Friend will note that it is composed of 69 kcal. Friend can conveniently burn it by act cardio because that 15 minutes.

The finest fact about Hennessy is the it does not contain any type of amount of fat or cholesterol. It also has 2 grams of carbs in it. Hennessy Alcohol portion is 40%. You can gain all the information around its nutrients by looking in ~ the label. If you desire to understand furthermore about Hennessy, girlfriend can examine the info on the internet.

How to serve Hennessy?

There are numerous ways you can serve Hennessy. The finest ways space to offer it chilled. That will have an fragrant sense if you offer it chilled. Keep it in a freezer, or you can include ice cubes in it. You deserve to use different varieties of glasses to offer them. The best method to serve it is in a tulip glass. You also have other alternatives like balloon glass or wobble snifter.

Serve through a balloon glassServe with ice cubesElse, offer in a tulip glass

Do’s and also Don’ts of Hennessy


Handle the bottle carefully. If the party is broken, a drink will be a waste. So it is better to manage the party carefully.Properly serve the drink. Serving plays a an essential role in giving a blissful experience. You have the right to use various glasses to serve the Hennessy.Serve it cold. That taste at its finest when the is served chilled. You have the right to use ice cubes to keep your drink cold for a longer time.Store the party in a cold and dry place.Drink it gradually to get an ext taste and also a nice experience. Let your palate take its own time to judge its taste.Storing that Hennessy is recommended. Larger is much better when it comes to brandy-like Hennessy.


Do not waste it because it is method too costly.Do not drink Hennessy in a hurry.

Interesting Facts around the Hennessy Flavors and also its Origin

I am sure reading around the Hennessy Alcohol Content, the dos, and also don’ts the you have to follow while drinking it must have been fascinating. However the best part is the remaining, which is the exciting facts. We have actually shared its origin, part facts about its owners and makers, which room intriguing. Read on to find out more.

Fact #1: Everyone has this misconception about Hennessy, the the founder of the cognac to be French. That is no true; the founder Richard Hennessy was an Irishman who moved to France. He named his cognac Hennessy as it described his family tree from an ireland clan. He to be a descendant that the clan of Angus.

Fact #2: If girlfriend have ever before tried the Hennessy cognac, girlfriend must have actually noticed the a prefix comes v the label as Jas. Hennessy, this is since Jas is the short type for Jacques Hennessy, whose original name in irish was James yet Jacques in French. He was the child of the founder, and it was he who gave the cognac a solid begin by marketing the under ‘James Hennessy and Company.’

Fact #3: due to the fact that of the ban in America throughout the 1920s, the Hennessy was offered as medicine by william Schiefflin through his household drugstore. The company owes this guy a debt as it was as result of him that the firm could develop a base in America.

Fact #4: The agency always had an itch to make waves in some method or the other. And also in the year of 1968, the Hennessy ended up being the very first company come promote 2 African-American as VPs for its company. Olympian and also Jesse Owens to be the first African-Americans to be made VP in this firm America.

Fact #5: Nas has been the main brand ambassador because that Hennessy because that a lengthy time, and also according come him, having actually Hennessy paired with some cigars is the best way to reap it.

Fact #6: according to the famed author, glen O’ Brien, the praised the company for being 100 year ahead that its competitors. Due to the fact that to know in-depth around the company, the writer went come visit the cognac of France, and he to be bewildered by their distillery and production machinery.

Fact #7: according to the grasp blender the Hennessy, to come to be a taster because that the company, you must be in the ar for at least ten years.

Fact #8: The letters that are pointed out in the brand of Hennessy are frank and also easy to understand. It will certainly tell you around the kind of brandy it is such as VS stands for really Special, VO. Was standing for very Old, XO represents Extra Old, etc.

Fact #9: There are two type of Hennessy depending on the price. The continual Hennessy won’t expense you much, conversely, the extra one-of-a-kind Hennessy will placed a dent on her debit card. So pick wisely.

Fact #10: follow to the company, the demand for Hennessy is an ext than the supply. For this reason last year, the agency released a keep in mind to its consumer to consume it an extremely slowly.

Recipes using any kind of Different size Hennessy Bottles

In this segment, we will certainly share v you several of the finest recipes that you have the right to make through a party of Hennessy. The recipes are quick, easy and can it is in made by everyone who has actually never had any experience in do a drink. Now inspect out what mixes well with Hennessy.

1. The black color Anaconda in Hennessy

For this recipe, friend will need the complying with ingredients:

3 oz. Of Hennessy constant cognac1 oz. Of Jagermeister2 oz. That Hpnotiq liquorIce cubes

Mix the Hennessy cognac, Jagermeister, and Hpnotiq in a pitcher. Mix the well, and also pour it on a glass. Add some ice cream to it. All set to serve.

2. Ghetto peach v Hennessy

For this recipe, friend will require the following ingredients:

2 oz. Of Hennessy continual cognac6 oz. That cranberry juice1 oz. Of peach schnapps6 oz. That orange juiceIce cubes

Mix the Hennessy cognac, cranberry juice, peach schnapps, and orange juice in a pitcher. Mix the well, and also pour it on a glass. Add some ice cream to it. All set to serve.

3. Hennessy In Coke

For this recipe, friend will require the complying with ingredients:

2 oz. That Hennessy regular cognac10 oz, that Coca ColaIce Cubes

The recipe is very straightforward is a very straightforward recipe, and one of the most usual recipes that you will certainly come across, but that does not median that it is not an excellent enough. Every you need to do is simply mix both of castle in a shaker and shake that vigorously. Include some ice cream to it and also pour that in a glass.

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Places wherein Hennessy Banned

Only in America, Hennessy Pure White is rare in stores. Hennessy is legitimate to offer or to consume in all various other countries. You can easily buy or market in all the various other countries.