Understandably, numerous beginner gardeners nothing know how to adjust a carburetor on a weed eater.

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A gasoline engine such as a chainsaw or a weed eater usually consists of a carburetor to ensure suitable combustion.

Adjusting a carburetor is less complicated than friend think. This article will show you exactly how to perform it on your own.

What is a weedeater carburetor?

A carburetor plays an essential role in keeping efficient combustion by mixing gas and also air because that four-stroke and two-stroke engines.

This device allows air and also gas come interact, create an explosion, and also burns the mixture within the engine cyclinder.

The carburetor suck the wait inside v a suction pipe dubbed venturi. While the air is comes in, petrol is released via a spray nozzle, leading to combustion that creates power.

Once you press the engine’s throttle, fuel is provided to the burning section that the carburetor. The throttle’s place determines just how much fuel it supplies to the engine.

When you accelerate this part, it sends more gas and air to the burning section.

The carburetor’s placement/position often tends to deviate end time. If this situation happens, the weed eater will challenge a lack of fuel, therefore we need to prevent that from continue by adjusting the carburetor.

There are two item you require to complete this task, consisting of a socket opener and also a screwdriver. The next component of this post will clear up the comprehensive procedure of just how to adjust a carburetor.

How to adjust a Carburetor on a Weed Eater 

Before adjusting the carburetor top top a weed eater, you have to remove debris and dirt native the air filter. Usage a screwdriver to open the waiting filter cover, then closely clean it through a soft cloth.

You should also make certain the spark plug is quiet in great use. Open the covering boot v a screwdriver, then remove it with a spark plug wrench.

This step permits the adjustment procedure to take place without any hassle.

If her carburetor’s trimmer has been inactive for a while, the engine could have trouble starting due come stale or overstayed fuel. The only thing you should do is to replace it with new fuel.

Finally, if friend hear a strange noise when starting your engine, climate it’s time you readjust the carburetor.


There are two fuel convey screws on every side the the carburetor, specific HI and also LO. While hi screws carry out the engine when it works at complete throttle, LO screws ensure enough fuel regulation once it is in idle mode.

If you desire to know just how HI and LO screws look, look at the different types of the screw here.

In the 2nd step, use a screwdriver and also tighten the screws to place the screws in the direction of the carburetor’s jets. The needle finish of the screws permits you come align castle in the exactly direction.

Remember to rotate your weed eater off prior to you continue this step.

The most crucial step is to change the screws. ~ adjusting the hi screw counterclockwise for around one and a half turns, revolve the LO screw in the same direction for one turn.

Next, start the engine after ~ pulling out the choke. The may create a rough sound due to the fact that of the newly tightened screws, so nothing worry. You can need to accelerate the throttle to store the engine running.

After a couple of minutes, her engine will be warm enough, i beg your pardon is a perfect state because that adjustments.

Step 4: if the engine is running, start transforming the LO screw counterclockwise

This is the final adjustment stage. While the engine is running, you can start transforming the LO screw counterclockwise to see whether the still to run smoothly without dice or stalling.

Make certain the running rate is average, which means not also fast and not also slow.

Next, collection the engine come the full position by advertise the throttle.

Your engine might sputter at some point, for this reason it’s really important to readjust the hi screw clockwise so that the weed eater release a regular sound while running smoothly.

It is recommended the you revolve the hi screw for approximately 1¼ turns.

However, you must read the hands-on instructions closely for a far better understanding as the variety of turns counts on her weed eater’s capacity, brand, and also size.

Step 5: perfect carburetor adjusting

You’ve perfect adjusting the carburetor. However, you’re said to save the engine running for observation. Also, remember to bring your screwdriver along in situation of minor adjustments.

At some point, the weed eater might still produce weird sounds. That’s as soon as you have to inspect whether the gas is new or not.

Even though you’ve just readjusted the carburetor, poor gas still outcomes in negative operation.

Poor gas high quality usually results from it gift kept during the winter or when water slips in indigenous the outside.

It’s simple to fix this problem by refilling new fuel ~ removing the old gas native the tank.

There have the right to be young engine troubles with your trimmer as well, so girlfriend had better check the carburetor to check out if over there is any kind of dirt or feet in the valves.

After clean this part up, her carburetor will certainly be prepared to get ago to work.

Once the weed eater operation smoothly and also releases normal sounds, you deserve to start putting it to use again.


Adjusting a carburetor on a weed eater is a basic procedure that you deserve to do by yourself if you follow the indict in this write-up thoroughly.

Nevertheless, if you room not confident or comfortable transporting out this process, you might consider calling a professional technician to assist you.

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