When you first get top top the island, there will certainly be paparazzi there taking your photo saying her famous. After a couple of 2nd they realize you no famous and run turn off to a celebrity called Willy Bingleman, which to be going right into the Queequeg’s coffee shop (on the far right), go within the coffee shop.

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Queequeg’s Coffee Shop

When you acquire inside go speak to the homeless man. He said his name was Willy Bingleman!


He asks friend alot of questions, like, have actually you viewed my movie or have actually you ever before heard of me, however you say ns haven’t seen/heard of you before. So, he says I will star in a big movie one day, again. Leaving the coffee shop, and go one shop end to the left called One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency

One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency

Once you obtain inside, walk all the way to the right. There will be a woman at the deck, she says you look prefer a star, and you say, me, a star? climate she says if you pay a thousand dollars, we can  by I desire This" href="http://samspoptropicacheatblog.wordpress.com/island-walkthroughs/back-lot-island/#">get started on your career.


You to speak what!?! A thousands dollars, ns don’t have actually a thousand dollars! climate she says, If you are looking for  by I desire This" href="http://samspoptropicacheatblog.wordpress.com/island-walkthroughs/back-lot-island/#">money, you must go see Harvey Scoops, he’s looking for help. Now, leaving the building and also head best to the next area, called Sunrise Street.


Sunrise Street

Once you acquire there, head past the theater and also souvenir shop come a wall surface with a man standing alongside it, click on him and he says he’s Harvey Scoops!


He’s states in the next question he’s investigating the place due to the fact that rumors have actually swirled that someone’s been functioning in there! In the last concern you questioning if you can help, and he states yes. But, he said why don’t you rise this building and get a photo and provides you a camera!


Now, go all the method to the much left on main Street, you will view this man with camera in former of the Celebrity Wax Museum. Now, click usage on the Telephoto Camera and he will offer you part Camera Film.


Now, go earlier to where Harvey Scoops is at and climb the building. Walk to her list, and also click use on the Camera Film. It will combine with the Camera and it will work. Now, click use on the camera and take a picture of a man with a beard, in the structure next come the Souvenir Shop. As soon as you take it friend an earthquake will certainly happen and you will autumn into the property.

Grand Majestic Studios

After you wake up from gift unconscious, operation right and also click ~ above the door to enter the stage.


When you click on it, the assistant manager of the movie will certainly come out. She asks space you security, and you speak no. So, she says  by I desire This" href="http://samspoptropicacheatblog.wordpress.com/island-walkthroughs/back-lot-island/#">thank gosh, due to the fact that she doesn’t want the movie come be interrupted. Climate you questioning what movie, and also she claims it’s gift made through Carson Willis, the biggest filmaker of all time who has been missing. After you finish talking to her, enter the building.

Stage #1

Once you acquire there, operation left onto the stage, Kirk Staryer is acting. He gets mad that someone always interupts his scene, for this reason he operation off through Carson Willis chasing after that trying to gain him to  through I want This" href="http://samspoptropicacheatblog.wordpress.com/island-walkthroughs/back-lot-island/#">continue the movie. So, i went go talk to the cameraman for some answers and also here’s what the said.


You’re kind obtaining wishy-washy now.

After, Kirk leaves, monitor them. When you get outside, the assistant director is freaking out around the schedule, she’s favor we need Kirk back, climate she states to me you need to go get him. First, in my mind, ns refused, however I realized I got a sweet ride in the deal! my own……. Golf Cart!


It’s all mine baby, It’s all mine! MWHAAAAA!

Once you leaving the very first stage, you have to look for Kirk’s trailer. So, go right down until you with the much bottom wall, they turn around and go up to the best a lttle bit and you will check out his trailer. If you don’t check out it, here’s a photo to aid you out.


Kirk Strayer’s Trailer

Once you gain there, click on the star door, you will certainly knock. He will say, walk away, then you ask, what is it going to take to gain you out of there? He says he wants a Half-Caf Leviathen Latte-Expresso ~ above the double. Climate a cup comes out of the skylight ~ above the trailer. Now, hop on your golf cart, and also head earlier to phase 1.

Once, you get ago to phase 1, go all the method to the left and open the gate so friend can gain out and also get his coffee.


Once you leave, run all the means back to key Street, and enter among the 2 Queequeg’s Coffee Shops.to refill Kirk’s cup. The guy at the register will tell friend he is out of that certain drink so friend will have to pick another. Choose the coffee displayed in the picture below.


Now exit the coffee shop and run come the left until you acquire to the various other coffee shop. Talk to the lady at the register and she will additionally tell friend she is the end of that particular coffee. Bespeak as shown in the snapshot below.


Now open your menu items and choose the infant Sized Coffee. Pour both cups of coffee right into the larger cup and also you will have made the coffee that Kirk wanted.

Go all the way back come Kirk’s trailer after you have actually done this. Hit on his door again and also you will tell him you have actually his coffee.

Jump earlier into the cart and go ago to Soundstage #1. When the old male stops talking, run up the wooden stairs and also use the camera.

When utilizing the camera, just make sure to store Kirk in the center of the screen at every times prefer in the photo below.


Once you space done filming, exit Sound stage #1 and also jump into your dare again. Walk all the way to the ideal until you obtain to Soundstage #2.

Enter the soundstage and also talk come the lady there. Now leave the soundstage and also go ago to Soundstage #1. Jump to the optimal of Soundstage #1 using the ledges on the left.

Talk come the man on height od the building. Currently go to the left and also go ago to the top of the green building. There will certainly be a screenplay web page on the antenna there.

Continue left and also get to the peak of the theatre building. You will find another screenplay page on optimal of that building. To gain to the top, use the object in the snapshot below to an increase you up there by jumping top top it!


Keep walk left till you obtain to the coffee house. Another page will be there. Save going left until you obtain to the Celebrity to be Museum and also the last web page will be on the much left that the top of that building.

Once girlfriend have every one of the pages, walk all the method back to the right and also talk to the man on optimal of the Soundstage #1.

Give that the pgaes and jump earlier into her cart. Go back to Soundstage #2 and talk come the lady again. Now its time to placed the script pages in order. Open the script from her menu.

The third one is 1st, the fourth one is 2nd, the first one is third and the second one is 4th.

Now you will acquire an actress headshot and its your job to find someone that looks choose her come play the part in the movie.

Exit the soundstage and go earlier all the way to the start of the island and enter the One-Of-A-Kind Talent Agency. Provide the lady at the workdesk the headshot.

The lady in ~ the desk will surprise you and is in reality Lacy Williams.

Now head earlier to Soundstage #2. As soon as you room here, girlfriend will have to play the function of the navigator. Go to the left and jump increase to adjust into costume.

The first thing you say in the film is “But-”. As soon as it comes up, market her a compass. Next, to speak “safe journeys! I’ll never ever forget you!”. Following thing come say is “Noooooo!”.

Now exit the soundstage and go to Soundstage #3 i beg your pardon is every the means to the right and to the bottom the the roadway map.

Enter the stage and also talk come the lady top top the left. Currently you will need to put together 3 puzzles. Watch the video clip for just how to do this!




Now run to the right and jump above the door and also grab some hats. There will certainly be a white and a black cowboy hat.

Now exit Soundstage #1 and go back to the beginning of the island so friend can discover some actors.

The very first will be in the an initial coffee shop and also will look like the male in the image below. Give him the black color cowboy hat.


The second will it is in in the Digital Dreamscapes store and looks choose the male in the photo below. Give him the white cowboy hat.


Now you have to get back to Soundstage #3. Once you obtain there, talk to the lady again. You will not be the stunt coordinator.

All you must do right here is press on the buttons the relate to every little thing the manager says. Watch the video walkthrough if you require help.

Once you are done, departure the soundstage and also go come Soundstage #4 which is every the method to the right and also down a bit.

Enter this soundstage and you will currently dress up together an ape and also your role is to destroy the city. An easy jump top top the structures popping every one of the balloons and destroying all of the lights to execute this!

At the end you will have to loss off of every the buildings. When you room done filming, exit the soundstage and also go come the article Production structure which is the one throughout the street come the left.

Talk to the old guy and then head come the movie Editing computer to the left. Friend will have actually to cut some shots out. To discover out exactly how to carry out this, clock the video! Its hard to explain.

When done v the movie editing, walk to the sound editing display screen to the right. Clock the video on how to do this as well!

Once friend are fully done editing the film, speak to the old guy again. That will give you film reels.


Now head all the method back come the beginning of the island and also go come the theater. Talk to the lady standing outside of it. Speak “He’s a strange guy, what’s his deal?”.

Enter the theater and run to the right. Now jump up and use the seats to go all the method to the left to the projector room. Use the movie reels to include the movie come the projector.

Once the movie is over, leave the theater and talk come the lady once again. She will offer you her gold medallion! Congratulations, you’ve completed back Lot Island!


Bonus Quest



But wait…there’s a bonus quest to it is in had. Sofia speak you the a camera to be left ~ above in Soundstage 1. The bonus quest description: “Sneak right into the studio and also evade security to success a brand-new prize in this island’s bonus quest! Plus, obtain a bonus prize fill of costumes and also items.”

Enter the studio and also go to Soundstage 1. Jump as much as the camera to grab it. Just as you do, the Warren sisters, the owner of cool Majestic Studios, will capture you and accuse girlfriend of trespassing. You hightail it the end of there.

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Avoid back Lot Security

“Avoid and outlast the ago Lot security. Collect (rockets) for speed boosts. Collection (green balls) for extra protection.”

You’ll be in her cart and also need to dodge the defense carts the come after you. The trick is to just stay come the exterior roads as lot as possible. Don’t try grabbing the rockets or green balls, simply keep moving. The a small challenging, however not supervisor difficult.