God that War

When to be the last time you proficient a minute in videogames that really struggle you like a shot to the gut? and also I’m not talking about something emotionally devastating (such together a main character you have actually grown to love dying), I mean something physical. A moment so visceral the every among your senses is affected.

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Sure, videogames deserve to be endlessly engrossing, however only a handful step up to that next level and also make the player feel choose they are performing every action with the personality on screen. It’s something the is difficult to describe, yet once knowledgeable is difficult to forget.

One such minute occurs reasonably early ~ above in the playstations 2 masterpiece God that War. If you love this video game like I perform you must already know what ns am talking about. The game possesses several of the many gloriously over-the-top videogame sequences of all time, exemplified through its very very first boss battle.

You can want come eat a rare steak or buy some power tools before continuing. Videogame moment don’t get any manlier 보다 this (sorry, Bill and Lance).

The Set-Up

In God of battle you play together Kratos, a really tough and also extremely cruel Spartan warrior. Also with God of battle being a somewhat recent game (at the very least by Memory map standards), Kratos has already become an top figure and one of the many recognizable faces in videogames. And also deservedly so. The God the War gamings are, for lack of a better term, amazing.


With this last act, the Hydra finally dies, finishing one the the most amazing ceo battles in the history of videogames. Whew!

You have the right to watch the tremendous fight between Kratos and also the Hydra best here:

The Impact

I will never forget the an initial time I fought the Hydra in God of War. To it is in honest, i wasn’t the excited around playing God of battle the very first time ns laid eyes on it. Sure, the looked great, but I was concerned it to be going to it is in a generic activity game that relied top top nothing yet blood and also guts to obtain attention.

Once ns played the game, however, it automatically skyrocketed to among my favorite gamings of every time (and still stays on the coveted perch).

Besides the evident gore and over-the-top violence, God of battle really is one impeccably designed game and the boss fight with the Hydra is the perfect example why.

Let’s very first state the obvious: all the aesthetics that what do a videogame good are in prime type here. The graphics, the camera angles, the sound effects, the music — every one of these things room exemplary and also some the the best the tool has ever before seen.

But past the quite shine, the battle with the Hydra is an amazing piece of design.

The fight begins v a simple goal: defeat the Hydra. Okay, simple enough. Yet the struggle presents itself with number of challenges. First off, there are three heads instead of one. While the becomes fairly obvious the larger, greater head is the can be fried target, the two secondary ones, come to find out, should be dealt with as well.

How plenty of designers would make the player simply hack away at the heads until they were beat with no other way of damaging them? The answer, sadly, is a lot. In this battle, though, the player has to think outside the box by utilizing the environment to help destroy the beast. When is the actual structure (in this case, the ship) provided as a weapon in a videogame? practically never.

I remember yes, really struggling with just how to win the smaller sized Hydra heads the an initial time i encountered them. While that seems evident in hindsight, part of the an obstacle was in the truth that over there is no accuse in just how to complete your goal. No nonsensical sign articles or pointless exposition instruct the player what come expect when they with the boss. The is all around using visual hints to help figure out what to do.

Even the final section the the battle, with the main Hydra head, utilizes tiny details that are pretty incredible. The method the mast progressively breaks apart until it i do not care the very weapon you should use to death the biology is brilliant! Again, the atmosphere is used in an unexpected way. Basically, the delivery — which in most gamings would be merely a simple set piece — becomes a critical part that the battle.

Most significantly, the battle with the Hydra simply feels various than many videogame sequences. As stated before, every slash, every hit the Kratos delivers sends a shockwave through the player’s body. Of course this has actually a lot of to perform with the perfect combination of sound effects and also visual panache, but I really think over there is more to it than that.

Just go back and clock the above video again. Actually, better yet, go and play this sequence one much more time. Friend can practically feel the metal spikes indigenous the hanging platforms pierce v the smaller sized Hydra heads. Watching Kratos leap ~ above the head the the Hydra together the camera sweeps all about him is nearly indescribable. It yes, really takes boss battles to a brand brand-new level and, many importantly, provides them fun again. Remember once a boss battle was what you would look front to during every game? God of war brings that nostalgic feeling earlier and multiplies it infinitely.

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Honestly, every one of the ceo battles in the God that War collection are instant classics and deserving that a Memory map post, however the Hydra fight — at the very least to me — will constantly be the best.

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