There’s an exciting new feature for Android device users that helps you recognize anyone calling at all times. What is this feature, you may ask? You can now learn how to change pop-up style for incoming calls on various devices.

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Learn How to Fix Pop-ups for Incoming Calls on Your Android Phone

You should ideally start by checking “Do Not Disturb Mode.” Interestingly, “Do Not Disturb Mode” on Android devices, which is distinct from silent mode, contains a feature that makes it possible to block interruptions. Moreover, this can be done as visual notifications. This means the notifications will come in the panel without pop-up notifications or sound.

Once you enable the right features, you should find the root cause for problems currently experienced on your device.

Follow the procedure outlined here to get a quick fix on this:

Go to “Settings.”Click on “Sound.”Tap “Do Not Disturb.” Ensure it’s set off.

Those who prefer using DND can use a different method:

Click on “Notifications.”Check if “Sound from Notifications” or “No Visuals” is selected.Change the settings; click on “No sound from notifications.” Once you do this, you’ll start receiving soundless notification pop-ups without a hassle.Find out if the DND Mode has been set to activate automatically. This is often the primary cause of issues with Android devices.

Changing Pop-up Call Style for Incoming Video Calls


You are always at liberty to set your own style for incoming calls as these appear on the device screen. You can follow these steps to set the video pop-up style for incoming calls on your Android device:

Go to “Home Screen.”Click on the “Phone Dialer” icon.Open the screen for “Mass Response.”Tap on the button for “Settings” (you’ll find it on the screen’s lower right corner).Open “Popup Menu.”Tap on “Call Settings” screen and open it.Scroll down and click on “Other Call Settings.”Check the incoming calls screen-style status and confirm that it’s “Classic.”To change it, click on “Classic”; this opens up the prompt for “Current Status.”Select “Classic” and enable it. This instantly takes you back to the screen for “Call Settings.”Change the style for “incoming calls” to “Full-screen Caller Photo.”Now, call your Android device; your caller’s screen-style photo will display.Finally, “Save” and “activate” the contact on your device.

Voila! You’re done; it’s now possible to recognize callers fantastically.

How to Change Notification Settings for Incoming Calls on Android

Generally, the notifications settings for incoming calls on each Android device is usually enabled or activated by default. Despite this, you might find that, at times, a third-party app is changing these settings. These settings might also change while an update is in progress.

You might also discover that you’re unable to change the greyed out settings on your device. Fortunately, it’s possible to change the settings that have been altered in the course of an update.

You can solve this with the procedure below:

Go to “Settings” and open it.Go to “Application Manager/Apps.”Find the “Default Phone App” and click on it.Tap “Notifications” (You’ll find this on the Android Pie Devices).

If this doesn’t work immediately, you can do this:

Go to “Home Screen.”Click on “Phone App.”“Tap” and “Hold.”Go to Menu,Choose “App Info”Click on “Notifications.”

Or this other:

Click on “Incoming Calls. “ Enable the toggle for “Show Notification.”Click on “Behavior.” Once it indicates “Show Silently and Minimize,” it means the culprit is caught.Change the settings to “Make Sound; Pop up on Screen.”If the “setting names” and a straight bar comes up, this means the device has sub-settings. If you discover it’s already set this way, change the settings to another option. This resets the setting.Finally, choose “Make Sound; Pop up on Screen.”

Adding Call Pop-ups to Prevent the Closure of Apps During Incoming calls


Interestingly, Android users now have a way to ignore or answer incoming calls without necessarily losing their app. You know how it happens at times, and it’s terribly annoying; you’re busy using a specific app, then, out of the blue, a call suddenly comes in. What do you do?

When this happens, the phone app is automatically dispatched to memory. There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever get back the app in precisely the same state it was. Fortunately, you can use a special setting to turn these incoming calls into a pop- up that facilitates answering, sending a message to the caller, or ignoring it altogether.

In case you answer, the phone app takes over the device screen. If you ignore the call, the pop-up disappears; thus, you automatically revert to the specific app you were earlier using.

If you wish to enjoy this feature on your device, use these options:

Go to “Settings” and open.Click on “Networks tab.”Tap on “Call”Find “Incoming Call”Click on pop-up for “Incoming Voice Call” checkbox.

At this point, when a call comes up, and you’re working with an app, a simple pop-up will allow you to take action. Click on the icon to access options for ignoring the call, answering, muting, or sending a message.


Although it’s relatively easy to set, you cannot enable this feature by default. Thus, you should always turn on this feature to keep using your device’s apps when someone calls unexpectedly.

Resetting App Preferences on Your Android Device

Here’s the procedure to reset your app preferences:

Go to “settings.”Click on “Application Manager/Apps.”Tap the icon with three dots.Click on “Menu.”Tap “Reset App Preferences.”

If you’re unable to locate the option:

Click on “Settings.”Go to “System.”Then “Reset Options.”And “Reset app Preferences.”

The app should access permission to show content on other apps.


As all seasoned users know, Android devices are designed to show a classic call-screen. However, once you learn how to change the style, you can make the screen behave differently with incoming calls.

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Thus, it’s essential to learn how to change the settings and pop-up styles for incoming calls on your device; you’ll simply love the workings of your favorite device.