Like numerous other components on your vehicle, the transmission fluid is a undertake item that requires continuous service.

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This article applies to the Honda Accord, and also Civic (1992-2000).

Transmission liquid is what allows the user to transition between gears smoothly. Transmission fluid that is dirty or charred will cause the transmission to miss out on shifts or change too hard. Honda proposal flushing the fluid in automatically transmissions every 60,000 miles. Don"t use a infection flush machine: it could seem like a quicker way, yet the extra additives in a power flush have the right to do damage to a transmission. Instead, follow this guide. An altering transmission liquid is around as easy as an altering the oil.

Materials Needed3/8" ratchetBreaker bar through 1/2" adapterDrain panFunnelShop towelsHonda ATFHydraulic jack and jack stands

Step 1 – Raise your vehicle

For easier access, that is ideal to gain the auto up in the air. Jack the former of the car using a hydraulic jack and secure through jack stands.

Figure 1. Progressive the car.
Pro Tip

Jack allude is in the center in between the splash guards.

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Step 2 – Loosen and drain infection fluid

With the vehicle in the air, friend will want to position the drainpipe pan listed below the place of the drain plug. The drainpipe plug will be lower than the fill plug and also will fit a 3/8" square ratchet. Revolve it clockwise to loosen. When the plug is removed, transmission liquid will pour out, so have a bucket handy.

To totally flush the infection fluid, execute Step 2 through action 4 3 times.

Figure 2. Transmission drain plug top top 2000 Honda Accord.
Figure 3. Drainpipe plug removed.

Step 3 – Refill transmission fluid

Replace drainpipe plug. Open the hood and remove the transmission fluid dipstick. The manage will it is in yellow and located near the battery.

Insert funnel and fill the infection with 3 quarts that Honda ATF.

Figure 4. Ar of transmission liquid dipstick.
Figure 5. Refilling transmission liquid dipstick.
Pro Tip

On the last round of filling brand-new transmission fluid, make certain the drain plug is tightened firmly through the brand-new crush washer installed.

Step 4 – Test infection shifting

Start engine and shift into drive. Tenderness accelerate, yet don"t go over 50mph. The idea is because that the engine to shift through every the gears. Slow the auto to a stop. Transition into reverse and drive as much as 20mph prior to coming to a avoid again. Transition to park and also turn turn off the engine.

When finished, cycle through the gears and make sure every little thing works together it should. If there"s a skepticism or tough shifting, inspect the transmission liquid dipstick. If the fluid is high, bleed out part transmission fluid. If the level is low, include more.

figure 6. Make sure every gear works as it should.

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Pro Tip

Check the transmission fluid level and ensure that reaches the cross hatch mark on the dipstick. Peak off accordingly.

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