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MX23853a 2. Eliminate dipstick (A) located behind operator"s seat. Wipe dipstick v a clean rag. 3. Download dipstick.

MX4777 4. Remove dipstick and check oil level. Oil level must be in between the minimum (B) and maximum (C) lines.
IMPORTANT: avoid damage! help prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering the transmission. Clean area around fill cap prior to removing. Execute not overfill transmission. Oil expands throughout operation and could overflow.

5. If oil level is low: eliminate oil to fill cap (D). Add recommended oil at fill cap location. 6. Install and also tighten to fill cap.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The yellow plug on the former axle is because that the fluid in there:Checking front Axle Oil Level
IMPORTANT: stop damage! allow oil one hour to settle before checking level to ensure exact dipstick reading. Repeat oil level check after several hours of operation.

1. Park maker safely. (See Parking for sure in the security section.) Allow machine to cool down for at the very least one hour.
IMPORTANT: stop damage! Dirt and also debris in oil may cause damage come the transaxle. Clean area about opening prior to removing dipstick.


MX4769 2. Loosen and remove dipstick (A) situated on right side of front axle. 3. Wipe dipstick clean with a rag. Install and tighten dipstick.
MX4775 4. Remove dipstick again. Oil level should be indicated on the dipstick, but not above the full line (B). If oil level is low: a. Include recommended oil v dipstick to fill opening till oil level is correct. B. Install and also tighten dipstick. 5. Check front axle oil level again after the first several hours of operation.
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