ns was building my factory in solitary player Tekkit wearing my nice gem armor making use of a red morningstar to mine out an area listed below it to location the machines. I quickly switched the hammer mode from 3x3 to single block to job-related on part details... Or the was what would have happened if i actually had actually it selected.

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What the an essential press in reality did was usage the offensive power of my gem armor and produce a large explosion at my existing position i beg your pardon destroyed half of mine machines and most that the walls, leaving an unsightly crater in the ground.

I understand the map state gained saved simply a minute or so before that happened.

Next time the happens, is over there any way to easily leave the video game without conserving the new mapstate?


The people saves occasionally, and additionally whenever you pause (with escape), yet if you totally free your mouse by opened your inventory and also close the home window there is a chance the human being was no saved and you have the right to revert some changes.

However, this will certainly always conserve your inventory, so girlfriend cannot usage this to reclaim shed items.


I had actually a comparable problem once, ns went experimenting the world and didn"t find ago to mine base.AFAIK, minecraft saves alters every x seconds.

What you can do is backing increase your saves folder (Located under your home catalog .minecraftsaves) every now and also then (or prior to a attention trip).

When you die or loose something in lava, just leave the game and also copy the savegame ago over the original files.

This method you can keep as plenty of saved says as you like.


Quickly carry out Alt+F4 come close the window. Alternatively, you can press Alt to free your mouse, and also hit the close home window button. If you space in full-screen mode, you deserve to press Alt to cost-free your mouse, do Alt+Tab to move the window, right-click ~ above Minecraft, and press nearby window. Do backups every now and then so the if it does save, you can try again.

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You could use Alt F4 but if you room not rapid it deserve to save. Also it auto conserves every 2-3 mins. So the ideal thing to carry out is take it a ago up prior to you beat every job so the most you might lose is a job work.


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