There room multiple ways to gain a Voodoo Doll in The Sims 4: Leveling up in the Mischief Skill, Fishing and also Digging.This guide has all the information you require on finding ans using the Voodoo Doll.


Getting her Hands on a Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Dolls deserve to be acquired by elevating the Mischief Skill, when fishing in the far ago waters that the Oasis Springs Park, once fishing in the waters the theForgotten GrottoandSylvan Glades, and also found when digging for treasures. The easiest way to acquire one is leveling up your Mischief Skill.Once your Sim has raised theirMischief ability to a Level 3, castle will have the option to acquisition the Voodoo Doll via computer for §950 simoleons. Come raise a Sim’s Mischief Skill, use the Mischief socials on other Sims. Once your center reaches Level 2 the the Mischief Skill, lock will likewise be maybe to usage the computer system or tablet computer to“troll teh forums”. This communication raises the Mischief skill lot faster.

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Sims v the evil trait will automatically have the alternative to “troll teh forums”.


Using the Voodoo Doll

No matter just how you have gained the VooDoo doll, you will require at least a Level 1 in the Mischief skill to use it. Once you have actually reached this level in the skill, you will need to “Bind” the Voodoo to a specific Sim in bespeak to use it. Anyone from her friendship panel have the right to be chosen, so long as they space on the same energetic lot together you.

Sims through a reduced Mischief skill will not constantly be successful at binding the doll come a Sim.

You cannot bind a Voodoo Doll come a child.

Children cannot use Voodoo Dolls.

Sims deserve to purchase many Voodoo Dolls and also bind to multiple Sims.

The Voodoo Doll comes with some default interactions at Level 1 the the Mischief Skill, yet leveling increase the skill unlocks three additional interactions. Listed below is the full list the Voodoo Doll interactions:

Summon– Targeted sim will come to the active lot•Poke (Level 1 Mischief Skill)– Targeted center will get the pains Moodlet and also “Angry” Emotion.•Frolic (Level 1 Mischief Skill)– Targeted sim will obtain the happiness Moodlet and also “Playful” Emotion.•Tickle (Level 3 Mischief Skill)– Targeted center will get the Flirty Moodlet and also “Flirty” Emotion.•Soak (Level 5 Mischief Skill)– Targeted sim will get the Dazed Moodlet and “Dazed” Emotion.•BONUS: Cuddle– Sims who have aLevel 2 in the Charisma Skillwill get this bonus interaction. Targeted center will get the Flirty Moodlet and also “Flirty” Emotion.


Not every Voodoo Doll actions are successful. Sims with greater Mischief an abilities are most likely to succeed, however, all Sims threat a Voodoo Doll backfire.

Successful Voodoo– active Sim will get the “Confident” Moodlet and Emotion.•Backfire Voodoo– active Sim will receive the “Uncomfortable” Moodlet and also Emotion.•Failed Voodoo– active Sim will obtain the “Sad” Moodlet and Emotion.

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Binding the Voodoo Doll is no permanent, and also can be undone by selecting “Unbind” from the doll’s options. The “unbind” choice is only accessible to Sims v a Level 5 in the Mischief Skill.If you have chosen to bind someone who does no live in your present household, you will have to “Summon” them and also unbind them when they space on your active lot.

You room able to usage Voodoo interactions on Sims that room not ~ above your existing lotYou cannot “Summon” Sims who are at work