*DO no RUN her WATER*

*unplug garbage disposal or other electrical hazards near the drain*

What girlfriend Need:


Bucket or other deep containerRubber glovesPliers or pipe wrenchTowelsDrain guardOptional:
MagnetStringMagnetic screwdriverElectrical/duct tapeWARNING:

In the meantime, carry out NOT run YOUR WATER with that drain. The will only push the items farther under the drain and also make castle more complicated to retrieve.

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How come Retrieve Magnetic Earrings:

Cut her string to about 2’ in lengthTie the magnet come one finish of the stringIf it can’t be tied securely, tape the magnet come the stringIf the article is visible, you may have the ability to use the driver for retrievalRemove the drain stopper if there is oneGo fish

If her earring isn’t magnetic, or if the magnet and string an approach fails you, you’re walk to need to remove some pipes. Empty out any supplies below your sink before beginning this project.

How come Retrieve an Earring native a restroom Sink Drain:

Turn off the water it is provided to the fixture you’re working onLocate the pipe trap (the “p-trap” is the u-shaped bending in the piping)Place bath towel under the p-trapPlace bucket on optimal of towelPut on her glovesLoosen the two slip-joint nuts connecting the p-trapRemove the p-trap and dump its materials into the bucketGo fish

If you uncovered your earring or various other item, don’t forget to put your sink ago together and turn on the water. Operation the water for a minute come ensure you’ve reassembled the pipes correctly and there are no leaks. Make certain to completely clean the re-cover item prior to returning it to use.

If her earring or various other item was no in the p-trap, it may have gone further into the drain. Your possibilities of retrieving the item there is no professional assist are virtually nil if that’s the case.


Roto-Rooter offers Emergency drainpipe Cleaning services in the Milwaukee Area

Call Roto-Rooter"s 24/7 emergency plumbing servicesif your item can’t it is in retrieved v a magnet or has traveled further down your piping than the p-trap. Or speak to us if you simply don’t trust yourself performing the above maneuvers. Roto-Rooter is obtainable at all hours to pertained to straight to her house.

You will conserve time and money by having actually one that our professionals expertly find the item and remove it there is no unnecessarily acquisition apart or damaging your plumbing.

We carry out line-televising services, which usage tiny fiber-optic cameras to display us exactly what is in her drain and where that is. We deserve to retrieve your shed item, disrupting as tiny area the your house or company as possible.

Preserve your peace of mind discovering you’ll acquire your items back, and it might be a fast fix because that Roto-Rooter’s plumber. We address these species of situations all the time and will treat yours together the actual emergency the is. Roto-Rooter is always ready and also willing to aid Waukesha residents with any plumbing trouble they have, even if it is it be a significant leak, flooded basement or toy submarine exploring your pipes.

Contact Roto-Rooter Milwaukee today.

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Roto-Rooter’s Milwaukee Plumbers are Affordable and always Available

Whether you shed a ring down the kitchen sink in Jefferson, her child flushed a toy automobile down the restroom in Edgerton or a sock dropped into the basement drain and also is clogging up the functions in Madison, Roto-Rooter will involved your residence at a moment’s notice. We recognize emergencies perform not always happen during normal service hours, for this reason we sell 24/7 drainpipe cleaning service. Our plumbers will be over and also have your drain clean and clear in no time. Get peace that mind and also lost items gotten rid of from your drain with Roto-Rooter Milwaukee.

Contact Milwaukee’s clogged drainpipe cleaners at Roto-Rooter because that 24/7 emergency object removal.