I do have actually my very own VB6 mp3-player, which offers "Un4seen BASS.DLL" audiolibrary to play mp3 files. It works fine, however it doesn"t support analysis album covering (picture) native ID3V2 tags. For analysis tags in message format, I usage imported vb6 course module, that i found few years ago. However there isn"t any type of methods for analysis album cover, either. Someone said using AudioGenie3.dll with VB6 wrapper and also here is the function:

Public function ID3V2GetPictureFile(ByVal FileName as String, ByVal Index together Integer) together IntegerID3V2GetPictureFile = ID3V2GetPictureFileW(StrPtr(FileName), Index)End Function

Return value: Int16 normally -1, 0 top top error or index not presentFilename: name of the paper where the snapshot will it is in storedIndex: index from 1 to photo frame count

Ok, yet how have the right to I pass the resource mp3 filename for that function:

result = AudioGenie.ID3V2GetPictureFileW(Filename, index)

Does anybody have any kind of suggestions or other instance codes because that that?Thanks!

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Answered byAndreRet381in apost from9 Years earlier

You will must declare a new instance of the Audiogenie dll an initial -

Set MyAudioGenie As new AudioGenieNow speak to the result from your code above...

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AndreRet381Senior Poster
9 year Ago

You will should declare a new instance of the Audiogenie dll first -

Set MyAudioGenie As brand-new AudioGenieNow contact the result from your password above...


Rakham0Newbie Poster
9 year Ago

Yes, I"ll have to create a new instance of that Audiogenie class, yet couldn"t discover any method for pass that source filename. Yet I to be too much in a hurry, because after reading information text from the start of that course module, there is this explanation:

Dim Genie as clsAudioGenieSet Genie = brand-new clsAudioGenieGenie.AUDIOAnalyzeFile(file$)

So, over there is the method, i was looking for. Thank"s for her answer!


Glyn_10Newbie Poster
5 years Ago

There is a vb6 class which encapsulates the AudioGenie3.dll and makes it much easier to use. Https://sourceforge.net/p/audiogenie/code/HEAD/tree/wrapper/VB6/

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