After almost a decade, Pokemon trainers can ultimately return to the Johto region, make hard-to-obtain Gold/Silver Pokemon prefer the starters (Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil) much an ext accessible. This work again, please again promises many cool additions, like updated graphics and also sound, DS functionality, and also more.

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Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver guides

Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver FAQs

Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver Hints

pallet town

First, you need all gym title from Kanto and also Jhoto. Then, you need to go come the top of Mt.Silver and also battle Red. His finest is a level 88 Pikachu, therefore be all set for a tough battle. You need to BEAT him. After ~ that, go to professor Oaks lab. That will offer you a Charmander, Squirtle, or a Bulbasuar. Have actually fun!

You can catch some Pokemon that you can\"t uncover in Jhoto or Kanto.You walk to your Pokegear and go to radio.Go come Pokemon talk and listen come it.It\"ll to speak there\"s break news and a Pokemon climate it\"ll to speak which course or city.

Have 2 rattatas/tailows that know Quickattack. Keep reproduction them until one Rattata/Tailow has actually Endeavor. Offer it a emphasis Sash. Keep it in ~ level 1. During battle, the adversary will virtually always strike an initial with their exceptional speed, yet with emphasis Sash, your pokemon can still live with 1HP. Then usage Endeavor. Now the adversary pokemon will certainly be in ~ 1 hp also. Usage Quick assault to finish off the opponent and bewilder the various other trainer.This is ideal used because that Wi-Fi battles together storymode will certainly level up her rattata/tailow.


When an opponent\"s Pokemon is in the air, by making use of Bounce or the HM relocate Fly, or the weather is rainy, Thunder has a 100% opportunity to hit. It may likewise have raised damage.

Head to path 35. Go North and also enter the patch of grass come the east of the enntrance gate to the nationwide Park/Pokeathlon Dome. Run approximately for a bit and eventually a ditto will appear. Around Level 10-14.Use Fastballs, great Balls or Ultra Balls.

Route 47

You require to have actually a couple of things before you can access this hint:-a pokemon that deserve to use surf and waterfall-the increasing badge-access to course 47First, go to Cianwood City. Then, enter the cavern that takes girlfriend to course 47. Follow the course until you reach a cave. Inside, you must see 2 ladders, and also a guy who speak you some cryptic an allegory about diverging paths. Take the ladder on the right, the one that goes down. In the brand-new chamber, operation to the exit due south of you. You should be standing on a tiny beach in ~ the base of a cliff. Use surf, and also then surf come the left and also up right into a channel between two cliffs. You need to see a waterfall. Go as much as it, use waterfall, and also surf front a little farther once you room at the top. You need to see a small alcove on your right with a job of grass. Floor there, and also go right into the grass. They room quite abundant in this grass patch, and also hover roughly the 30-35 level range.

Kanto:Pewter city and also Beginning that Vermilion city

(if you have actually Heart Gold)To obtain Latias(requirements are none)you walk to the fanclub in Vermilion city then you acquire the Clefairy doll for copycat ~ she accident it.Then ~ you perform that a guy will come up to you and he will present you a snapshot of Latias then if you walk to her pokegear girlfriend will check out Latias roaming around.How you acquire Latios(requirements space Enigma stone)I do not recognize where the Enigma stone is however go to the museum in Pewter city and you walk to the ideal side in it and talk to blue hair dude/the one who showed you pick of Latias and he will be surprised to watch the Enigma stone then him and the Scientist will begin talking and also blue hair will go outside and there is Latios.(in heart Silver)its the same thing but its in turning back so when you obtain the poke doll, a blue hair will display you a picture of Latios,museum would certainly be whereby Latias is

In a wild pokemon battle

Your having actually trouble with catching Entei. You really want to catch him, yet you supplied your master ball on Ho-oh. What need to you do? go into this cheat in your action replay to get a 100% capturing rate on any pokemon!92247612 0000280112247612 00004280D2000000 000000009224670A 000021011224670A 00002100D2000000 00000000

Double Battle

Although the circumstances would be virtually impossible, a level 100 Shuckle can potentially transaction the most damages in one solitary attack through the usage of plenty of stat boosters, having actually the defense stat the pure highest, by using Helping Hand, Metronome held item, power Trick, a skill Swap come Pure strength or huge Power, and the Defense Curl/Rollout combo. Also, Shuckle\"s partner must have actually the ability Flower Gift and the weather should be sunny. ~ above the 5th impact of Rollout, if used versus a level 1 Ledyba or Yanma that have been fight with an adverse Defense modifiers (such as Screech), it have the right to deal 213,896,052 damages with a an essential hit.

Ruins that Alph

Before you are able come this, you will require the violet City gym badge. Once you have it, go with the phibìc West exist and speak still the chubby male at the far end, the will offer you HM6 . Currently teach 1 of your Pokemon rock Smash, (best an option for this is Onix.. Get from profession in Violet city because that a Bellsprout )once a pokemon has learned Rocksmash, head south of the male that you obtained HM6 right into the ruins of Alph. You will immediately see rocks that space breakable (behind the absent to the much west is a rare candy).. Over there is a high opportunity the girlfriend will obtain a max recreation or max ether, or if u r really lucky a fossil or amber. Once you have actually broken all of these rocks do not return to the ruins of Alph street, rather walk down till you are challenge to face with the damage south that the rocks you just broke, them walk west, you must walk appropriate through the ruin and into the opened behind it. There is a high chance that friend will get an old amber from this 2 rocks. If friend don\"t obtain anything, retry. ( the is possible 2 receive multiple fossil, as well at the old amber)NOTE: Dome Fossils room exclusive come SS and also Helix Fossils room exclusive to HG

Put a Pokemon with the ability Flame human body or Magma Armor in your party, and the variety of steps forced to flower an egg will certainly be halved.

Union Cave

For friend to uncover Lapras you must have actually the HM Surf. Walk to course 32 or 33 to get in Union cave and also go to the lower left entrance by surfing throughout a small mass that water. Surf across the water to obtain to wherein Lapras is. There is a the majority of water in the room she is in, however she\"s in the really end. Surf throughout the very first body that water and then acquire off on your lower left. Walk down and also battle Ace Trainer Emma and also then surf across the water and capture Lapras! Remember whereby it is because you deserve to come back here every Friday to catch an additional Lapras, which you deserve to trade, breed, collect, or whatever.

A many places

You can find Monica(Monday) ~ above a beach close to the enntrance gate to path 40. She will offer you a spicy beak the first time you check out her and also after meeting the remainder of the brother she\"ll offer you an alarm ribbon.You can discover Tuscany(Tuesday) practically in the middle of path 29 ~ above the very first ledge from brand-new Bark town. She will offer you a TwistedSpoon the an initial time you see her and after meeting the remainder of the brother she\"ll offer you a Shock Ribbon.You can discover Wesley(Wednsday) phibìc of course 43(Lake the Rage) in a dead end amongst the maze that trees. He will give you a BlackBelt the first time you view him and after conference the remainder of the brothers he\"ll give you a Downcast Ribbon.You can uncover Arthur(Thursday) in route 36 close to the entance to Violet City. That will provide you a Hard rock the very first time you watch him and after meeting the remainder of the brothers he\"ll provide you a careless Ribbon.You can uncover Frieda(Friday) ~ above the south side of course 32. She will offer you a poison Barb the very first time you see her and after conference the rest of the brothers she\"ll provide you a be safe Ribbon.You can discover Santos(Saturday) in Blackhorn city under a ledge that is eat native the gym. That will give you a Soft Sand the an initial time you see her and also after meeting the remainder of the siblings she\"ll give you a Snooze Ribbon.You can find Sunny(Sunday) on route 37 southern from Ecruteak City close to some Apricorn trees down a ledge. That will give you a Magnet the an initial time you watch him and after meeting the remainder of the brother she\"ll give you a smile Ribbon.Those room all the \"Day-Of-The-Week-Siblings\". If friend want... On path is there house. In their house is a little note top top the table listing every one of their locations.

In a tower in Ecruteak city there is a building with a pond next to it and a waterfall, If u walk in the structure there space some monks and also one of them is impede the stair :O yet when u speak to him and don\"t have actually the right gym badge he will certainly tell u to gain it but later on he let\"s friend in and there is an autumn path come bell tower through bellsprouts round about level 22 !!!

In the rooms where you have to finish a photo puzzleof Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Ho-Oh, or Omanyte, over there is a plaque that has a word the is spelled making use of Unowns. Finish the adhering to to gain the hidden items:Room through the Kabuto Puzzle: words is \"Escape\". You must use an escape Rope while encountering the plaque. Girlfriend can easily get an to escape Rope in ~ the Violet City Pokemart. The 4 items you obtain are energy Powder, heal Powder, Oran Berry, and Pecha Berry.Room v the Aerodactyl Puzzle (accessible by Surfing): the word is \"Light\". Use Flash while encountering the plaque. The 4 items you obtain are energy Root, heal Powder, Moon Stone, and Sitrus Berry.Room through the Ho-Oh Puzzle: words is \"Ho-Oh\". Friend must have Ho-Oh very first in your roster. The item you receive are Charcoal, Leppa Berry, Life Orb, and Revival Herb.Room with the Omanyte Puzzle: the word is \"Water\". You must have a Water stone in your bag. The items you receive are Leppa Berry, Mystic Water, Stardust, and also Star Piece. You can get a Water stone by safety Pokeathlon clues on a Wednesday

Cianwood City

In the residence right next to the Safari zone road and before the Pokemon gym there will certainly be a person saying the a red haired kid stole his Pokemon and also that the only has one left. That asks friend if you have the right to take care of it because that for currently so the his last Pokemon doesn\"t acquire robbed. As soon as you acquire it and make it like you go ago to his house and also he will say that if he deserve to have it earlier say yes and also then he will say the shuckle really likes you and that you have to keep it.

Pokemon\"s Summary

The form of Poffin your Pokemon preferred in D/P/Pt hinted in ~ which stats her Pokemon\"s nature increased and also decreased, however in SS/HG that is much much more obvious. In SS/HG the stat i m sorry is enhanced is emphasize red and also the stat i beg your pardon is decreased is emphasize blue, and if no stats are adjusted they space all white.

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Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver Glitches

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Buena\"s Password, swarm, and lottery regeneration


If the password, swarm and lottery number is the very same as the previous day, over there is a difficulty with the system. Once that happens, either fight someone, record or trade a pokemon, or discover an item. Just saving in a various place doesn\"t work.