This virtual Villagers 5 – brand-new Believers walkthrough will guide you with the entire game, enabling you to swiftly and also successfully finish the game. This walkthrough is filled with awesome tips, tricks and even some cheats here and there. The course us won’t cover digital Villagers 5 cheat in too much detail, due to the fact that it’s simply a yes, really nice and fun video game to actually play. So space you all set to explore the mysterious center of the beautiful Isola and convert those pesky heathens to join your tribe?

A an excellent setup indigenous the start and also a well assumed out strategy is essential in convert those heathens and building up her tribe. Remember not to neglect the most overlooked facet of the game, the camera display in the bottom ideal corner. It helps you find your villagers quickly, yes, really handy once you’re trying to discover the kids somewhere on the map.

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Virtual Villagers 5 brand-new Believers Walkthrough


FoodThe HeathensWalkthrough

Choosing your villagers

A an essential part of her success begins even prior to you start playing, specific when selecting the an initial 5 villagers. Together you may have noticed part villagers are much more useful 보다 others. So listed below you’ll find a couple of do’s and don’ts:

Balance males and also femalesAvoid villagers the dislike work
Pick at least one male and also female that 18yrs or olderAvoid villagers that dislike learning
Select villagers in their 20’sAvoid villagers the dislike running
Choose at the very least one boy (8-10 year old)Avoid villagers that dislike wood
Be picky about likes and dislikesAvoid villagers that dislike stone
Avoid villagers that dislike plants
Avoid villagers that dislike herbs
Avoid villagers the dislike fish
Avoid villagers the dislike swimming
Avoid villagers the dislike rest

It’s likewise important to keep the adhering to in mind:

1 hour in the video game (Fast mode), is same to a whole year in the lives of your villagers.Only kids (under 14) deserve to pick ingredient up and gather collectibles. For this reason make sure to have at least one around.Children between 14 and also 18 can not reproduce yet, yet they deserve to start working.Villagers have the right to reproduce in between the ages of 18 to 50.When a baby is born, the mother can’t work until her baby is 2 year old.Collect as much as friend can. Collecting numerous mushrooms early on can mean the difference between life and death. You’ll notification faint white sparkles, which help make certain you spot them quickly.When actually play the game, make sure it’s in “Fast mode”. Yet keep in mind as soon as you leaving the game, it continues. Therefore it’s finest to move to “Normal” or “Slow”, or also “Pause” the game when necessary. That way you’ll avoid significant issues through your villagers.

Make certain to set preferences for her villagers. If for example you desire a villager to do some farming, collection his/her choice to “Farming” (select a villager and click “Details” ~ above the bottom right).


Villager detail screen

Navigate the map by left-clicking on and dragging the map, or for an also quicker method by using your keyboard’s numpad number 1 v 9. Every number synchronizes to one of the 9 sections of the map:


The synopsis Map


In virtual Villagers 5 over there are six different an abilities your villagers deserve to master. Of food the much more experienced they room in a specific skill, the much more efficient castle become. Because that each skill there are three levels: Apprentice, Adept and also Master. The greatest skill level will be shown at the bottom that the screen when you choose a villager, and furthermore it will show you which level they are.

FarmingFarming clearly is food collection, the much more farming skills the more effectively you have the right to harvest food. The agriculture skill deserve to be boosted by choose berries, harvesting crops from the farm and fishing. Make certain there’s at least one person collecting food.
BuildingThe structure skill is valuable for building structures faster and will rise with dismantling totems, functioning on the statue and doing repairs. It’s best to usage male builders, together females could be inhabited raising babies and also therefore aren’t liven building.
ResearchBy gaining research an abilities you get tech points. You have the right to improve her research skills by doing research in the lab.
HealingHealing sick villagers increases your healing skills. Studying at the hospital has actually the exact same effect. Enhancing your healing skills method you can cure illnesses faster.
ParentingHaving great parenting skills way you deserve to make babies easier. The best way to enhance your parenting an abilities is to simply simply have much more children. Informing stories and also doing part teaching at the nursery school also helps with raising your education skills.
DevotionThe much more devotion the much more effectively you have the right to instill faith in heathens. Devotion is enhanced by convert heathens v blue masks and also honoring the statue.


Virtual Villagers 5 – new Believers has actually 6 innovations that have the right to be researched: Science, Medicine, Learning, Construction, Food Mastery and also Spirituality. The “Technologies” menu deserve to be discovered by click “Tech” in the reduced left corner of the screen. Each modern technology has 3 different levels, and all begin at level 1. For this reason in full there are 12 upgrades you can buy.


6 miscellaneous technologies that can be improved


Level 2: enables you to build the clothes hut and makes certain the laboratory is restored so the heathens through the violet mask deserve to be converted. Tech points space also gathered faster.Level 3: You can upgrade one more lab and get much more tech clues faster.


Level 2: Villagers live longer, till their so late 60’s. It also upgrades the hospital and increases fertility.Level 3: Villagers live till their late 70’s and beyond and also it boosts fertility even more.


Level 2: Villagers learn jobs faster and also therefore with the understand level faster.Level 3: The nursery structure school appears which is supposed to train children.


Level 2: The second hut have the right to be built, and the following level building of the Hand Statue and the repair of the aqueduct for the farm.Level 3: You get the 3rd hut and the final level that the Hand Statue.

Food Mastery

The greater the level the an ext food you gain from collection food.

Grey mushroomsRed mushroomsNoni fruitFish
Level 16 food points35 food points2 food points4 food points
Level 29 food points52 food points3 food points6 food points
Level 312 food points70 food points4 food points5 food points


Level 2: offers you an ext energy capacity and allows the statue update (with construction level 2).Level 3: increases the power capacity some an ext and enables the final statue update (with building level 3). It likewise makes you an ext efficient at converting heathens.


In online Villagers 5 there space 5 different varieties of food: Gray mushrooms, Red mushrooms, Crops, Noni fruit and also Fish. Having enough food is vital for building and also sustaining a larger population of villagers.

Gray mushrooms

Mushrooms deserve to only it is in gathered by kids under the age of 14, so start gathering right away. Make certain to examine your map constantly trying to find these mushrooms.

Red mushrooms

Red mushrooms give a lot more food 보다 the regular gray ones, but they show up less often. However, it is possible to usage a god strength to do mushrooms bloom. This additionally increases the chance for red mushrooms.

Noni fruit

Before gift able to conference noni fruit from the noni bush, you’ll require to construct a granary (Puzzle #2) and also you need to dismantle the Hungry Totem (Puzzle #3). The noni shrub will appear in area 6 (just push number 6 on her numpad).


In area 8 there’s a farm that deserve to be unlocked by completing Puzzle #5. The farm will give you plants as a food source. If friend harvest all crops from the farm yard it’ll take approximately 2 hours prior to the crops grow back again. Girlfriend can but use the Hand of Bloom spell come instantly have actually them all set for harvest.


After completing Puzzle #10 you’ll be able to start fishing in the lake in the southern (area 3). Catching fish is as basic as dropping one of your villagers in the lake and also being patient until the fish at some point bite.

Godly strength a.k.a. Spells

God strength (or godly strength or spells) will certainly become accessible when your power level increases. This god powers permit you to impact the environment. The digital Villagers 5 god powers are minimal to 2 things, your energy capacity and also the actual amount of energy. Together you have the right to see in the image below on the left that the energy bar is the lot of energy, ~ above the ideal the energy capacity.


The power Bar

The energy capacity deserve to be raised by discovering brand-new relics, by having children and by converting heathens come villagers. Of course the power capacity can likewise be enhanced by buying level 2 and 3 of the spirituality technology. Listed below are the 12 god powers and the capacity you need prior to they come to be available.

God PowerCapacityEffect
Butterflies10 pointsDraws all kids into the area where you actors the spell.
Bees25 pointsUsed to odor guards away from totems. The bees can also be provided to boost the number of noni fruit.
Sunshine50 pointsDrives away fog and also stops rain.
Lightning100 pointsDrives world away and can be supplied to irradiate fires or take out the pains Totem.
Bloom150 pointsGives prompt food. It deserve to be used to any spot to grow flowers and mushrooms, or ~ above the farm to instantly make crops ready for harvest.
Tempest300 pointsCauses a huge storm that’ll scare guards far or to fill the lake in the south.
Fog of Doom400 pointsCauses a dense fog which her villagers can see through but the heathens can’t. You’ll require this to transform the last blue heathens that space surrounded by red and also orange ones.
Time Warp500 pointsSpeeds the game up yes, really fast. You’ll require it in the build-off vain (Puzzle #9).
Revive600 pointsThis spell will revive anything that died and also is essential for Puzzle #10.
Grant Youth700 pointsTurns any kind of older villager right into a boy again.
Earthquake800 pointsAn earthquake deserve to pull under buildings and also is needed to transform the critical orange and also red heathens.


There space 7 various Totems in online Villagers 5, of i beg your pardon 6 will be ruined eventually. The Totems are greatly guarded by orange and red heathens. Through pulling these Totems down you’ll instill confidence in heathens and be top top your method to completing online Villagers 5.

TotemLocationHow to destroy
Hungry TotemArea 6The Hungry Totem security the noni bush and can it is in destroyed by distracting the guards through bees or kids (Puzzle #3).
Knowing TotemArea 7The learning Totem safety the scientific research lab and can be destroyed by distracting the guards with bees, lightning or youngsters (Puzzle #4).
Pain TotemArea 4The ache Totem guards the hospital and can be destroyed by utilizing lighting come neutralize the while pulling it under (Puzzle #11).
Hollow TotemArea 2The hole Totem doesn’t do much and can only be destroyed by six youngsters (Puzzle #7).
Blocking TotemArea 1The blocking Totem security the Mausoleum and also can just be destroyed by understand builders and also a many distractions favor lightning and also children (Puzzle #7).
Rainbow TotemArea 7The Rainbow Totem guards the hot springs and also can just be destroyed once the garments hut is built (Puzzle #12).
Blind TotemArea 9The blind Totem is the just one that has to be repaired rather of being pulled down. Through restoring the remote Totem you regain you vision in the area (Puzzle #15).

The Heathens

Heathens come in 5 different types, each through their very own specialties, behavior and mask colors: Blue, Purple, Orange, Red and also The Chief. The goal of these heathens is come make her life difficult by scaring her villagers.

Blue Mask Heathens

The Blue ones are the easiest. They don’t scare turn off villagers and are open to talk to. Drop your villagers on height of them to begin a conversation. When the conversation is finished, you’ll check out a light appear over their head. That means they space contemplating the conversation and also aren’t open up to another one yet. Once the light disappears drop another one of your villagers top top them until you eventually transform them.

Orange Mask Heathens

The Orange persons scare her villagers away and also chase them, making it harder to access particular areas or pull under Totems. Orange Mask Heathens also cause villagers come drop points they accumulated like food or various other collectibles.

Red Mask Heathens

Red Mask Heathens are an elderly guards and also scare turn off villagers. Castle won’t however, follow the villagers. The Red ones largely guard Totems and also other crucial areas. The Red and also Orange Heathens can only be at some point converted by making use of Earthquake spells. Once you actors an Earthquake, lights will show up over their heads. Once they’re gone, use one more Earthquake spell till they room converted.

Purple Mask Heathens

Purple Mask Heathens deserve to only be converted by words and also solving puzzles #1, #5, #9 and #13. They are expert Heathens and each has actually their very own skill: Doctor, Farmer, Scientist and also Builder.

The Chief

The critical of the Heathens is The Chief. You’ll just see that every now and also then walking in and out the the forest to the north. The Chief have the right to be converted by fixing Puzzle #16.


If you desire to finish Virtual Villagers 5 – new Believers together fast and as properly as possible it’s ideal to monitor the strategy below. Girlfriend can inspect off each part of this digital Villagers 5 walkthrough and make certain you convert all Heathens as quickly as possible.

Selecting your villagers

Required: –Puzzle: 1, 2, 14

As stated in the an initial paragraph, a great selection the villagers best from the start is the best way to easily get girlfriend going. The finest mix the villagers is as follows, the course maintaining the suggestions in the very first paragraph in mental (especially concerning likes and dislikes):

One man with high structure skillOne woman v high structure skillOne male with high research skillOne education femaleOne child

When the game starts, drop every adult villager on the fence to start tearing the down and building a food bin. When the fence is down, drop the villagers on the understanding Totem in area 7, just listed below the warm springs. The course use butterflies and also bees to save the hostile and also scary Heathens away.

Then inspect the hospital in area 4 and drop one of your villagers on peak of the noble Blue Heathen till you’ve cure his illness. That way he’ll sign up with your tribe and give you a item of the necklace.

It’s also an excellent to start building the Tribute Statue ideal from the start. Make sure to fall some home builders on it and also just save on improving it.

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The Hungry Totem

Required: 1+ builder(s)Puzzle: 3

The key objective at this first stage that the online Villagers 5 walkthrough is gaining a secure supply of food for her villagers. In stimulate to execute that, you’ll should pull down the Hungry Totem in area 6. Usage the Swarm the Bees assignment to drive away the heathens and drop all of your adult villagers top top the Hungry Totem. Ideal after that you deserve to start to construct the love shack and also send part villagers come the west financial institution of the river to gather dried grass and also wood from the woodpile. They’ll deposit the grass and also wood in the fire pit. When they’ve excellent that, autumn a villager ~ above the pit to begin a fire. Then conceive 2 babies in the love shack, as you’ll require them later on.