The Rainbow fractional is offered to paint a pet a color of her choice. Because this is very popular service, just those who finish a search for Naia the fountain Faerie may use it. (And as of February 2015, Grey Faerie pursuits may also award a emboldened in the Fountain.)

Getting the Quest

Getting a spring Faerie quest (commonly abbreviated to FFQ) is a really rare occasion that happens while looking the Neopets site. It comes in the kind of a continuous faerie quest, therefore if friend didn"t complete your critical quest, or if friend canceled/abandoned one recently, you need to visit the Faerie Quests web page to make certain you"re standard to obtain a brand-new quest.

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There is additionally the chance that you may be awarded a expedition to the Rainbow fractional after completing a Grey Faerie quest. Because Baelia has actually no rewards of her own, she will certainly ask an additional faerie at arbitrarily to award you their common prize—which can encompass a dip indigenous the spring Faerie.

When you get a quest, here"s what that looks like:


Faerie pursuit Events

Starting in 2011, and each year since, Fyora gathers all of the faeries because that a week and also offers day-to-day faerie searches to every Neopians. Rather of randomly stumbling ~ above a faerie, you are able to go the Faerie pursuits page as soon as per day during the event to obtain a quest.

The faerie that grants girlfriend a pursuit is still random, yet it"s possible for Naia to popular music up and also offer you a quest during this event. Baelia, together well, offers quests during this event.

Completing the Quest

In stimulate to receive entry come the Rainbow Fountain, you have to achieve the items the faerie wants. The item have the right to be any r94-96 item, which will vary significantly in price.

If you"re having second thoughts around going come buy an high-quality item, consider what you great to paint your Neopet. If you to be to repaint your Neopet making use of a continuous paint brush (or morphing potion), would you be spending fewer Neopoints than the price of the item Naia is questioning for? If so, then the pursuit is worth the expense! prices fluctuate all the time, though, so make certain to do your research study using"s article Database.

If you decide to go v with the quest and also are can not to usage the Shop Wizard, asking for help on the quests Neoboard. Over there are constantly people there who room willing to search user shops on her behalf.

There is no time limit on the fractional Faerie"s quests. She will sit quietly and wait for you to return, although friend won"t be able to use the Shop Wizard while you have a search outstanding.

With the item in your inventory, walk to the Faerie Quests web page to hand the in.


It is additionally worth mentioning that you have to have at least one Neopet on your account before you turn in the item. This more than likely won"t it is in an problem for most, but bear this in mind if you get a pursuit on a side account where you don"t hold any Neopets. If friend don"t have any type of Neopets and also you finish a quest, you will certainly not be given the possibility to create a pet come paint. Naia will simply thank you for the item and also then leave without providing you access to the Fountain.


Claiming your Reward

Once you have actually Fountain access, you can take your time—your prize will never expire. You can go about your organization in Neopia, for sure in the understanding that you deserve to return come the fountain whenever friend choose.

However, friend may have actually only one Fountain accessibility pass in ~ a time! If you have actually completed a fountain quest and don"t use it best away, girlfriend will want to usage it before turning in another Fountain pursuit item (should you it is in lucky enough to receive another one). You cannot "stack" dips in the fountain by perfect multiple spring quests. Girlfriend can, however, store your second quest incomplete for as lengthy as you like, so lengthy as friend don"t mental forfeiting the usage of the Shop Wizard.

When friend would like to repaint your Neopet, collection it together your energetic pet and visit the Rainbow spring to pick the colour.

Not certain which colour/species mix to choose? check out ours Rainbow swimming pool to view all the feasible combinations. However, no all color will present up in ~ the Rainbow Fountain as options.

Colours the you cannot repaint there include:


Your brand-new Paint Job!

Congratulations! By currently your pet need to have acquired a spiffy brand-new paint job!


Your pet"s clothing will be removed upon a successful dip. Friend may also not see the new version of your Neopet if the old picture is gift cached by her computer, yet in most situations you"ll see the outcomes on the success web page above.

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Once you effectively finish the painting process, your accessibility to the fractional ends, and you"ll need to wait for an additional invitation from Naia in order to paint an additional Neopet.