Where carry out you uncover Prince Ali in RuneScape?

The beginning point for the quest. Talk to Chancellor Hassan, uncovered pacing in the biggest room that the Al Kharid palace. If inquiry if he needed any help, he directs you to a shifty-looking fellow, that goes by the surname of Osman, near the north perimeter the the palace. Exit the palace and also meet v Osman.

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Where to find Leela in Prince Ali rescue OSRS?

You begin your search in the royal residence of Al Kharid by talking to (Chancellor) Hassan. The will straight you to a shifty looking fellow outside the north perimeter that the palace, who goes by the name of Osman. Osman will tell you to find and also speak come his daughter Leela, who have the right to be found strolling east of Draynor village just south of the wheat field.

Where execute you acquire water in Prince Ali rescue?

At the South-west Varrock mine, you can mine one clay . If you have actually not already started the quest, then go south right into the Al Kharid desert area, happen the Al Kharid mine, under to the palace and also begin the quest; then, talk to Hassan and then Osman. Right here you can pick increase the jug the water the spawns in the eastern room that the palace.

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Who is the kidnapper the Prince Ali in RuneScape?

He tells you the Prince Ali, Al Kharid’s heir come the throne, has been carry away by a details Lady Keli, that plans to organize the prince because that ransom. Fortunately, Osman has actually a plan to save the prince – tie increase Lady Keli, and disguise the prince, to look favor his abductor, and also finally to escape in level sight.

Where deserve to I find Prince Ali Rescue Quest?

Prince Ali Rescue is a free-to-play quest, and one of the an initial released. It’s noteworthy for permitting entry through the Al-Kharid / Lumbridge gate without the 10gp fee. Speak come Hassan in the palace at Al Kharid. Prince Ali the Al Kharid has been walk away by the scheming Lady Keli. You space hired to phase a rescue mission.

Where have the right to you acquire a desert disguise in RuneScape?

A disguise perfect for the desert. The desert disguise is provided in The Feud quest. It have the right to be made by combining a fake beard and also a Kharidian headpiece, both of which can be bought indigenous Ali Morrisane ‘s stall just north of Al Kharid or the Pollnivneach general store . ? her actual junk possibility depends on her junk opportunity reduction researched.

He tells you that Prince Ali, Al Kharid’s heir to the throne, has actually been walk away by a particular Lady Keli, that plans to organize the prince for ransom. Fortunately, Osman has actually a setup to save the prince – tie up Lady Keli, and also disguise the prince, to look choose his abductor, and also finally escape in level sight.

How to acquire out the Prince Ali’s cell?

The entry to the Al Kharid toll door is now free, after pursuit completion. Use the key on the cabinet door, then speak to Prince Ali and also he will usage the disguise and escape. He’ll speak you are currently a friend of Al Kharid and also that that is indebted come you. Now gain out, do the efforts to protect against the remaining guards.


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